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  1. IMG-0284DHRoof6.jpg

    Your house is absolutely Gorgeous!! I love the vibrant colors you used on the exterior too! 
  2. What a Beautiful Mansion you have here! My Goshness! I love the colors too!!  I hope you do decide to create an album here 
  3. New member

    I've moved it to the trade section. Thanks a Holly!  
  4. New bargello colors

    I love these new color combinations too! This is gonna be fantastic when all staged together! :)
  5. Hello!

    Welcome to the neighborhood Tara! I still think when you place a kit in a dark area, they multiply  That's my story and I'm sticking to it lol. Most of us have a whole lot of kits waiting to be born. You fit right in our neighborhood easily! I also had a metal house when I was a kid! I LOVED it so much and still remember my parents getting it from Sears and my dad putting it together. 
  6. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    I'll have to look at my old price sheets to be sure. It seems like there were 2 kits. I know Dura Craft had 2 kits also back when they were in business. These are the duracraft ones too. The company went out of business about 10 years ago or more.     
  7. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    You're Welcome hun :)
  8. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    You can get the town here : you can get the village here : Also they still carry one of the The Corona Villages here : * edit * the Corona Village is out of stock right now. 
  9. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    These are the four kits pictured. If you get both larger kits, you'll have all buildings.    
  10. The window is done, and is in the door :)

    Ohh this is very pretty Monica! This is coming along Great!  
  11. Glencroft questions

    According to their info, the Glencroft needs 5 bags of Shingles.  The older Glencroft kits did come with a stucco mixture. You should be able to paint over it if you'd like a fresher paint finish. I personally would put the wallpaper in before adding trim and doors  I can't wait to see your house!
  12. Staircase with walls

    I love these stairs!!   
  13. Taking my obsession too far???

    Estimated build time for the Lily is 40 hours. I know it took me longer than that to complete mine  See more estimated build times for the Corona kits below
  14. Taking my obsession too far???

    I'd be tempted also. It could take more hours than that to build it and this one is almost completely built... I say enjoy the ride. Turn on some good music and have fun!  
  15. Working on the stained glass for the front door

    That's Beautiful Monica!