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  1. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    I have that Americana Blue. It is very dark. Ok for trim but I don’t think I’d do an entire house with it.  BM paints need to dry really well before the true color comes out. See how it looks in the morning.
  2. OpenRoomBox.jpg

    A big WOW! I can’t even imagine how long it took to make all of those books.  The rugs and art are such the perfect touch.
  3. wall covering

    Promised tapewire YouTube:
  4. wall covering

    I’ve looked at the tapewire layout from your photo. I’m guessing brads were used and not eyelets. Now that you’ve mentioned that they don’t work I’d rip them out and start over with a more simplistic layout. I’m going to attach a YouTube using the “floor method”. This method places the tapewire on the floor and under the baseboards. Floors are removable by simply sliding them out from under the baseboards. This method makes it perfect for painting your walls without the inevitable lumps from tapewire.
  5. Yes, painting directly onto tapewire will be noticeable. I recently painted an entire house that had been tapewired but I placed the tapewire in places that were covered by baseboards and other trim.   If you prefer not to move it then I recommend to place clear shipping tape on top of the tapewire then add a thin layer of joint compound over it, sand, prime and paint.  You had mentioned using an enamel paint. When I hear enamel I think of high gloss or oil based exterior paint. High gloss paints are never recommended. The highest sheen we recommend is a satin although I got away with a semi gloss on a house recently but it had a very smooth surface.  Also if the enamel paint is for exterior use then definitely do Not use it.
  6. I'm recreating this photo

    I found the cake pillars at Michael’s were too short so I cut off the top and bottom and added them to wood dowels which I sanded to narrow the upper section.
  7. Question on procedure/steps...

    Many of the grout products have sand in them which would make a mess and the sand particles are really not to scale. I’d stick with tinted drywall compound and use a damp folded flat paper towel to clean the surface once applied. You might have to go over it with the damp towel as many as 3 or more times. 
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Heading to London for my niece’s wedding. Just a quick weekend trip. I was extremely lucky because I put in a very lowball bid to be upgraded to Upper Class which has a sleeper seat on the plane. I can’t believe I won the bid. So I get to enjoy the 9 hour flight in style. 
  9. I used paperclay and mixed it with water to give it a frosting consistency to use over a plastic template for the brick on my Betsy Ross house.
  10. Kit Bashing & Building in general

    You could make a cutout into a structural wall which would still give it the needed strength while providing a viewable option. Please see the attached:
  11. Wish list !!!

    There is a Home button. I use an iPhone. The circled button is the home button. Take advantage of the Custom setting for easier use of this site.
  12. DollhouseNewbie Says Hello and Seeks Advice

    Welcome. I would begin by removing all the window trim and wallpaper, give it a good sanding with a sponge sanding block and give the entire house a good spraying with Kilz Primer. This will give you a nice clean slate to work with. 
  13. G scale [ 1:24 scale ] suspension bridge arrived!

    This has got the be the most amazing setup/concept  I’ve ever seen on this site. Congratulations! 
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Can anyone give me advice on how to locate heirs to an estate? Heres the issue—in my deceased brother-in-laws files we found the deed to two vacant cemetery plots in the name of my BIL’s deceased wife(Linda). Due to the right of succession my son’s have now inherited these plots. They have no interest in them.  Turns out the original deed had 4 plots and two of them went to Linda’s brother. Linda’s Will mentioned two nieces who would have inherited the plots if she didn’t die before my BIL but she did so everything flowed through to our side of the family. It seems only right to give them back to her family and my son’s are willing to forfeit their interest. The problem is—I can’t find the nieces. No one has a listed landline phone number anymore so that’s not helping. Any ideas?