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  1. Stencils for Miniatures

    Martha Stewart has an entire line of stencils. Michaels carries an assortment. Small sections of some of the designs can be used for smaller bits like on furniture or plates. Is that the size you are looking for? But for tiny stencils, I agree with ironworks above.
  2. Stencils for Miniatures

    All of your projects look so fun to do.
  3. Stencils for Miniatures

    I highly recommend this company.
  4. Binary Parisian Clock

    I could get use to yours. The offered one is military/European time which I would not only have to read first but then calculate to PM equivalents. 1900 hours = 7:00 PM
  5. Binary Parisian Clock

    I'm still figuring out how to read it but this binary clock is a very interesting find:
  6. Start looking at fabric remnants for the perfect shag carpet.
  7. Shutters

    Very nice!
  8. Shutters

    I really like the gable trim on your house and that large window has a nice affect. What house is this?  Edit: never mind it's your HJB Cheryl's Place. The donation house. Did you ever find out how much it auctioned for?
  9. New here, and could use some pointers!

    I cut and grind stone with mine so I need the extra longer term power the cord provides. 
  10. Do it yourself projects

    Mat board used for framing art would be sturdier than cardboard.
  11. Or they get it from their parents or in laws. That's my problem. All of my furniture is from family. Not my taste but it's quality furniture so I live with it.
  12. New here, and could use some pointers!

    I love my Mouse sander and you can get replacement sandpaper easily. I use a thick towel to reduce hand vibrations.
  13. There is a house for sale down the street from me that actually has the original harvest gold dishwasher in it.  The entire house screams 1973.  Paneled walls and French provincial bathrooms included. Unfortunately, they are asking a 2017 price for it. 
  14. Cozy reading roombox

    I've been patiently waiting to see the oar. Love it!
  15. What's everyone working on?

    I was in Pier One today and fell in love with this lantern. I've been working on it all afternoon. Destroyed my house in the process while looking for stuff to fill it with.