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  1. I finally got a Bostonian!

    Yay!! That’s so cool you got one! You’ve been wanting that forever! I can not wait to see you bring it to life Marg! I always LOVE your houses! I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already since you’ve moved! I hope you share pictures of the houses in their new bedrooms  
  2. I say move where the inspiration strikes! That small house won’t take up too much space when you put it aside on your work table.    
  3. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Luanne, that is such an adorable house! I Love that your niece is so interested in your project too! Going back to look at more of your photos!  
  4. garfield surgery

    Welcome to the neighborhood John! I agree with Holly! All kit bashing starts with an idea ready to come to life! I can’t wait to see how you kit-bash the Garfield!  
  5. I’ll have to look for my old Franklin Mint catalogs!ir seems like they had the back story of each house and a bit about the designers for each house they did. I’ll check my bookshelf today and see if they are still out and not in a bin in the garage. 
  6. I sure miss Franklin Mint! That house is Gorgeous! I remember it in the catalog years ago! Hope it finds a good home  
  7. Greetings from Chicago

    I’m happyy to know they still have EVERYTHING! Gosh I love that place! I gotta go there soon and get some goodies. Their old place was like a treasure hunt. You go down an aisle and never know what you just might find  
  8. Hello from Wisconsin!

    Welcome to the Forum Hillary! So sad about what the Landlord did to you  I’m happy that you were able to get the house kit again on eBay and I can’t wait to see what you do with it. My first dollhouse crush was the dura craft farmhouse 505 that was at Michael’s (over 20 years ago). Have you decided on any colors etc.? 
  9. gingerbread candy.jpg

    This is Adorable!  
  10. After 27 years--the dollhouse is finished!

    You’ve done a Splendid job on this house! It’s Lovely! 
  11. Hello from The Bluegrass State of Kentucky!

    Welcome to the neighborhood Sabrina!
  12. New Member Introduction

    Welcome to the neighborhood Sallie! I can’t wait to see the house  As regards to the lights not working, you might want to check and be sure no little wires are detached or touching the wrong side of the wire. Over the years, I noticed this usually was the cause of old lights not working in older dollhouses. Or, as Sable mentioned, the lights were loose or needed to be replaced. I hope it’s a simple fix for you!
  13. Greetings from Chicago

    Correction, according to their website, it looks like Tom Thumb is still open in Niles  I gotta go there soon. I guess their hours are different now. 
  14. Greetings from Chicago

    Welcome to the Forum Keith! Sigh, I remember the days when I could travel all over the Suburbs of the Chicagoland area visiting the different Minishops. Now, it’s miniatures shows or Lollys. Tom Thumb in Evanston moved to Niles but I was told they closed too now. So you’ve come to the right place for that “miniature fix”  I look forward to seeing your work! 
  15. IMG-6238.JPG

    You’ve done an absolutely Beautiful job on this house! I Love the color scheme and the decor you’ve chosen. It’s really looking like a peaceful place to call home