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  1. The Country DollHouse kits are Almost Gone Again!

    I built this one a few times years ago. It’s such a cool kit! The build reminds me of the Coventry Cottage (especially assembling the top floor). I love the looks of this one because it can become a nice Modern house. Plus, it comes with the furniture kit!  
  2. I’m not sure if you all noticed, but Greenleaf released 50 Country Dollhouse Kits and they have under 10 left. Just thought I’d post it here just in case some forum members were waiting to buy one. Here’s the link: 
  3. Grandt Line closing down

    Thanks for the heads up Emily! Sheesh... this is sad news  
  4. Clay doll molds

    I’ve used the polymer clay molds by Patricia Rose and I’ve always had good results. I mostly used them for my daughters school projects though. My youngest even used one mood with Paperclay (that one didn’t turned out as well) but it worked for her project. To keep polymer clay from sticking to the molds, I lightly dusted it with talc powder. 
  5. Listed my beach house on Ebay

    I’m sorry they didn’t pay!  I hope it sells quickly this time and I hope they pay soon after!
  6. Fairfield

    LOL I love that! I often wonder how weird I look when I’m measuring real life items for minis. Or, taking pictures and mumbling to myself, “yeah, I think that’ll work!”  I can’t wait to see your Fairfield build! 
  7. Listed my beach house on Ebay

    I always dislike when they don’t pay right away. Tomorrow is Friday though. Maybe they are waiting for payday and didn’t want to miss getting it. Hope they pay soon!  
  8. Listed my beach house on Ebay

    Well, that sold fast! Congratulations! It’s a beautiful house!
  9. Pierce livingroom.JPG

    I Love the stairs!  The little dragon is so cute too! 
  10. Dura Craft - Ashley - Yarn Shop

    That’s always the fun part! When the house starts to “talk to you” and tell you what it wants to be! A Yarn Shop sounds Great! 
  11. Re upholsted sofa

    This is just Beautiful!! I LOVE the color scheme! The sofa fits in Perfectly! Sigh, I wanna shrink myself and come for a visit! 
  12. Gina Kendrick aka Wolfie

    I’m heartbroken :_(   She was so talented and such a beautiful person! I’m still so sad about this!  I love my doll she made for me. She was an inspiration. My prayers are with her family  
  13. Dollhouse Identification

    You really found a Gem of a dollhouse! Welcome to the Neighborhood Tracy! 
  14. New from New Zealand

    Welcome to the neighborhood Anna! I look forward to getting to know you better and being able to see your dollhouse projects!  
  15. Selkie

    Ohh No!! She was on my mind the other day. This is such sad news. My heart goes out to her family. Thank you for letting us know Kathy.