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  1. A Reorganized Mini Workshop

    I hope my comment shows up on your blog. Good for you for taking on this task. I remember last summer the two of you organizing everything should one of you pass.  There is always 'the other stuff' that still needs to be gone through. But like you said, "One paper at a time."
  2. I know, overly cautious but they were not my houses and I didn't want to take any chances. Some of these houses had easy to chip stucco and elaborate landscapes  which concerned me.
  3. I had to shuttle some houses around for our show. I found that bracing the hanging fixtures with painters tape prevented them from swaying and the tape didn't harm the ceiling paper at all. I also felt it was important to set each of them into large boxes just so that nothing could bash into them should I had to stop abruptly. Then the boxes were wedged into the back of my car so they wouldn't shift. No problems at all.
  4. Brick and Mortar miniature shops?

    They have too much inventory to just walk away from it. It's all speculation, I saw Ron two weeks ago at our show and there was no mention of retirement. I don't think they are actively looking for a buyer, either. Just speculation and rumor. 
  5. Brick and Mortar miniature shops?

    I think what helps the Cocoa store is its location. All of those massive cruise ships stop there for the day and if you don't want to sit on a bus and head to Disney all day, it's a pleasure walking through the Cocoa village perusing the shops. And The Toy Box is a pleasant surprise amongst the other shops. Ian, have you been to Ron's in Orlando?  Also, keep in mind, adult builders and collectors are probably the largest consumer of wooden dollhouses and their accessories. Parents of smaller children are mostly drawn to the plastic houses available at ToysRUs. Very few children attend Dollhouse and miniature shows.
  6. Thank you everyone. The printed publication came out three weeks ago. I've been waiting patiently for it to be posted online so I could share it. 
  7. Doll sizes

    Welcome. You want dolls in the 1:12 scale. This means that a female person equivalent to 5 feet would be 5 inches as a doll. So adult dolls should be 5 to 6 inches, children about 3 inches. i personally like the resin dolls available at They are affordable and their expressions can fit in many scenes.  The attached is of a young girl wanting a dollhouse, the mom is outside thinking about it. The owner is enjoying the "art of the sale".
  8. Hi From Cocoa

    I hope you've been to The Toy Box in Cocoa. They have everything you would ever need to build your house. Lucky you to have a shop near you.
  9. We have a local glossy magazine geared toward upscale residents. Our publicity chairperson set it up to have me interviewed for an article to publicize our show.  The issue just became available online so I wanted to share it with my friends.  Page 52, "It's A Small World"
  10. Goop Off or 3in1 oil might work, also. If you can't get the paint off you can make new Windows using the plastic packaging from your grocery bakery or fresh fruit department.
  11. Mermaid Garden

    I can't understand why they don't melt in our strong sun. 
  12. Mermaid Garden

    Here is another photo:
  13. Mermaid Garden

    I brought the Show's auction piece to the winner's home today. She lives a block from Ft Lauderdale beach.  Her front yard is adorable! She has a Mermaid Garden set up in a lovely xeriscaped yard.  Her inhabitants are little retired looking people baking in the sun (at least they won't get skin cancer).  The sun was so bright today that I couldn't see my phone well enough to focus on what I was taking pictures of so I missed the mermaid lounging in her wave-fed pool.
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Make sure you go to your State Treasurer's Unclaimed Money site and run his name.  My grandfather put money into multiple accounts for years. Years after he passed we went to this site and found accounts we never knew existed. My BIL's NC house had a tenant who hadn't paid rent in over two years. My BIL didn't have the grit to evict him. I did though. If he had qualified for a mortgage I would have been happy to sell it to him but he didn't and it cost the estate over $40k for repairs and updates so we could sell it for a small profit.  Try to push for them to buy it so you don't have to spend the fix up cost and broker fees.
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    I'm 9 months into handling my BIL's estate. If you have any questions let me know. Start the creditors notices and publication's as soon as you can so that gets out of the way. I'm so proud that I was able to sell the condo in Vegas and the house in NC without too many issues.  I still have some personal property to sell through and Estate sales company. That's been the trying part. It seems after  something sells the estate only gets 10 cents on the dollar after all of the nonsense fees she tacks on.   It is a lot of work. Do you know Excel? I recommend setting up a good worksheet for all of the accounting.