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  1. Hi!!!

    Yes, please let us know.
  2. Hi!!!

    On the online order form in the Shipping section Spain is listed along with Barcelona under the State options.
  3. Bathroom floor

    The wood floor looks great. If you fill in the spaces on the baseboard and the wainscoting with a little caulk and paint it will give the room a more finished look. 
  4. UK member request

    And it won’t take long for Mike’s package to get to you. I ordered from him and received it in just a few days.
  5. Wooden clapboard siding

    It requires a little skill to get the cuts perfect. I use paper templates sometimes to measure the angles properly. I put my windows and doors over the boards to hide the edges. The most important issue is to not use water based glues with this product. I use an oil based construction adhesive. And you have to get the bottom lip perfectly over the board you are placing it over....otherwise the seam will stick out bothering you until eternity.
  6. It looks like a 90 degree angle but if you could take a photo of a gable-end laying flat on a table I will confirm it.   Otherwise take a gable-end and place it on its side on the floor. Place the other side against a wall, if it touches the wall it’s 90 degrees. 
  7. On the way to Boston ...

    Fabulous that you are going to Amsterdam! When I was there about 3 years ago I couldn’t find any miniature shops. The only thing close was an antique silver shop with a very expensive miniature silver chandelier and some other pieces I can’t picture right now cause I couldn’t afford them either. But you have to see Petronella Oortman’s and Petronella Dunios’ cabinets at the Rijks Museum which we have discussed many times here. I really hope you get to see them.
  8. Polyurathane

    Not sure. The only way to know is to test it on a test board.  
  9. Since Room size is an issue, I’d knock out a few of the interior walls and make a more open concept affect.
  10. Fov’s foamcore is a great idea.
  11. As far as the beams go, I had a similar problem with my Walmer. I filled the interior floors and walls and the exterior walls with plywood to make those pesky beams disappear. Unfortunately, this makes the house even smaller and heavier.  Once all the plywood was added I cut out new window and door openings and added stripwood (I used balsa since it was easy to cut and was not supporting anything) to the window frames to make them deeper. You a going to need a good Oscillating tool to cut the openings through all that plywood. I recommend this one, corded not battery powered:
  12. Please read what the attached says about your house. 1/12 furniture is not recommended:
  13. I bought a trailer!

    Would a few cans of Flex Seal temporarily stop the roof leaks?
  14. Lets talk carpet.

    As mentioned above I also go to fabric stores and get cheap remnants of polyester suede and upholstery fabric in tweed. I attach them to large poster board and slide it under the baseboards. This way they can be removed easily if needed for a good shake or vacuuming.
  15. I bought a trailer!