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  1. mini subscription service- wouldn't it be nice?

    I do not need another monthly subscription box  (that's what I'm repeating silently in my head lol!)  I just checked out the site and Squintbox is so cute!  Wouldn't it be great if someone like Kris from 1" minis had a monthly (or every 2, 3, or however many) subscription?  I've been gone so long, but I read on another post a moment ago that she sells kits now?  I glanced through her blog, but couldn't find them.  It would be so much fun to watch everyone put something together, but each with their own personalized touches, and share progress and finished product pics!
  2. Goldenrodfarm those are absolutely adorable!  I have obviously been gone for too long (my profile says I last signed in in 2016?!) and now looking at everyone's pictures I have mini fever all over again!  Off to look at ebay now! :)
  3. "You'll shoot your eye out!"

    Love it!!!
  4. Breathtaking art installation

    Wow!!!  That looks so magical!  If I had something like that I would never take it down
  5. Hello and welcome  I still find myself feeling "in over my head" all the time!
  6. New Chick from Tennessee

    Hello and welcome from a NE TN Jessica!
  7. KulturRLMod

    Love the bookshelf!
  8. Front view of kitchen

    And I just noticed the weird look under the left cabinet where the stove goes.  It is the cardboard that I glued the tile cardstock to.  Since my tile pattern doesn't go all the way to that wall I'll have to add a touch of paint there to hide the difference.  The cabinet does sit all the way on the floor though I promise!
  9. Front view of kitchen

    From the album Lisa's Country Cottage Kit

    Here's another view of the kitchen with the window and trim added. I like this one because you can see the buttery cream vanilla colored ceiling! I haven't added chair rail to the left side because I still have to hang my upper cabinets. And I need something (tile maybe?) to fit between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets to cover the bit of wall that is still messed up from the door that I bashed in the wrong wall. I also have to add my stove top and oven door in. Painting "The Kitchen Collection" pieces is proving to be tricky as they are metal and I have zero experience with them. The drawer under the sink is just for show, but the cabinet door is openable (sp?) once I stop fighting with the hinges and figure out how to position them. And my lovely colander from LorisLittleThings on etsy adds a bit more yellow
  10. Newbie from Nashville

    Debra do you know where the flea market is in Bristol?  If you are heading from Bristol to JC right before the turn off to Elizabethton it is on the left.  There is a lady there (I don't remember what building, but it's on the lower half) who has a dollhouse shop!  She has tons and tons of stuff!  I have bought lots of minis there and all of my "The House of Miniatures" kits.   Other than that of course I shop the tiny dollhouse sections in Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Ben Franklin's in Kingsport
  11. New Member from Maryland!

    Hello and welcome Cheryl!  I come here for the inspiration and advice as well - that's how I found out how to warm glue and de-wig one of my dolls
  12. hello from the box of nc

    Hello and welcome Nyla!  I was wondering where the "box" of NC was! ;)
  13. Kitchen tile

    Fov my colander is yellow!  And I could paint my kitchen canisters blue and yellow!  I would also like a dish drainer (if I can figure out how to make one) and if there is enough space
  14. Kitchen tile

    I have painted those cabinets no less than 10 times.  I finally gave up more than decided on the green.  I picked a paint color to match every color in the wallpaper and tried every one of them on the cabinets.  Blah!
  15. Kitchen tile

    From the album Lisa's Country Cottage Kit

    What do you think? Because I think it's too much, but I think I'm already in love again. I found this free flooring printie and wanted to see how it looked compared to the linoleum type flooring I'd already measured out. (Btw, using the ruler and gridlines in paint can save you from wanting to throw your computer across the room.) I don't know how the outside of the cottage turned out green and the cabinets too, while everything else seems to be screaming for shades of blue with compliments of green and yellow? I feel this cottage is turning into what my future RL house is going to be - with each room a different, colorful, crazy thing that I found on pinterest and fell in love with!!!