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  1. Taking my obsession too far???

    Estimated build time for the Lily is 40 hours. I know it took me longer than that to complete mine  See more estimated build times for the Corona kits below
  2. Taking my obsession too far???

    I'd be tempted also. It could take more hours than that to build it and this one is almost completely built... I say enjoy the ride. Turn on some good music and have fun!  
  3. Working on the stained glass for the front door

    That's Beautiful Monica! 
  4. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    I'm with Holly on that one! All houses speak... eventually  some scream louder than others and some sooner than others. The Ashley is a sweet little house though! I can't wait to see more!
  5. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    I love how they changed the staircase in this gem of a house. The original kit has a spiral staircase. 
  6. My first project is complete and it has special meaning!

    Bravo!!! This is such a wonderful and touching demonstration of your love for your grandparents and of the time you spent with them! What a fabulous way to relive memories too! 
  7. That Darn Jefferson Dollhouse!

    Jenn, your so right about that! It's weird how that works! I have had a sugarplum completed on the inside for 2 years now. I couldn't decide what it wants to be on the outside. I wrapped it up last week to put in the garage and low and behold, this morning, the story of who lives there popped in my head. I'm gonna bring it up and start in it shortly. This Jefferson finally started to speak to you and that's what I love anout this hobby. Eventually, the quiet houses speak to our inner artist  
  8. That Darn Jefferson Dollhouse!

    Yay!! I can't wait to watch you turn her into a diamond 
  9. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Well, that took longer than I hoped but I got lost looking at pics I haven't seen in a long while! I didn't find it but I'm going to look at some more CDs that I burned my photos on 
  10. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    I'll look and see if I do! I ended up giving it away to a friend of mine who was moving away. I'm hoping I took photos before 2011 when I lost my hard drive. Be right back to check  
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Please let me know if it's pinned for you all now... it's very strange, it shows pinned on my side and now I also clicked "Feature" but on my end, it's the only topic "featured" so I'm not sure at the moment what's going on. Let me know and sorry for the confusion 
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    On my end, it shows pinned! Let me look into this further! Thanks for letting me know! :)
  13. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    I bet hot sauce does smell better! We did it outside lol  we used cotton balls wiping downward. It was not overly wet, but not dry. Another lady used a stiff old half inch wide paint brush that was mostly dry.
  14. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Yep, just found it online too. Bleach is what we used in a class I took to age the copper.
  15. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    I think you can use bleach to change the copper to an aged look. :)