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  1. Storybook Cottage windows

    I have made some from a thick chipboard in the past and it turned out nice.   
  2. Storybook Cottage windows

    There are not any for the inside windows of the storybook kit  
  3. Moonlight Retreat dry fit 2 exterior

    You’re doing a Great Job! I’m loving this altered lighthouse!! 
  4. Morning coffee and the manor

    It looks absolutely Stunning! I’d sit and enjoy it too! It’s a wonderful work of art!
  5. Roses.png

    This is super cute!! 
  6. Returning to Minatures

    Welcome to the neighborhood Renee  We look forward to knowing you better! 
  7. Elegant Dollhouse Parking Lot Sale

    How cool! When I lived in Evanston Illinois, they used to do that once a year. I wonder if they still do it now. I hope you have a ball and find some goodies! Please share some pictures with us!  
  8. I'm interested in buying Kummerow Lamps

    They have such beautiful lamps! I remember the first time I laid eyes on them at one of the miniature shows. I was blown away by the details! I love stained glass in my real home so to have some in miniature is always perfect! I hope you find some good pieces!
  9. Pierce window & frames

    I actually like the depth on the insides. It kinda gives you the option to put things on it like a windowsill effect. I used to have colored bottles on one of my windowsills back on the day. Do you have pictures? I just wanna be sure I’m picturing it right. 
  10. Help!! Beacon Hill roof.

    I think templates is the way to go. You can check and be sure it’s aligned correctly before you install them permanently too!  I also do templates for walks for wallpaper or for flooring! Happy you’re having f7n with this build!
  11. plafond.jpg

    This looks Superb!  You are doing a Great job on this! I love all the wood!  
  12. cottage-exterior.png

    This is SO Adorable!  I Love this Cute Cottage! I even love the color scheme! What an Awesome find indeed! 
  13. 5adcea54526f8-condo7.jpg

    You really know how to set the room up! It all looks like a real life house! I’d love those chairs for my real house  
  14. 1curvymtm1.jpg

    I’m gonna have to stop by my local Cracker Barrel. That’s just so cute! 
  15. Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.31.47 AM.png

    I Love those dishes!!