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  1. dollhouses as Fanfiction

    As someone who's written fanfiction, been part of fan communities for a long time, done some academic research on it, and seen the wide variety of fan created responses to various media, I'd say your miniature work isn't necessarily fanFICTION, which usually refers to a text-based, written response in the form of a story that plays with the same universe and/or the same characters, but it is an intensely creative response to a book you love, and therefore falls within the realm of fan responses. Fanart would be a good term for it, or you could invent your own. ;) I've seen people respond to media with knitting, costuming, sewing, doll dressing, cakes, recipes, brewing specialty beers and meads, 2-d art, sculpture, composition, videos, quilts, podcasts, meta, gif sets, photography, tattoos, plays, embroidery, cross stitch, collage, stained glass...I mean, you name it, if it's a way of creatively responding to, extending, or altering a fictional universe, people are out there doing it, and it's amazing.  Anyone who expects people to watch/read/listen to media and have anything more than a passive response, or to respond only by buying licensed consumer goods and not altering them at all, is either severely lacking in imagination or a network/studio president. We are creative, creating beings and whatever you want to call such endeavors, they are a great way to express ourselves and our passions.
  2. Your Very Best Tip

    I learned this at a mini workshop years ago: Patience is the art of finding something else to do while the glue dries. ;)
  3. First Build Finished!

    I LOVE THIS! I'm such a sucker for anything Halloween, and you've done an amazing job with the construction and the details. Very well done!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I have this kit down in my stash--I have a very particular plan for it, and bought it a few years ago--I'm a little shocked at how low this one's priced. If anyone here is interested and has questions about it, LMK. (I can tell you, for example, that it's front opening and has both stairs and a fire pole worked into the design.)
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The shop looks like the RGT Front Opening Shop(pe?). I got one in similar condition for $35 and it's awesome--really big, sturdy, lots of cool details. All 3 together for $100 is certainly a fantastic deal!
  6. I agree that a very soft, pale green would be good, or creamy, verging toward yellow. A cream brocade would be Victorian-ish. You definitely want dark wood with that wallpaper. 
  7. Flooring in place

    Thank you!
  8. Flooring in place

    From the album MaryKate's Orchid

    I'm trying to finish as I build...right now the floors are just sitting there, not glued down. Trying to decide if I even want to glue them in, or if the baseboards and wall will be enough to hold them in place. Since I kept them under books for several days they lay amazingly flat.
  9. Living Room Floor

    From the album MaryKate's Orchid

    This floor was inspired by some Wasi tape I found a year or so ago. I loved the collage-y effect of the butterflies, and wanted to bring some unique elements into the house. I cut scrap wood to the width of the tape and planned the floor, with the inner boards going across the width of the room and the outer boards perpendicular to the tape strip. The tape went down after I finished the whitewash, and then I put on a couple layers of matte varnish, rubbing with crumpled paper bags in between. I had the squares in the corners so I cut out individual butterflies from the tape and added them, but I'm not sure if they'll stay or not. I can always paint over them. 
  10. Kitchen and Living Room Floors

    From the album MaryKate's Orchid

    Finally finished the flooring for the first floor of the Orchid. I cut yardstick to the sizes I wanted, glued floorboards made from skinny craft sticks/coffee stirrers, and finished them with whitewashes. I painted and then right away wiped off a layer of grey paint on the smaller kitchen floor; for the living room floor I used Minwax Driftwood stain underneath the whitewash.
  11. Wowie-kazowie! That house feels like a labor of love, on both the building and decorating fronts. 
  12. What brand is this house?

    Wow, Patti, that's a pretty McKinley! Does it come with all the furniture?
  13. another house,does anyone reognise it please

    Jeanine, that first one looks like the Rustic from the Dollhouse Manufacturing Company, maybe without the chimney? I have their Farmette, and the only way I was able to track down any info about it at all was through this forum. This link should take you to a photo of the Rustic kit:  
  14. House of Miniatures (Kitbashing Stories??)

    Those are wonderful, Jodi! I'm in awe of that kitchen, it's wonderful! Jeannine, do you find the glues and stains still work okay? I have some that are from the 80s, I think, in a set I inherited, and I was wondering if I can still use them.
  15. House of Miniatures (Kitbashing Stories??)

    Holly, that's so...I think the word I want is "unsettling", about the bugs eating your decor. I mean, I know they're going to do bug things no matter what, but ugh. Glad you found a solution; the clock looks very nice!