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  1. 4/5/06 How Do You View Your Pet?

    I just had to drop by and repeat Roy's comment on animals in the house, bed, whatever. His comment was 'What if Mary had taken one look at the manger and said 'I'm not laying down there with animals!'?
  2. Office door

    From the album Ceedie Hotel

  3. 100_6128.JPG

    From the album Ceedie Hotel

  4. 100_6130.JPG

    From the album Ceedie Hotel

  5. Big fish bone

    What makes me mad is when you return a product to the store and they put it back on the shelf! I buy a boutique type of coffee, that comes with a replaceable lid and an inner seal. I got a can home and realized the inner seal had been half torn off...visions of some kind of sabotage, there. Anyway, I took it back to the store and showed them what had happened, and they gave me another can. Imagine my surprise two weeks later when I bought another can, and after taking the lid off, realized it was the same can I had returned! I did call them back and tell them what I thought about it!
  6. Fur babies

    For years we had Weimaraners, who lived in the house most of the time. The last one, which DS1 still has, used to pull at Larry's arm at night, to get Larry to let him out in the yard. As soon as Larry got out of bed, Merlin would jump into his spot and have to be pulled out. He would use the same trick, to get in the easy chair, also. He had a nice furry bed....never did wear it out, though. It's hard to get a 90 lb dog out of an easy chair. LOL!
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    You can get a laptop for 500 or less, nowadays. Small screens but larger than a phone and would do what you need. I would never have a PC again, spoiled to laptops!
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Pretty day here, today. Not too cold, bright and sunny! This is our last day off, so Colten is here with me. I ought to be doing the last of my chores, but I'm not. Mini a bit, play with legos a bit. I've got to go to the bank and to Home Depot to pick up some more paint this afternoon. Then I'll have to do nails, pluck eyebrows, clean the paint off my elbows and behind my ears, and get ready for the routine to begin again!
  9. Fur babies

    Beds turned out to be a waste of money for us. One dog sleeps in the big chair next to me, one on the ottoman by my feet, and Abby on the top of the back cushion so I can listen to her snore in my ear. Nightime is two dogs at the foot of the bed and Abby on my chest ready to pat my face until I wake up, when she's ready to eat in the morning!
  10. 4/5/06 How Do You View Your Pet?

    There are tactful ways of saying you don't like something, without making other people feel that you think they are inferior- not as clean, talented, or not as smart, etc. Sometimes we get so fired up about a subject that we forget our manners. Understandable but something we should keep in mind.
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    Abby loves the computer. She likes to watch the letters pop up, she likes to lay on the keyboard, and sometimes even types..usually eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    No cleaning here! I scrubbed this house top to bottom last Sunday-baseboards and cabinets scrubbed, everything dusted or washed, put up, and beautified before the kids came down. After they left, I put up all the legos, crayons, kid movies, sleeping bags and air beds. I'm doing all the linens that need washed now...but no cleaning today!
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sunny here, but no wind blowing for a change! I woke up at 3:30, so I started a pork roast with onions and apple jelly, a big pot of black eyed peas for luck, and started laundry. Worked on Franklin a little bit, but trying to keep the mess in the kitchen under control. Everyone is coming over here to eat after the game. So I have the cabbage chopped (prosperity), and the corn bread fixings ready, as soon as they call and say the game is over. Then I believe I'll be through for today!. I did all that, Larry can clean up after!
  14. 4/5/06 How Do You View Your Pet?

    I can't imagine not having a furball at the foot of the bed. There's been one there since I was a child. I keep the guest bedroom door shut, and my craft room. Otherwise, our 2 shih-tsus and Abby go where they please. They get baths regularly and the dogs' groomer costs more than my hair stylist. A lot more. I know they shed, but so do humans...ever look through a microscope at what comes off your bedsheets? Besides...dogs may have dirty feet, but their hearts are purer than any person's. They don't look down at anyone, don't do the 'I'm better than you are' bit, but offer unconditional love. Can't say that about some of the people I know!
  15. Paneling is done

    From the album Ceedie Hotel

    And everything fits together! Still molding to add, the staircase is nowhere near done, just set it in there to make sure everything still fit together. Still an awful bland looking room with all that white!