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  1. BlueBear to the rescue! Thank you so much!

  2. "Rain - your're my pixie bud! xoxo

  3. Hey you! Send me an IRL letter! My comp is still not working. Happy b-day & holidays, even if it is a lil late!

  4. Happy Birthday 'Rain!

    ... from one Sagitarius to another ...

  5. Hey Sweetie!

    Your Oval Rug tutorial was amazing! Kept my hands busy during a boring garage sale! Thanks!

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    You do mean the stuff in the can right? Hmm. There is very little in this life that I can't live without, and virtually nothing I can't live with. But try to take away my red meat and I'm likely to bite your hand off! P.S. How about a cold beer, a warm pool, and a hot husband? LOL!
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