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  1. making extra money

    Now that I have decided to build only 1/24th....I cant wait to see what you come up with if you do go with it (hint hint)
  2. log cabin furniture and greenhouse are going to new homes.
  3. I also just added some log cabin like furniture to album  this is also one lot
  4. IMG-0695.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  5. Yes I know many of us have miles and miles of shingles hanging around.  I however do have miles and miles of RGT, dura-craft and I think greenleaf shingles that  if anyone is interested they are for shipping cost only.  PM me if interested  Thanks
  6. Was finally able to load oictures. Go to my gallery titled other stuff.  The 3 pictures with some furniture people and other misc items I would like to sell as one lot. I also have a picture in another album but I forgot which one but stuff is in the name is stil a Got-hic house Dh-001 woodcraft construction kit still available. Pm me if interested. Thanks! let me add this to make clearer. Wallpaper is one lot and greenhouse is another. Furniture with people and misc is one lot 
  7. IMG_2469.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  8. IMG_2468.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  9. IMG_2467.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  10. IMG-2457.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  11. IMG_2465.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  12. IMG-2464.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  13. IMG-2466.JPG

    From the album other stuff

  14. oops yes this batch is 1:12 scale.  Later on I will have bunches of half scale wallpaper.
  15. I also have a lot of wallpaper.  It is a 2 inch stack.  There are lots of different prints and I just dont have time to take pictures of all the prints and this site wont let me load the pictures today of what I did take.! If you are interested please pm me.  This will go as a lot.  Thanks