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  1. Hope You All Have A Great Thanksgiving!

    Although I don’t post often I am so very Thankful for this awesome forum family!  You all are the best.  We will be feeding the homeless and then having a Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!,
  2. I have a stack of half scale wallpaper (about 1 1/4 inches high) that is up for sale.  I dont want to piece it out (sorry)  There are several christmas prints, some victorian prints, some hannakuh prints, and misc prints.  I tried to do an album with pictures but it did not work and it wont let me insert pictures into this post.  PM me with email addy and I will get pictures out to you.
  3. Santa Rosa Fire

    Monica. I don’t post often but I do lurk!!  I am so sorry for all that you have been thru but am so happy to see you back here and moving forward and onto a new venture. I wish you safe travels and do look so forward to your pictures
  4. @Samusa Elegant Dollhouse is in Sacramento. If you go there let me know. I would love to meet up with you.  I’m only 45-50 minutes away.
  5. 1/144th scale anyone

    Sent you a pm
  6. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Still keeping all of you in my prayers.  Hope all is going well with SIL.  
  7. Santa Rosa Fire

    I am so very sad that this happened to Monica. Please let her know my thoughts and prayers are with her and especially for the missing fur baby. There are so many fires around here. My prayers go out to everyone. 
  8. Ok so I have a RGT Half Scale Eastside townhouse for sale.  Ill make ya a great deal!!  PM me if you are interested  This is the kit Thanks
  9. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    What awesome news!!!!  She will heal even more quicker being in her own home.  Jeannine is so right. You all have been on my mind and I can’t even begin - being a stranger - to tell you how thrilled I am that she is doing so great.  I will always keep you in my prayers.  I feel so very sad for those that were taken and I keep their families in my prayers
  10. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Sam How is your SIL doing?  Ive had you all on my mind lately.  I hope all continues to go well for her.  You are all still in my prayers
  11. I just sent you a pm
  12. Hello from Texas!

    Hi Mel  welcome to the group
  13. Newbie from Canada found a vintage Glencroft

    Shaleen Hi there   Welcome to the group!!
  14. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    That is awesome news.  Hope you and hubby are taking care of yourselves.  Still holding you all in my prayers
  15. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Oh Sam. That is such encouraging news!!  Will keep my prayers coming for all of you