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  1. Greenleaf Products, plus some questions

    I'm interested in the answers to this as well. I have a Walmer kit called "Ye Olde Firehouse" that I'm planning to finish as a retired fire station turned bar & loft, and it needs to be bricked--but it's 3 stories high and I'm worried about weight (especially since some if not all of the interior walls would be brick, too) and realism, not to mention time. I know I could do the egg carton thing, but it would take me forever and I really want to focus more on the interior of this one.  Thanks for the input on the printed sheets, Kelly. I've considered those, but it's good to know what you think about them.
  2. If you want something as close to the Robotime kits as possible, I'd suggest Beacon 3-in-1. Amazon promotes it on the same pages as those kits. I bought mine at Michaels. It is exactly the same stuff as what's in the kits, and I've used it for the kits when they don't come with glue, or when they don't come with enough because I use it for every application!  
  3. Great Loss For A Small World

    Oh, no!  You know, the tiny museum where I work had a Kupjack exhibit...decades ago, at least. I came across one of the booklets when were were cleaning out spaces and snagged it, because no one else wanted it. One of the facilities staff who's worked at the museum since the 70s said Henry actually came to the exhibit, and she thinks the museum owns a Kupjack room box and that it's in our storage building across the street. I don't have keys to that building or anything, but I've been meaning to have a talk with our curator to see if it's for real, and if it is, if I can get a peek at it. I'll have to step up my efforts on that front. 
  4. Hi Shannon--I don't know if I'll get to it right away, but I would love to do something with the pieces eventually. I will certainly post pictures of the book once I receive it. I'm trying to remember what I ever did with the pieces I made from the copy I had back in grade school.  Maybe holding it in my hand will spark some memories.
  5. Ahaha I love how the universe works. As soon as I posted this, I went back to Ebay again and found it: Of course, "Doll House Book" is such a unique, searchable term... ;)
  6. Calling all dollhouse detectives... I'm trying to track down at the very least a title and maybe a photo or two of a book I had when I was a girl. Some of its pages were heavy, and I think slightly textured, paper on which were printed pieces you could cut out and fold and paste to make dollhouse furniture. I remember the prints being red, white, and black, with lots of polka dots and stripes; it was all very 70s/colonial in style. The thing is, I think I saw it online recently, probably on a late-night deep dive on Ebay or something close to that, and I should have taken a screen shot or just bought it...I have tried searching a bunch of different word salad combos on Google, Alibris, and Ebay but I haven't seen it yet. Just wondering if anyone here remembers it and can help me figure out the title. It's more curiosity than anything else at this point.
  7. What's everyone working on?

    Okay, who wants to hear the kicker end to this story?  A) My sister loved it when she unwrapped it last night, so yay! She also laughed a bit uncontrollably and said she would explain later... B) This morning, when we unwrapped presents from Santa, guess what I got? The same kit! Also the same book I put into her shoe for St. Nicholas Day. We know each other almost too well.  (I will say this: though I'm delighted to have the kit because I, too, am a bit obsessive about books, the one I made from her came from a Chinese company and was great. Very easy to put together, good quality materials, and it included the silicon glue and batteries. This one is from Fat Brain Toys, and what I've noticed so far is that some of the pages printed with book covers and other items are wrinkled in the bottom of the box, there is no silicon glue, and when I went to put one of the small cabinets together with tacky glue (everyone else was building Legos; I had to make something!), I had a terrible time because the pieces, small as they are, are warped and I had to force hold them in place to get the glue to stick. I will probably take it apart, flatten the boards under some books, and try again.)
  8. IMG_2084.JPG

    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

  9. IMG_2084.JPG

    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

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    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

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    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

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    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

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    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

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    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits

  15. IMG_2079.JPG

    From the album 1/2"(ish) Scale Kits