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  1. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    Good to see you Monica! I have missed watching you build and make miniatures! Hope you have some eye candy!
  2. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    So good to see you here KathieB.. I have thought of you often! Hope you are doing awesome
  3. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    I am here
  4. 2013 Spring Fling Contest Results

    Congratulations to the winners!!!! Everyone is a winner though
  5. doesn't say anything about the free shipping not be honored... I guess they need to change that it still says FREE shipping.. Thanks for letting me know though. I thought I was losing my mind hahaha
  6. I feel dumb for asking but where do you put the code for free shipping? I can't find it..
  7. Happy Birthday jeninky!

  8. is there any way possible you can show me what the inside looks like too??? This is going to be a very interesting Spring Fling!
  9. middle of ky

    Hi Rob waving from Ky also! :lol:
  10. Happy Birthday Kathie!! :)

    Kathie I hope that you had a great birthday!! I hope that we get to spend time together again soon!!
  11. Extreme couponing show on TLC

    Heidi also there is a huge coupon world on facebook. and some stores/products will give you a coupon for pressing "like" on their page. Type Coupon in the search engine and see all the ones you can find.
  12. Extreme couponing show on TLC

    Look online for a coupon class. I went to one and learned a lot and she gives you hand outs. Only cost 5 dollars and got tons of freebies for going. First thing to do is get your binder and the plastic sleeves like you put football cards in. Amd make tabs for the different stores and certain coupons. Make sure that you have printed copies of all the stores policies reguarding coupons. You will need it sometime or another. Stockpile Couponing takes a lot of time and that was something I didn't have time for as it would have taken my mini time away. But me and another gal are getting items for our Relay For Life time to raffle off. I have tons of sites that are safe and will post them later today. Becareful as some sites are not safe.
  13. Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

    This year we had two dinners.. First one we went out to eat.. we took my grandfather to Golden Corral.. It was PACKED.. was kinda surprised. The second dinner was Sunday. Ham and mac and cheese and baked beans and mashed potato's. Brownies to finish it off awwww Mother glazes her ham with can of pineapples and brown sugar. Hope you had a great holiday!