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  1. Rocking Horse

    So pretty !! Love it!
  2. Site for 50s and 60s sore eyes

    Thanks for sharing! lots of great ideas.
  3. My Hofco made it from North Carolina to Philadelphia in 24 hours, now to get it to Meadville. Getting excited!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stacey6163

      That's neat, it is the closest real town to us. And there's a Joannn's :-)

    3. Stacey6163

      No, I've never been to Franklin, but might have to take a road trip.

    4. Marysuewashere

      Has it arrived?

  4. Create Your Own Living Room Kit

    Some sort of furniture kit maybe , I don't have a picture - I can't figure out how to post one with the tablet. The colors in the kit are Burgundy, mauve, greens and yellow. It is a vintage kit and is one inch scale.
  5. I have a new Create Your Own living room furnishings kit, it makes draperies, wing chair and loveseat upholstery. Kit contains linen, screened design, crewel wool, and instructions. I'm not big on embroidery and looking to trade for a different sort of kit.
  6. My Hofco's journey has begun via Greyhound, I should be able to pick it up Wednesday afternoon. I guess it's about time to tell hubby about it. :-)

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    2. minigrandma10

      Be brave Stacey, you can do this.....

    3. Cheverly

      Hahaha-woman after my own heart! But Debra's suggestion is a good one. Good luck. :)

    4. Stacey6163

      Well I told him, he rolled his eyes and muttered something, lol. I didn't tell him how big it was though.

  7. helper

    What an adorable helper!
  8. eveline

    How cute!!
  9. JoAnn's has Halloween and Christmas miniatures in and they are on sale. Scrapbook papers are 5/$1 :)

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    2. Cheverly

      Revised lunch plans, yay! Thank you!

    3. minigrandma10

      Thanks Stacey. Here I go

    4. Stacey6163

      You're welcome! Have fun!

  10. Hi Mary Sue and welcome , it is an addicting hobby, but so much fun! Glad you've joined us!
  11. Found a good craigslist deal, kind of makes up for the bad eBay deal. :-)

    1. rackey

      Be sure to post the negative seller rating on eBay so other buyers can be aware. I hope Cragslist comes through for you.

    2. Marysuewashere

      eBay and Craigslist can be iffy but when it all goes well, it is wonderful!

  12. Where do I find the album that shows all the different houses?

  13. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.....

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    2. Cheverly

      Dang, that stinks! Sorry, Stacey. Can the missing pieces be worked around?

    3. Stacey6163

      No, it's missing the base, two floors, an end, a front piece, stairs, some windows and doors. Not much there.

    4. Marysuewashere

      Lousy transaction! So sorry for you!

  14. Welcome Jenni and Terry I have a Beacon Hill waiting in my stash, can't wait to see yours.
  15. That shipping is a real pain, I would build it but I have too many . ( Did I just say that???? ) :o