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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    I will Kathie. Now I’m figuring where I can display the set. They’ve been stashed away in my BR closet for years. Maybe I’ll build a shelf and display them on a wall. Hummmm.   
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    I’m so excited! For years I’ve been looking for a Thonet Rocking Doll Chair to complete the set my grandmother gave me. I have the table, settee and chair but could never find an affordable rocking chair. I was tempted when I saw one in Amsterdam but it had been recaned, the stain was off and it was too expensive. Just on a whim I looked at Ruby Lane last night and there was a perfect one on sale this morning for 50% off. Three other people had it in their shopping carts so I made sure I was able to hit Purchase Now just as the sale started and I got it!
  3. Shingling a Gazebo or Tower

    Sorry I was so detailed and confusing. I’m not a huge fan of templates when it comes to something which requires so many custom cuts. Make sure you allow for the thickness  of the template. To play it safe, make the templates a tad wider.
  4. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    One gable was a little off but it was the angle that I put the screw in. I removed it and moved my body around so the This right handed person could properly put in a left sided screw and it fixed the problem. it says in the instructions to not use alcohol or ammonia  based products to clean it cause it will dull the shiny surfaces. They recommend soapy water.  I want to guess that it is a satin paint finish. It is 3/8” plywood. Recommended for 3 years and up. It should be raised up on a table. If left on a floor I’d be afraid of a child falling on the open roofline.
  5. Shingling a Gazebo or Tower

    It depends on if you will be using ridge caps over the peaks or butting them up against each other. Ridge caps cover all sins. Butting them requires each shingle to be custom double mitered so that they align perfectly with its neighboring gable.  If you are not using a cap, Place a toothpick at the top of the apex. Tie threads around it and bring them down each edge and attach them to the bottom of the roof. The threads should be at the same height as the shingles, just touching the top of each shingle.  This will be your guide line.   Cut each tile to match the angle of the fixed guide line. Then double mitre it by cutting away or sanding the underside of the shingle at an angle. Each row should be done going all the way around the roof. 
  6. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures shop!

    From my iPhone, when I need to reduce my photos, I attach them to an email addressed back to myself. As the email is sent a pop up asks my what size photos I want to send. I usually choose in the 500KB range. After I receive the email I save the downsized photos to my phone’s gallery and then download them to my post.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It sold.
  8. Hope You All Have A Great Thanksgiving!

    The bird is in the oven. Breakfast was lovely. I missed the Macy’s parade again! Should have recorded it. Besides all of my nose reconstruction surgeries, I’m grateful for overcoming many of the issues which have challenged our family this year. Having my friends here has been such a fabulous help in keeping me centered. Thank you for being here. Now I have to go and decontaminate the kitchen.
  9. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    I bought the kit at my local Target. It’s not in the toy section it is in Housewares. They also offer a nice woodworking bench for children. The kit took about an hour to put together. My exboss’s wife’s business is a designated Kids in Distress drop off point and they would love to have the house. She asked me to wait to deliver it until their tree is up the first week of December. Although the house is 1/12 scale, the furniture which comes with it is for 4 inch dolls. Very sturdy mid sized house. Wish I had one of these as a child.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Thanks. She is an acquaintance of mine. One of these days I have to go over and see her new studio. Here is her blog describing the house:
  11. Creating limestone

    If you have the right tools (a mini table saw and a diamond blade), you use real travertine backsplash tile from Lowe’s or HD and cut them in half using the cut side for your walkway. Or camaflage the uncut stone’s thickness with landscaping. A 12x12 sheet of tiles cost about $12. 
  12. leather upholstery

    Hobby Builders Supply is the name of the online store. Miniature is their website.
  13. Shingles

    Do me a favor. After you apply the first two rows take a photo so Holly and I can see how you are doing. Remember to stagger them: start first row with a full tile, start second row with a half tile. Lay each row halfway up the previous row.
  14. My new project

    The color is lovely and typical of the New England colors I’m use to. Just a suggestion, can you move the hose nozzle so it’s facing downward? Or is it already glued on?  It would be more realistic in a downward direction.   
  15. Shingles

    Make sure you stir the stain for at least 2 minutes.