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  1. Looking for Country Church kit

    Thank you.  I got one with a lot of help from Carmen ( minilover62) and it’s on it’s way to me!  This is a special project and I will no longer be building after this
  2. This is a long shot but here goes.  I am looking for a RGT (I believe) Country Church dollhouse kit.  The side was open showing the pews in side the church.  I would post a picture but my laptop is not cooperating.  If by chance anyone has one please pm me Thanks
  3. 144th Queen Anne kit

    This kit is still available.  If you are interested PM me.  If no takers then I will be listing on Ebay next week Thanks
  4. 144th Queen Anne kit

    I sent you a pm
  5. Free Book

    I just sent you a pm
  6. I have for sale Northeastern 144th Queen Anne kit for sale. If you are interested please pm me   Thanks
  7. Free Book

    Mike I have sent you a pm.  Yes please edit your post
  8. Free Book

    I am offering for free the book "Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay" by Sue Heaser.  The book itself is in good shape altho the cover is not perfect.  I am unable to load picture.  All I ask is you pay shipping.   This is the hardcover edition Thanks Donna    
  9. A broken bone.

    Ouch!!  Here’s to a quick healing
  10. I also have for sale (I can’t get pictures to load now) for sale approx 44-45 pieces of strip that are 4 1/2 inches long 1/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch deep  I cannot for the life of me remember if they were cut from pine or maple(these were made for me).  I also have in the same type of wood 245 pieces square cut that are 15/16 square.  These do not need to be sanded as they are as smooth as silk if interested I can email you pictures. Pm me to let me know. Thanks
  11. I also have for sale two d. Anne Ruff pleaters. One is for 1/2 inch and larger. The other is 1/4 inch. Great deal for both. PM me if interested. Thanks cannot get pictures to load
  12. I have some furniture sets for sale.  They are in my 1/144th Garfield album but are 1/12 scale furniture. Send me a pm if you are interested. Thanks