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  1. Flooring Question

    I get my basswood boards from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I generally use the 1/2”x1/16” boards. I cut them with my mini table saw for a straight even cut.
  2. Flooring Question

    Perfect timing. I finished my wood floors today. I use basswood strip boards. I glue them down. Sand them with my mouse sander so they are perfectly even and smooth. Remove all dust. Then stain them. Dry well. Polish with a paper towel and wipe away any dust. Then apply a satin polyurethane finish. Dry well. Lightly sand them with a piece of 220 grit sandpaper, remove any dust, then put on a second coat of polyurethane.  Note: when applying polyurethane use a small 1 inch brush, only go over each swipe once. Avoid repeated swipes. 
  3. What's everyone working on?

    For trim that has groves or fine detail I love using paper towels. Yes it is soft on the wood and gives it a nice smooth finish. I count out twenty passes works great. The first two or three passes you’ll feel the roughness but each pass you’ll feel it get smoother and smoother.  Ive tried paper bags and that works well on smooth surfaces but for window casings with tiny grooves the paper towel is my go to. Note: it gets very messy with paper towel dust.
  4. What's everyone working on?

    So I’m in Vero Beach for the month and I’m determined to finish the Cottage. I finished the slate roof. I think I was stalled for a year because I just wasn’t thrilled with the interior gray paint. So I repainted the entire house inside and out with SW Pure White. I really like the contrast of the slate against the white. The LED lights needed some tweaking so that’s been completed. Today I’m using my mouse sander to sand the floors. Later today I’ll  restain them and start the process to apply polyurethane. The next step is the dreaded trim which needs to be paper towel sanded, primed and painted before I can start the tedious mitre cuts. I need a new mitre saw blade so a trip to Michael’s is required. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my daily walks on the beach (sorry, I had to mention that).
  5. Well.....Now I Have One of My Own

    As Dean said in the above link. The holes are probably from the original tree from many years ago and any live bugs were killed off when the wood was kiln dried. If you see wood dust in the box and if all boards are affected then they are current holes. If not you are safe.
  6. Well.....Now I Have One of My Own

    Please read this post and the response from Mini Man ( the owner of Greenleaf) toward the end.
  7. Dollarama has mini flower punches

    A great way to make them into roses and other curled flowers is to use an embossing stylus tool.I have the wooden set in the attached. It makes the process of making each flower a lot longer as you have to dimple each petal, but it’s worth it.
  8. Workshops you've attended, skills you learned

    I took a woodworking class at our local high school’s adult evening program. Not a dollhouse related class but it taught me how to safely use power tools so I could customize my own builds.
  9. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    They were selling them at Target before Christmas.
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    I changed out my garbage disposal all by myself! 
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    When I was building real homes we called those windows “herb garden windows”. The bistro is fabulous.
  12. Searching for Stokesayware

    Can you provide a photo so we can see the pattern. I have unknown bits of chinaware, maybe I help you.
  13. Happy New Year

    I’m ok with raw leafy greens like spinach and kale just not into mushy greens.
  14. Happy New Year

    My son keeps threatening to make  potato and kale soup. I’m not a fan of kale.
  15. If a door is 7 feet tall, it would be 7 inches in 1:12 scale. Another example, if a ceiling height is 8 feet it would be 8 inches in 1:12 scale. I use this to convert to mm: