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  1. I suspect they are extremely busy with Christmas returns and exchanges.
  2. Brick Exterior Advice

    I use Matt finish polyurethane. No shine.
  3. House Beautiful Dollhouse Challenge

    Thanks for sharing that. I’ll be watching each week.
  4. Southern Mansion SM-700 value

    I purchased my finished kit for $125 and sold it at a charity auction complete with lighting, paper for $175. 
  5. Napoleon's Marshals

  6. Instant Pot -- instant gratification?

    We use it weekly. Just make sure the steam release valve is not under your upper kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets don’t need a steam bath.
  7. Hi Sable, did you put electric lights in your Garfield, if so did you use the round wire or the copper tape method?

    1. Sable

      Sorry, I’ve never made a Garfield. However, I have electrified all of my other houses.

    2. Sable

      I’ve always used tapewire.

  8. Check the site (Hobby Builders Supply) to see if any of your items can be found on this online retail site.
  9. Outlet Mini

    Yup! I also agree that it’s a table scene because drywall is so much thicker than what is used.
  10. Outlet Mini

    I’d like to know how the computer lights up like that?
  11. Minis at Walmart - Mini Brands

    Those toys bug me. They market them to children as collectibles. It’s a form of paid advertising geared at children. 
  12. Display boxes

    Hobby Lobby has nice wooden room boxes. 
  13. Amazon Alexa

    KathieB, I know very little about it but our smart plug no longer works because it is no longer compatible with the router or modem or something. My husband said we need to get a newer version of the smart plug. Maybe that’s your issue. 
  14. Hi Sable, just wondering if you were the Lady that built a Garfield with an open balcony in the top of the tower?

    Or maybe know who did, needing help? Di


    1. Sable

      No, I do not know who built that house, sorry.

    2. Dianne A

      That`s OK .Thanks for replying. Dianne.

  15. Decorating your houses for the holidays?

    This is a perfect example of decorating your dollhouse so it becomes a complimenting accessory rather than a pink elephant. Just lovely!