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  1. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    I don’t think it’s a Moritz Gottschalk red roof house but I could be wrong.
  2. A dollhouse shop owner once told me, start with your costs plus $.10 (ten cents) per hour for labor. Advertise it to a major commercial interior designer. Large commercial office buildings are always looking for filler pieces for lobby’s.
  3. What's everyone working on?

    Here in Florida there aren’t many wood shingles due to fire codes and although there are some asphalt shingles we mostly have concrete tiles because of hurricanes. I wish we could have slate like I saw in New Hampshire but the cost would be prohibitive.  
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Jeannine, I can’t tell by the photo but do the wood shingles have groves in them? I ask because slate is very smooth. Either way when you first asked the question about the shingles I thought that the roof looked like it was in excellent condition and applied perfectly so my first instinct was to paint it slate gray. 
  5. New and need guidance

    Yes, you can move and remove walls but some walls are used to support the upper floor so you have to determine if the floor will sag without the wall. I recommend spraying the entire house outside with Kilz Primer. It will seal in any odors, stains and prevent wood bleed through your finished coat of paint.
  6. The stone paint is more of a plastic or resin not a coarse stone and once fully cured (about a week) can be washed with soapy water or dusted with a Swiffer. You can’t use a Swiffer duster on sandpaper.
  7. Holly, wouldn’t sandpaper be a little rough on small knuckles? Is it hard to clean?
  8. Based on what Kathie suggested I experimented with two types of shingles. Notice the left side of the upper ones are oversprayed. But I think spraying them once applied should be fine but you have to do this outdoors. Plus, don’t touch them until completely dry as I did on the bottom set.
  9. Kathie, I thought of that but the problem is that texture paint is very thick. It would eliminate the appearance of shingle separation. 
  10. Stand/table for Lawbre Glen Cove Villa

    Ladies, as the former president of a local dollhouse club, I can tell you about the numerous calls I’ve gotten from surviving spouses who’ve had to deal with their wive’s miniature obsessions. They are completely clueless as to how to “get rid of” the endless amounts of inventory collected over the years. They have no idea as to the actual value of the items and no way or time to figure it all out. I explain to them there is EBay, garage sales, estate sales (50% fee) or they can purchase a table at our annual show and try to sell it there. Unfortunately, they can’t be bothered and most of it ends up as donations or in a landfill. Never consider collecting as an investment. It’s an entertainment expense, like going to the movies.  
  11. I just thought of one small issue which will come up...You will have to cut some shingles in half while alternating your rows. That will expose raw unpainted edges. Just use a Sharpie or craft paint the same color as the textured paint and cover those raw edges. Also, paint the wood of the roof a base color first so it blends in with the shingles. You don’t want bare wood peeking through in areas the shingles may not cover completely. 
  12. Since shingles are rarely sealed and dying is not required to seal them, it is not necessary.
  13. @BootisYes, you can absolutely do this but there is a process to it. Spray paint blows shingles in every direction so you have to take long strips of blue painters tape and with the sticky side up apply each shingle to the tape. Attach the ends of the tape down to the bottom of a box or board. Then you can spray in short spurts about 12 inches from the shingles since this paint goes on thick.
  14. Lawbre Glen Cove

    You are very welcome, glad I could help.
  15. Lawbre Glen Cove

    The easiest way to navigate this site is to set up your own Activity Stream. Go to Activity then to My Activity Stream then to Create a New Stream and setup your personal preferences. Then name it, save it and make it your default on the main screen by clicking on the name. Let me know if this is clear enough or totally confusing.