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  1. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Wow, this is a cool project.
  2. Dremel people?

    You need a Needle File Set for small detailed work:
  3. Where is Casey?

    I am curious about Monica too. She went through so much with the fires. 
  4. Set square

    What type of class are you taking? 
  5. Lighting? wires or battery operated.

    I’ve never tried it. The lights might be too dim. You will not damage anything if you try.  Nunca lo he intentado.  Las luces pueden estar muy tenues.  No dañarás nada si lo intentas.
  6. Stop chain and spring - detail

    Wow, every detail just blows me away!
  7. It’s best to glue wood to wood vs. paint to paint. I would place painters tape on the “to be” glued sections before painting. 
  8. Total Newbie

    Why not purchase a good wood room box from a place like Hobby Lobby. They have two types. The one I purchased has a nice glass door to keep the dust out. I even applied a veneer to give it a nice cabinet finish:
  9. The color is perfect for a painted lady. I giggled when I saw the mini work clothes. Did you expect so many pieces?
  10. Dollhouses Trains & More Closing

    @fov please ask if they are going to keep the website with the lighting video. I’d be lost without it.  
  11. Paint type?

    If you buy paint store paint you won’t need more than a quart and you’ll have plenty left over for touch ups.
  12. Hurricane Dorian

    Holly, your old town did just fine. Just some blustery winds and beach erosion. 
  13. Hurricane Dorian

    Many organizations are taking donations for our neighbors in the Bahamas. Please donate if you can. It’s complete destruction on those two islands. 
  14. Wiring

    I suggest this simple method of lighting. I placed one of these lights in each ceiling. results:
  15. Wiring

    Are you planning on removing all the wallpaper? With a 25 year old system I’d start all over again and use the “floor method”. See attached video. How I did it: