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  1. I had a bear of a time straightening a birch plywood side wall. I soaked it in the tub and placed heavy weights (borrowed from my son’s weight machine). It still had a slight bow but I was at least able to nail it onto the side of the house which over time straightened it some more. In your case, however, you won’t be nailing it to anything so the bow might always be noticeable. 
  2. Worthington

    Sorry I don’t have the instructions but it is a pretty basic structure. I might have a before photo of mine before I replaced all the windows. Edit: I can’t find the before photo but this is the gallery to my after:
  3. In over my head

    The way I see it is that it will require some serious bashing. Saw the walls in the middle to cut out the center. Then whack the tops and bottoms with a hammer to loosen it from the nails. Then either cut the nails down with a hacksaw/Dremel diamond blade or pound them out through the floor and ceiling.
  4. The General Order of things....

    I find that staring at it for at least 1/2 the time it takes to build helps me to map out all the steps needed. It sits at electrical for a very long time until I’m completely satisfied and that there will be no going back.
  5. New member intro

    Try contacting these people for your trim pieces:
  6. Painting houseworks windows

    Paint it white first. Apply painters tape to the sections you want to keep white. Use a satin or semigloss black spray paint.
  7. Crown Molding

    I have to stand the crown trim up on as if it’s touching the ceiling to fully comprehend where the cut should be. My mini table saw blade tilts so it can do multiple mitre cuts. I think our instinct is to cut it with the front facing down and that can really mess up the angle. 
  8. Are you calling during normal east coast business hours?  
  9. styrofoam gnome house

    So realistic! I’d never know it wasn’t a real chunk of wood. Great job.
  10. New member, Old Dollhouse

    Welcome. Start from stripping it clean of all wallpaper, electrical, baseboards, windows and doors and prime the entire house with Kilz primer.
  11. What tools do you use?

    The big box store will do the cut for you on wood purchased from them but make sure they are cutting it to your exact dimensions. They won’t do angel cuts only straight cuts. also don’t use pressure treated plywood. It contains toxins (arsenic) not meant for interior use. As mentioned above only use birch plywood. 
  12. What tools do you use?

    A few questions: How thick are the boards?   Is it birch plywood? This is the preferred wood. You can glue two pieces together if it’s not thick enough. What speed is the table saw blade set at? Are you using a fence guide or freehanding the cut?  I love my mini table saw and it should work for you without any problems, if you could please answer these questions maybe I have a solution for you.
  13. Scratch built contemporary DH

    May I ask what you used for the stone?
  14. Pennsylvania stone house

    Pics look great! Very cool!
  15. Duracraft roof fit issues (Linfield)

    Personally I would place a shim in the bottom and force the upper section of the triangle up into the gable.