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  1. I have three houses that I need to find homes. They would be great to rehab although they are done completely. Both are Real Good Toys. One is the front opening One Country Lane, the next is The Victorian Cottage, and the last is Lisa's Cottage.
  2. Looking for Information on Maine

    Thats what I was thinking! Plus I always wanted that house!!!!!!!!!! I will have plenty of time to work on it with the LOOOONG Maine winters!!! After living down here for the past 6 years I am ready for my snow again. I can't take the heat and humidity!!!! Is there such a thing as a half scale Beacon Hill or Laser cut one? LOL
  3. Looking for Information on Maine

    Stephen King's House Well I tried to upload a picture but it didn't work! Ok Holly that is a GREAT picture of the house! It looks most like???? Which house?
  4. Looking for Information on Maine

    Thanks guys....Actually I am from upstate NY lived there most of my adult life ( south of Buffalo) and in the Adirondacks so I am no stranger to SNOW! I am not a native southerner. I hate snow but after living down here in the heat and humidity, bugs, tornados..........I will take the snow! I don't have to worry about commuting to work ( retired) and would live in Bangor. I will just have to build more dollhouses to keep busy!!!! Which house do you think looks most like Stephen King's house? LOL
  5. Hi Everyone! I am looking for anyone who has some information and insite on living in the state of Maine, Particularily Bangor area! Grazhina so nicely shared with me some of her thoughts but I would REALLY appreciate anyone elses input. I saw a picture of Stephen Kings house there and I am inspired to build one!!! Thanks so much everyone! Hugs Roxy
  6. Alison Jr for sale

    Thanks!!! SOLD!
  7. I have a brand new Real Good Toys Alison Jr dollhouse kit, completely sealed for the price of shipping. PM me if you are interested! Thanks!
  8. Happy Birthday Roxxie!

  9. printie books

    1. New Day

      making some? please do show and tell! ;)

  10. HAHAHA...I looked in here to find your birthday. Is it really Dec 7th? 98 years old, HAHAHA your nose is gonna grow.

  11. Hi Roxy! This is the "other" Roxxie in the forum! lol


  12. Thanks Elicia! There are always new friends to make in here! :)

  13. hi roxxie...please please let me be your friend....LOL....

  14. Where is everyoe?

    I think its time for me to speak about something that really hurts me. I have been a member here for quite a while now and do you want to know why I have been absent and why I don't participate much anymore? Its because whenever I post a comment I am totally ignored. Back before the forum was redone there were some problems with opinions being expressed about a contest results which I won't go into again but I thought after a few months of not being around I would come back to a nicer friendlier place . I use to love this forum and the people in it but this is probably my last post. I will always come back and look around at what everyone is making in the gallery but as far as feeling a part of this group I have been ignored for the last time. I thought to go away quietly but I think you should know why I left. To all of you who are still really nice I will miss you. Have a good day.
  15. Congrats! I am very happy for you!