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  1. Haven't been on much

    It is perhaps fate that you mention this at this time, Jeremy. I have a story to relate: I work in a small law office with 2 attorneys and 2 secretaries. The other attorney, not the one I work for, is a strapping 43-year old who is a tall, robust, athletic, physically active man .......an award-winning golfer, tennis player, walker. This last Monday, the 15th, he apparently had some mild chest discomfort. Wrote it off as heartburn from some recent gastro troubles. Wife gave him anti-acids and they ignored it. On Tuesday, he came to the office, went to a brief court hearing, came back for some appointments and went behind his closed door to finish some work. And collapsed. By the time we realized he was uncharacteristically late to meet with his waiting client, a half hour or so had elapsed. When we found him laying behind his desk, he looked horrible and his color was ghastly. I did chest compressions while waiting for the EMTs, but I knew it was too late. Massive coronary. Could he have been saved IF he'd not ignored the warning signs and gotten a medical evaluation the night before?........ ......that's what his poor wife is left wondering now. He leaves behind a stunned community, grieving parents, a beautiful wife and 3-yr-old daughter who absolutely adored him. The moral you need to take from this is simple. Take this gifted warning and use it wisely! GO TO A DOCTOR, ANY DOCTOR, NOW! Don't wait for another episode, possibly incapacitating or fatal. Listen to your wife and go now. You don't want your wife to be where his wife is at this very moment...at the funeral home wondering all the "what ifs" and "if onlys" that come with this kind of senseless, preventable tragedy. Check into this now.........please......so your forum family doesn't have to nag you daily along with your wife.......
  2. Cuddle buddies.jpg

    From the album My babies!

  3. My manly-man.jpg

    From the album My babies!

    And this is our Trevor. He was turned into rescue by his breeder and came with a suitcase full of little quirks and fears and nervous behaviors. It took quite a while for him to trust us and relax and enjoy life. He's our vocal one. He makes the strangest little sounds and if we copy his sounds back to him, he'll engage in conversation that eventually leads to him getting us to howl with him. And he screams like a banshee! I've never known any other kind of dog to do this, but Cresties do. He will scream these horrible, pitiful, frightening screams - as though he is being skinned alive if......the bath water is a tad too cool or you clip his nails.....or he doesn't want his face groomed......serious things like that! <_< There are a number of techs in my vet's office who will long remember Trevor's first nail trim there!! He obsesses over little tiny stuffies and chewy toys, hiding them and covering them and worrying that one of the other dogs will see them. Such a goofball. And he's extremely food motivated. He will do anything you ask for dog treat....anything. He knows every single word we use that even remotely refers to food or treats or meals and comes running. But despite his many quirks, or maybe because of them, we just love him to death. Here is our manly little man in his favorite princess pink fur bed
  4. trixie 1.jpg

    From the album My babies!

    This is my little Trixie, or Pixie, as I call her. She was my first Chinese Crested. She came from a breeder in Texas who couldn't use her in the breeding program because she tested to be significantly deaf. She stopped showing her just a couple points shy of championship and sold her to me! What a darling, sweet, funny, loving little girl she is! We were soon sold on the wonderful qualities of this breed, so when we stumbled across one in a nearby rescue, we got Trixie a companion. Cresties are kind of high maintenance (and need extensive wardrobes and skin care routines <_< ), but they are a wonderful, unusual breed that have some unique characteristics. They are known to bond very strongly to their people and adore lots of affection and one-on-one attention - they love an empty lap! Trixie will follow me throughout the house, wherever I go just to be near me - they're known as velcro dogs and I can see why! They talk and sing and are very vocal, but not known to be particularly yappy. They love to play and will do so with wild abandon with one another and will make up ridiculous games and stunts and will keep you amused. They're also called "clown dogs" for that reason. They can run like the wind - they are built and move much like tiny greyhounds, but they don't require a great deal of exercise and can be apartment dwellers. Beware though - they are quite intelligent and manipulative! :idiot:
  5. Maggie - bigger.JPG

    From the album My babies!

    This is my old girl, Maggie. She came to us from the pound many, many years ago as a young dog. She's smart as a whip, loves to travel in the car and can be a tad bit bossy and stubborn. She has an untreatable form of cancer, but is living out the remainder of her days relatively pain-free and still happy to wander the yard and nibble all the treats we slip to her. She will be missed. :weep:
  6. Pets:

    It's good to be surrounded with so many animal people!! Currently my furbabies include an elderly (and ill ) mixed breed spaniel, Sarah, and two Chinese Cresteds, Trixie and Trevor - my not-so-furry furbabies This breed is not very well known (well, except for that Ugly Dog Contest :yes: ), but they are a fabulous pet breed. They do require a fair good bit of time and maintenance........but their personalities make them so worth it! These two are without a doubt the most loving, funniest, sweetest, quirkiest, most bonded-to-us pups I've ever had! The DH was not so sure about getting a small hairless dog at first, but was besotted from the moment he laid eyes on Trixie. Now, he's completely wrapped around those little paws and he instigated getting the second.
  7. Another Ohio Newbie

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone! I think I'll enjoy spending time here. Pat: There are advantages to getting older......sometimes you have to dig a little to find them, but they're there :lol: Rebecca: I'm looking forward to it. Hoping it will turn out to be a bonding experience and I'm really hoping it will be a good stimulator for my mom and serve to get her "dollhouse juices" flowing again. If not, it will still be something to while visiting together. Holly: Thanks for the ideas. Foamcore, I know - gatorboard, I'll have to figure out - and 1/8" ply, I'll have to figure out where to find, but I think this is do-able! Tracy: Thanks for fixing my "oops" - great way to start off , eh? <_< Gayle: If that's true, it would be a great side-effect!!!! Again, thanks for the welcome!
  8. So sorry for the double post. Tried to edit and ended up with 2 and can't find a way to delete the other post! Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! Very happy to find this place! I've always been interested in miniatures, but never really made the time to get involved with them. It seemed soooooo overwhelming when I had kids at home. Now that I'm a semi-old lady :teary: , I thought it might be time to indulge myself!! Years ago my mom built and decorated a big, beautiful house that kept her busy for about 9 years and just fascinated me. Recently, after losing my dad, she has begun a descent into depression and dementia and as I am spending sooooo much time with her now, I thought this might be a great project for me to work on with her. So, I found a McKinley kit, which I've always thought was perfect for a beginner due to its compact size and display possibilities. It was used, at a great price, with a few cut out pieces missing and no instructions. My sister also owns the same kit (partially built) and I think she'll probably drag it back out and start working on it again with us, so I think with her help, I can deal with having stuff missing (I hope, anyway ). I can't wait for it to arrive, but until then, I'll spend my time researching this marvelous forum for tips and ideas. What a wealth of information there is here with really nice people to boot!!! I only have one question at the moment, which I'll post when I figure out the appropriate place to do so....without further ado, I'll get to reading!!!