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  1. YouTube videos of my Gardens

    Me either, I'm going to do more and put them in an actual veggie garden this year...that is what I have been working on all day....well other than piddling around on youtube and here tee hee. S
  2. wallpaper glue - best removal?

    well, I used a product called DIF The bottle says safe, but I suppose it's not because it contains sodium hydroxide.So I'm not sure what their definition of 'safe' is......Well, I'll post because someone may stumble upon this thread in the future. I also used the scoring tool to perforate the paper for the DIF to soak in. I don't know what kind of wallpaper I had, one had a fabric like feel and the other was definitely paper. S
  3. How many Menu Plan?

    You didn't have an option for me. Sometimes I menu plan and sometimes I don't. Depends on what's going on that week. I'm flexible. If I wasn't we would never eat, lol! S
  4. YouTube videos of my Gardens

    If you have some time here are some vids from last summer! It's been so stinking cold this year, I wanted to share what's to come! Please watch in HQ (high quality, red button) because I have to convert the file and then I tend lose a lot of it's original clarity.
  5. Dejunking, Housework & Yardwork Challenge

    THANK goodness I'm not the only one! I feel so embarrassed half the time people come over (and that is A LOT)! I have to declutter SEVERAL times a year because I keep everything and never know where to put it...Any object gets thrown in a cupboard, drawer, or closet not to be seen again until I declutter that area. I find stuff and think THAT IS WHERE THAT WAS AT! I know that I can live with a lot less stuff....I just hate throwing things away I know I will it want later...but I do DO it. Not to mention I have two younger kids that throw things around and don't put them away either. Always circling the house trying to put things in their proper place. And I love the look of minimalism, I just have such a hard time actually carrying out the practice....sigh. I think our 1100 sq ft ranch is small (the layout is like a mobile home) I can't even fathom only having 900 sq ft! Also I filled my FIL's empty room with things...things I haven't went back for in THREE years.....I sometimes hope that he threw it all out...but am too afraid to ask. I put them there because we were trying to sell this house and I couldn't part with them but had to get them out of prospective buyers eyes. I've painted my house three times in 9 years just so I will have to declutter everything. As you can see by this long post, that this is a long time battle I have been having with myself! Oddly enough, the day you wrote this post...I was beginning my spring declutter/ neatening of cupboards. I got one full upper cabinet in the kitchen, one lower, and most of my computer desk. I felt very proud. Next up will be my bedroom, gulp the worst room in my house....also the smallest at only about 80 sq. feet (yah you read that right)...I can hop in bed and get to my dresser but forget about finding anything in there or my closet! And under my bed, let's not talk about that until I get under there. And as for the THREE junk drawers in the kitchen....what to do what to do.....I need more organization, that is all there is to it. Sooooooo, I'm right there with you and feel your pain. I really don't mind cleaning, I just hate de cluttering but do it because I would HATE myself if I didn't. As for the yard, I'm really super good with that. All that room! Wide open spaces! Plus, I like to pull weeds. Those I have NO problems throwing away! lol! I"m going to try to upload videos to YouTube of last years of that....I'll post if I get it. S
  6. Animal Crossing: City Folk

    IA. I can't wait to play today. I want to see if I have any flowers that have hybridized. I keep trying like a dickens, but no luck yet. The doing the whole town in a pattern seems to be a waste (because there is always three of us wanting to play). I'm just gonna keep planting and hope for the best......OH and I got a dandelion in my town...patiently waiting for it to turn into a pufball! S
  7. Memory test

    I got most of them right......I actually had more trouble reading the right line than getting the answer eyes are a' swimmin S
  8. The weirdest thing in your house

    Hmmm, I think that is creepy too! I don't think I could stay in there with her she reminds me of a crime drama mummy (not that I was invited)! Weirdest thing I have....well does an urn count? That freaks quite a few people out, I often hear "Is that real????"....but I think it's normal to have grandma here with me all the time. S
  9. Animal Crossing: City Folk

    GRRRR. I did not know that! S
  10. Charcoal Grill vs Gas Grill

    Yes, and a window open with a fan sucking more out
  11. Don`t you hate it when...

    Don't you hate it when your children literally fight all day long about nothing..... And don't you love it later in the evening when they are all curled up next to you and eachother saying 'I love you mommy' as they drift off to sleep..... S
  12. Off the Wall (but effective) ways we de-stress!

    I do that too! That is my destresser! Weeding is good too though....waiting for it to get warm, come the weeds are up but my flowers aren't? arg. S
  13. Animal Crossing: City Folk

    Yes, you get two choices on where you want the bridge. Then a day or two later, it's there. S
  14. This will touch your heart!

    OOh, I'm all teary eyed now. Thank you for sharing! S
  15. Animal Crossing: City Folk

    Yes I did the Pave thing, made SOOO much money. And I too had to be a bad girl and go back to bunny day because we didn't get a chance to play that day. I've got oodles of candy saved away....didn't know if they would come into play before the next Pave day, so that is good to know. Dandelions? I don't have any of those. Maybe I don't let my weeds get big enough? I now have a new bridge in my town. Working on getting fountain... Also, do you guys know why I can't get a good rating in my town? The po lady says that I have a barely passing grade, that I must not have enough greenery or something? I plant tons of flowers, I have pears, cherries, coconuts, peaches, and my original apples! So what's up with that? S