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  1. funny question about Willowcrest

    I think the main hurdle would be expanding the curved mansard roof. You would have to wet the expanded section and form a new curve around a bottle or something that has the required slope. Not impossible but it could be tricky. Use basswood or balsa, bending it with the grain; not something with glued layers like plywood.
  2. RGT Front Opening Country Victorian

    It's not prebuilt, just the window and door components. I love HJB products.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It is definitely a Walmer. And it's close to where my Dad lives and I'm going there next week. Sable says "YES" but Denise (my real name) says "NO!"
  4. Cobweb Cottage

    I fell in love with  Romney's products at the Kensington show. Will you be using real slate roof tiles?
  5. Bases for the house

    More specifically, Birch plywood is the preferred plywood. It is used for cabinetry and has a nice smooth surface. HD and Lowes have Birch plywood. Michaels has gorgeous Birch plywood, also. Plus it is safe for interior use. I would stay away from exterior plywood as the solvents and glues used to protect it from the elements are not meant for indoor use.
  6. Stairs ???

    The width of your opening will determine the width of the stairs. 
  7. front opening

    I know. It's my favorite dream house. That's why I was familiar with what you want to do. I've thought about it a lot.  
  8. front opening

    That would be a very difficult house to hinge. If you want keep the porch you would have to hinge it on the right side and the entire front would open toward the right by the tower. The house is 40" long so you would need a table 8' long if you want to fully open it.  The roof line overhangs the front so opening it wouldn't work unless you modified the top front wall. How would you deal with the top floor? Hinge the roof?  Do you have a table saw? Way too complicated. There is another similar house kit which is similar to what you are looking for with a front opening. I'll see if I can find it. edit: I forgot it's 1/16th scale. But you can see what you would have to do in order to modify the Glenwood:  
  9. In Search Of Furniture

    That is unfortunate. I still see some of their items at doll house shops. Excess inventory, I guess.
  10. In Search Of Furniture

    Hobby Lobby has basic furniture. has some nice things too. I like Lees Line but you will have to go to their site to locate dealers since they only sell to dealers.
  11. photos

    The way my son explained it is that a hacker could hack into your 5000 photos and post them to thousands of sites causing photobucket's system to crash. So it's really not their fault, it's a side effect of the Internet  still being in its infancy trying to cope with  the bad guys.
  12. photos

    My son explained it. Third party posting uses up too much of their server space.
  13. While deciding what I want to pack for the trip, my mind keeps saying navy pants, white blouse and navy sweater. It just dawned on me that I lived in Fairfax in the 60's ( just down the road from Alexandria) from 1st through 6th grade and went to Catholic school. All I ever wore was a navy uniform.  Thankfully, I don't own any saddle shoes.
  14. Let me know which day you'll be coming to the Sale.  I'd love to meet any Greenleaf members. I live in Florida so I'm going to the convention to represent our club since I am club president. I noticed you have a club in Alexandria. Here is more info on it:
  15. image.jpeg

    Exactly! I just wanted light. I'm not impressed with some of the dollhouse lighting on the market and I have failed miserably at creating my own. This was a great solution to providing long lasting fuss free lighting.