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  1. 20200218_170622.jpg

    I can’t wait to see it all assembled! It’s looking good  
  2. mother and daughter

    Those are adorable! 
  3. I'm New!

    Yay! You joined! Welcome to the neighborhood  I’m sure everyone here will help you with any questions you have about the Tennyson. Your Cake work looks Fantastic   
  4. Miniature Magazines

    That’s a goldmine of ideas! Congratulations on scoring such a Great Find!  
  5. My Kashkuli Gabbeh compared to the original carpet

  6. Kashkuhi Gabbeh

    That is Beautiful!! Your talent never cease to amaze me! I love the colors in it! 
  7. The McKinley House is Back Home

    It feels like it came to me to get cleaned up and fixed. My husband was saying the other week that it doesn’t look like it’s been that long that it was built because it’s in pretty good condition. It really looks good after cleaning it too   Who, knows... it may end up staying in my family. If I find out someone wants one. 
  8. Glencroft left side fireplace and steps

    I’m so happy you are having fun building the Glencroft! I did what Holly mentioned because once that wall goes in, it will be very difficult to paint or wallpaper the stairway. It’s such a beautiful  house when completed!  
  9. The McKinley House is Back Home

    When I got the house, I was anxious to find out if the lights still worked. I was sad to discover that they would not turn on. I put it away on my table, but it kept calling to me daily. Yesterday, I finally decided to try and see if I could fix the electric. I had workers working in my real life home and to keep me out of there way, I focused on my house. Well, I was rewarded in only 30 minutes!! I use a mixture of hardwire and tape wire to do most of my houses and I’m so happy I do! I think it made fixing the problem much easier     The tapewire had some mild corrosion where the lights were soldered. I wiped down the tapewire strip with rubbing alcohol and once it dried, I took out my soldering iron to resolder  them to the tapewire. They hadn’t come undone but looked dusty/corroded where they were connected. Well, it did the trick. Only 2 lights are missing. The one in the fireplace and the one in the living room which was ripped out too.   I also cleaned the entire house with warm water, cheesecloth and some Murphy’s oil. I have very mild refurbishing to do. Touch up paint on the insides where the trim is scuffed.  I need to  fix a few shingles, reattach some porch trim and I may repaint the rooms since the light color has faded. add a new flower vine and redo the back yard. It may have been sitting in sunlight for years. I know the layer of dust on it was pretty thick. I’m thinking I’m not going to keep it after refurbishing it. I wanted to build this exact kit for myself and I have wallpapers, light fixtures and floors I want to use in mine. I can’t redo it in this one without a lot of work because of the textured walls and the wood  trims on the walls. I just thought I’d update everyone on this project   It feels good to be able to refurbishing my own creation. 
  10. Shabby Cinderella side

    My favorite princess! You’ve done a Splendid job on this Nellie! 
  11. 5df27f4366ff3-01066.JPG

    I love the red cottage with white trim! I’m so proud of you Linda! You are building again! Yay!! I Love it!
  12. 09 076.JPG

    What a Perfect personal touch! 
  13. 25 050.JPG

    That brick work!   You did Fabulous on the inside decor! 
  14. 31 058.JPG

    The first words that comes to mind is WOW!!  This is Beautiful!
  15. 34 052.JPG

    This looks Wonderful Linda! I always have loved the way you bring the colors and patterns together! Your wall per always looks so perfect too!