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  1. New here, about to start Beacon Hill build!

    Hello there Gina and welcome from me roo. THe Beacon Hill is a gorgeous looking house. I'm sure it'll give you hours of pleasure.
  2. Long time lurker inro

    Thanks for the links Holly and Deborah I love Jane Harrop kits. There lovely quality and I can't wait to pick up some of her new retro kits at next months miniatura. Not quite sure where I'll use them but I'm sure I'll find room for them somewhere! Jeannine, yes it's the same fair. Arrives here a couple of weeks after its finished at Nottingham. I've not been since the kids were little but yes, lots of memories.   That's a lovely house and I'm sure it'll give you a lot of pleasure renovating it. It looks larger than the Mountfield...I look forward to seeing what you do with it.    
  3. Long time lurker inro

    Jeannine, considering I was quoted £60 to ship a very small doll house from London to here in Derbyshire I would say the shipping costs you paid were a bargain. The grosvenor is a beautiful and very large house.  I did see it on display at the dhe shop when it was still open a couple of years ago. Sorry you were disappointed with the 1930s house and I do hope you get it the way you want it. I've often drooled over the Mountfield with the thought of setting it during the 30s/40s.....in fact I've promised myself I will one day... Radcliffe on trent is only about half an hour by car from me. Hubby used to work there many years ago.  I live in the little town of ilkeston  -  I don't know if you've heard of ilkeston fair? We're on the notts/derby border...  Take care! Debs     
  4. Long time lurker inro

    Aww thank you Jackie. When I've worked out how to use the gallery I'll have to get round to uploading a few pics...
  5. I'm hooked! Hi from League City, TX

    From one Debbie to another.....welcome! I'm new here too.  And oh wow, what a stunning House!  It's lovely. I too, love to make my own things...though I'm not very good but I do enjoy it! For the modern kitchens I've manged to knock together myself I usually fit them around appliances if I've bought them. I'm a sucker for the miele range. As Carrie has mentioned though there are some fabulous tutorials out there too......  
  6. Long time lurker inro

    Jeannine, that's a shame but crikey I dread to think what the shipping would cost! 
  7. Long time lurker inro

    Awwww thanks Karin and Tracy. It's so nice to feel so welcome. 
  8. Long time lurker inro

    Awwww thanks so much for the lovely welcome guys. It's terrific to be able to chat to like minded folk who get just as messy up as I do.  Jeannine,  not seen a kates cottage go through eBay for quite a while. Lovely little house though - I can see the attraction. I'm currently eyeing up a little custom built one on there myself. Not that I have any room left if I'm honest.....never stops me though! Lol   Thanks again guys!
  9. Long time lurker inro

    Hello all,   A long time lurker and mini nutter here in the Nottingham/Derbyshire area of the UK finally decided to post and introduce myself.    I currently own seven houses, one of them a Garfield which was my first venture into kit building and a huge learning curve. It taught me so much about the building process and how  to have far more patience! Lol   I'm currently working on a house that incorporates a sweet/candy shop and in between that I'm also attempting to renovate a huge 16 room tudor house I found on ebay that had been left neglected in a garage for over 20 years.    When I'm not gluing myself to bits of wood, picking paint out of my hair or burning holes in my clothes with a soldering iron I love nothing more than to browse the wonderful talents of the people on here. I love how creative and imaginative everyone is! It's always incredibly inspirational.   Look forward to 'chatting' with you all.   Debs