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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    My new high wind velocity hurricane shutters for my RL house. No more heavy metal panels to put up! 
  2. Philadelphia Miniaturia

    Many of the past vendors have retired and few are replacing them. It’s very difficult to get vendors to attend shows, now. 
  3. Please watch this and you won’t feel intimidated. I place hi-hat lights in the ceilings of my houses. Actually, the connections are made through the above floor. This gives the house great secured light.
  4. mirror finish

    I find the only thing that works is a real mirror. The card stock mirrors just don’t work for me. 
  5. Sealing your plywood first

    Semi gloss or satin water based poly is fine for floors. 
  6. Philadelphia Miniaturia

    My first show was a treat to myself. I flew from Miami to London for three days just to go to the London Show. Since it was my first show, I went prepared. I familiarized myself with the vendors and mapped out the ones that offered items on my shopping list. I bought gutters and ironworks for my Betsy Ross House, Real Roof Slate for a future build, lovely wide planked oak flooring and variety other necessities on my list. Go with a budget, a plan and a shopping list. Save the workshops for next year. 
  7. Amazing Build

    It still is. It’s the only way to build a sturdy house.
  8. Back wall progress

    Are the pigeon holes from bullet packaging? 
  9. Dry Fit

    I’d mark them now. Use a code system at each joint like A to A, B to B.....
  10. Hint for choosing color schemes

    The house I created for a children’s auction was painted in all white. I included my name and number Incase the winner wanted to paper it. So it’s your choice, there is no right or wrong way to decorate a house. 
  11. Hint for choosing color schemes

    I find that it depends on where it is going to be displayed. If you are planning on placing it in a prominent room in your house, I believe it should compliment the room with similar colors. It should be an accessory to the room, not a “pink elephant”. 
  12. In Florida we eliminate musty smells by placing items in the freezer then placing them out in the sunshine.  Kilz spray Primer will eliminate odors and give you a clean surface. 
  13. Questions about smell

    Liquid Nails would be overkill for shingles. I use it because it prevents siding strips from warping. I had forgotten about your chemical sensitivity. In your case do not use Liquid Nails!
  14. Autumn roombox

    I just love paperclay and all the things one can make with it. Did you use watercolor on the door? Great color and design. 
  15. Questions about smell

    I’ve always used the siding strips boards. But you must use a non water based adhesive. I use dots of Liquid Nails construction adhesive. However, I always want a clean “new” construction look. Craft sticks work well if you don’t mind the seams. Ive also used corrugated cardboard, stucco (premixed grout), a board and batten treatment...