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  1. Putting on the shakes?

    Are they fishscale or rectangular shakes?
  2. Putting on the shakes?

    I'll never recommend shakes overhanging the eave for the following reasons: 1) they are prone to breakage, 2) It's not done in real life.  Just my opinion.    
  3. Favorite power tools?

    I like my Rockwell Versacut for cutting down large pieces of plywood. Then I can place the smaller sections onto the Micromark mini table saw.  I also use the diamond blade in the Micromark to cut and grind stone.
  4. Brick and Mortar miniature shops?

    In A Nutshell Miniatures is moving from their Mt Dora, Florida location to a larger store this week: In A Nutshell Miniatures 375 E. Burleigh Blvd. Tavares, FL  32778
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Had part 1 of my nose reconstruction surgery this morning. Currently wasted on pain meds. My head is completely wrapped in gauze. I look very scary right now. 
  6. Bathroom Tile Floor

    What about something like the attached. Floor leading up to half the back wall.
  7. Kitchen Cabinets

  8. Bathroom Tile Floor

    White with a black border.
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Like clockwork, April 15 and the Peenie Wallies have reappeared. Peenie Wallies are a firefly or lightning bug which came to south Florida via the Caribbean.  It still amazes me that you can't see a true picture of one if you Google it. It has two green lights, like headlights unlike other fireflies whose light is on its tail. Saw the first one tonight so it must be April 15, ok one day off. 
  10. Rocking Horses

    Last week our club was given Rocking Horse kits made by Dragonfly International.  I brought mine home to work on. So, last night I started on it. This morning I dropped the entire thing into Xylene to dissolve the oil paint which was never going to dry.  It took all day to complete but it's finished and I'm very happy with it. Maybe another mane and tail trimming.
  11. Can someone tell me what doll house this is?

    Right side up for me on iPhone too.
  12. Newbie help

    So sorry, I meant 3/8".  Yes you have to join NAME and our club. Meetings are at the Boca Raton Community Center on the first Wed of each month. No meeting in May, however. Private Message me if you are interested in attending the June meeting.  Men are also welcome.
  13. Newbie help

    I have the bending tool. You are more than welcome to take my box of failed lighting experiments. It sounds easy in theory but it's too easy to create shorts if you plan on hiding the wires in the tube. Also, soldering melts the wire's casing. 
  14. Newbie help

    Welcome, 5/8" cabinet grade birch plywood is the best plywood for dollhouses. We have a NAME mini club which meets in Boca Raton once a month. If you are interested let me know. 
  15. Their Facebook site is really great.  I've been following them for a few months now.