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  1. feature windows.jpg

    Beautiful array of windows.  
  2. SC073.jpg

    Wow, this is brilliant.
  3. SC076.jpg

    Incredibly realistic Mike. Feel I could walk in there off the street.  
  4. Victorian Slum House PBS

    Sounds like a good one to watch, thanks for the tip. I'm watching Harlots at the moment - apart from the costume ideas its a fun series.
  5. Another view

    Hi Selkie thank you, so good to speak to you again, missed you too. Yes the scullery will be on the left down a couple of steps. I don't know what it is with me but one room in a room box is never enough.
  6. Where to identify a miniature doll

    The little one looks a bit like the ones sold as dollhouse toy dolls at Tower House Dolls
  7. Bead Cage Light

    I love this light, well done great idea.  
  8. IMG_2349.JPG

    Me too
  9. Fireplace

    Thanks Debs, Its worth thinking about.  
  10. Cottage living room

    Thank you.
  11. Forty winks

    Maybe that's why she's sleeping.  
  12. Fireplace

    Thank you Mike. Wish we could have scents and sounds for our minis. I know you can add essential oils to perfume houses and I'm guessing it would be possible to run audio but not the smell of baking or coffee brewing and the sounds of a fire crackling and pots and pans clattering. Well who knows, maybe you can.
  13. Candlelight

    Thanks Mike
  14. Living room

    Thank you Mike you are too kind.
  15. Fireplace

    Thank you Zelda.