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  1. A broken bone.

    Ouch!!  Here’s to a quick healing
  2. I also have for sale (I can’t get pictures to load now) for sale approx 44-45 pieces of strip that are 4 1/2 inches long 1/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch deep  I cannot for the life of me remember if they were cut from pine or maple(these were made for me).  I also have in the same type of wood 245 pieces square cut that are 15/16 square.  These do not need to be sanded as they are as smooth as silk if interested I can email you pictures. Pm me to let me know. Thanks
  3. I also have for sale two d. Anne Ruff pleaters. One is for 1/2 inch and larger. The other is 1/4 inch. Great deal for both. PM me if interested. Thanks cannot get pictures to load
  4. I have some furniture sets for sale.  They are in my 1/144th Garfield album but are 1/12 scale furniture. Send me a pm if you are interested. Thanks
  5. Hi From Australia

    Hi there and welcome!
  6. Wanted 1/144 Garfield NIP

    Sent you a pm
  7. No I’m sorry.  The only plan I have left is not a Toadstool. It is the Open Back Doll House  plan # 411 This is a U-build plan. its Available if you want it. Not a fancy house by any means but cute. I can’t get a picture to load ( normal for me!)
  8. Half scale magnets

    These have been taken
  9. I am clearing out a lot of my stash.  I have a lot of Acme magnets that can be used in half scale houses.  I thought I would offer them here first. They are being sold as one lot. PM me if you are interested.  Thanks. The pictures are in my Northeastern album
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    As much as I want this kit the price is to high for me Thank you Susie!
  11. California Newbie

    Hello there!