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  1. Hello from a newbie

  2. Fibromyalgia

    Armymom (Debra), I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome several years ago. I seem to manage very well for the most part without medications, they did give me narcotic pain relievers which I wouldn't take. The symptoms seem to bother me worse when I am stressed, or get too busy. I don't rest well, get up early everyday, and stay busy. The flares can really bring me down, just for the plain fact that the exhaustion and brain fog (worse than usual) give me no choice but to try to rest and take it easy. I have found over the years that listening to my body is much easier for me than trying to fight through it some days. I am fortunate now that I work from home, so days that I don't feel well, I can spend taking it easier than usual. I doubt my husband will fire me. : ) I can remember when I worked outside the home, I would push myself for a few days, and would usually end up going home early the third day or so because I just couldn't do it. Pain was worse, everything was worse when I didn't rest. My flares typically last a few days, sometimes with off and on symptoms for a week or so. Doing things you find relaxing will help a lot, maybe be able to take your mind off the suffering for a bit. Trying to push through a flare doesn't work for me. Light exercise is a help, no more than a stroll down the street and back for me. I find that relaxing as well. But remember, you have to keep moving. That's key. Just know that it will pass, and if you have to slow down, slow down. I have found that the over the counter pain patches (salonpas) help a lot. I can put them where the pain is the worst, and it does give me some relief. I just got over a flare a few days ago, and I was miserable, totally get what you're feeling. I really hope you feel better soon. Rest. Relax.
  3. IMG 0383 (800x450)

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

  4. IMG 0381 (800x450)

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

  5. IMG 0380 (800x450)

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

  6. IMG 0375 (800x600)

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

  7. IMG 0374 (800x600)

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

    So this is the 'office'. I haven't decided yet if anyone lives here or not. If so, I will have an old desk, and bookshelves in here, this will be where the manager works.
  8. Closer view

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Is this paper?
  9. Foundation Floor

    The house is about 3'8" Wide and 24" deep. Not sure how tall, but it's three stories.
  10. Foundation Floor

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

    This is a BIG house!
  11. Kitchen Floor

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

    Started with bricks, had them painted, sealed, and went to grout....................... DISASTER. So due to my frustration of having already done that twice, I am going to try a stone floor.
  12. Back Foundation

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

    I started the foundation on the back of the house just in case I hated it, I could tear it off and if it didn't work out right, it wouldn't be too noticeable.
  13. Living Room Floor

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne

    I edged this floor with two boards of the lighter oak stain, and polyurethaned with high gloss
  14. Dining Room Floor

    From the album Stef's RGT Queen Anne