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  1. Referring to #2.  If the floor is removable can you run the tapewire up the front of the house to the second floor and therefore bypass the crown on the sides?  I had this problem with my Walmer except the crown was more of a built in block (not removable) and it was on the front also. I had to build up the walls with 1/8" plywood to be even with the crown, then I recrowned over it. But I also had to cut window openings into the new plywood and expand the window's depth. It was a lot of extra work. #1-Drywall compound 
  2. Thatching anyone done it?

    The only time I've seen it on a dollhouse was at the Kensington dollhouse show in England. It had a lovely eyebrow window and was done to perfection. I just looked at the straw material on my broom and I think it's scale would be a little off. I'd go with the recommended coir for dollhouses.
  3. Beacon Hill, rebuild?

    If the house is glued with hot glue then yes take the whole thing apart and start over. Use a blow dryer and putty knife to scrape off the old glue. While it is together markup the areas which should be sanded for a better fit.
  4. Suitcases

    Thanks holly, I'm tickled that I thought of it.   
  5. LED lighting for small spaces

    You can cut them but you can't connect the cut off pieces to a new battery pack or tapewire system without a resistor. However, I didn't try adding onto an existing strip. Let me know how that goes. They are cool to the touch so you won't have any heat issues. While everyone in Florida was searching for D and C batteries for their flashlights, I bought a bunch of these. There were plenty of AA batteries in all of the stores. They lit up bathrooms and bedrooms (dark from hurricane shutters) for days. Love these little guys.
  6. Suitcases

    The Flight Case:  
  7. LED lighting for small spaces

    I edited my comment above about the battery usage. I really hope this works for you.
  8. LED lighting for small spaces

    Wow, that's gorgeous! I recommend these for the recessed lighting: we used them after the hurricane, 2 AA batteries lasted over 5 days and they still have not died.
  9. LED lighting for small spaces

    That's a lot of lights for a 1:48 house.  Could it be a misprint?
  10. Suitcases

    I think I know what you are referring to. I recommended something like this to my brother when he was making decals for model trains.  Although they are a tad too large, I'm going to go with the brass letters. I'm just going to use his initials.
  11. I understand what you are doing and I love the recessed porch but please explain the left roofline and how you are going to marry the two gables together.
  12. Suitcases

    That's a good thought, I actually have gold leaf somewhere. I also found tiny brass alphabet letters I bought at the Kensington show but I think they may be a bit too large. The case is finished. Tomorrow I'm going to make the notebooks to make flight manuals to place inside. I'm going to print tiny navigation charts also.  I don't think I mentioned this but I'm making it for my 87 year old father. He was so impressed with the carryon suitcase that I thought he would enjoy getting a mini from me. Shhh it's a surprise.
  13. Suitcases

    My father was an airline pilot. I've decided to make s replica of his flight case. I'm sure you've seen pilots walking around with them in airports. They are big boxy cases that hold their flight manuals and navigation charts. Now they have wheels but in my Dad's day they lugged those things by hand. No wonder he has back problems.  Anyway, I'm making it out of black leather and I'm trying to figure out how I can engrave his name in it in gold lettering. I tried printing it on with the color printer but it is too light.  There is no way I can hand write it that small. Any suggestions? 
  14. We'll keep on praying.