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  1. Has anyone made a Tom's Mill Dollhouse?

    I bought the English Pub shell, which became my herb shop. Very solid wood and fun to finish! I like to visit their shop when I am in the area. Total eye candy! (Especially the Nottingham....).
  2. Get them while you can!
  3. Many include handmade, OOAK items from my old Etsy shop, Linda's Minis. Cheers, Linda
  5. Sale at Linda's Minis!

    Thanks, Holly!
  6. Wedding bells will soon be ringing and so I must put my Etsy shop on vacation from Jun 4-11. To celebrate, if you use the coupon code WEDDING2013 in my shop from now until Jun 3, 2013, you will receive 30% off your order! Cheers, Linda
  7. Hi from Philadelphia!

    Welcome, from a Pennsylvania native! :-D
  8. Linda's Minis! I just renewed several lists of unique and colorful crystal or gazing balls that will be useful in a fantasy scene or in a miniature garden. Check it out at
  9. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I'll "third" the suggestion of painter's tape. Also, have some tiny brushes handy to get into those hard to reach areas. Best of luck!
  10. Items on eBay

    Hi guys, There's just under a day left on two items I've posted recently on eBay that you might be interested in! A lot of 6 American Miniaturist magazines: A Holly Hobbie miniature wall telephone...might be a tad big for 1/12 scale - measurements are shown in the pics:
  11. Yay! So glad the forum is back. I didn't realize how often I check it until it was gone! Love the new look!

  12. DSC04854

    Very true, Eden Chan! I actually replaced it with a white wire screen which opens up the room a little more. I do love this screen, though!
  13. Thanksgiving Break begins now! *rubs hands together mischievously* What project should I work on? ;)

    1. darahsmile

      I love that thought of chosing but then there is way to many projects that need to be finished.

  14. Anyone going? It's *this* Saturday from 10am - 4pm at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY. ( Has anyone gone to this before? It's a 4 hour drive for me and I'd love to know how many vendors to typically expect. There is also a dollhouse exhibit at the museum. Any input is welcome! Cheers, Linda
  15. 5/23/07 HPV?

    Hello, fellow scientist! :-D I'm a marine biologist, but I completely concur.