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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Yes, I think so too. It is steadily getting better; I just have to be patient. I'm keeping the Ace bandage on again today. But I'm back to working on minis, though I'm sitting on a stool instead of standing. So I'm not dead yet if I can still mini.  
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    No, we haven't felt any of the earthquakes, but we're about 20 miles south of them.  Didn't go to the doctor yet, but the knee is feeling better. I'm keeping an Ace Bandage on it, and still using the walker. Just a few minutes ago I tried to scoot my chair closer to the computer and my knee just screamed at me!  Maybe I did pop it out of joint!  And maybe I should rethink the doctor's visit.  - Can you tell I HATE going to doctors?   
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Certainly not fun!  I tried the ice packs today - on then off - but didn't notice much difference. DH went to Rite Aid and bought a brace for me, but I don't think it's the right style. Hoping to exchange it tomorrow.  Going to bed early tonight - feels best to be horizontal. Hoping it's better in the morning!  I'm learning that getting older definitely ain't for sissies!   
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    I have been busy preparing for a Home and Garden show - this time I will be in the Garden section with my own business.  Mostly Fairy Gardens and supplies for them. But I did a number on my knee a few days ago and it's not getting better. My rubber-soled shoe caught on the corner of the cushioned mat in front of my work table, and I stumbled, catching myself on my right leg with the knee slightly twisted. I think it would have been better to just go down flat on my face!  I've been limping for a few days, but not too bad. However, this morning I stepped wrong and have made things worse!  Now it is swollen and painful and I can't take even one step on it!  I had DH get my mother's extra walker down from the attic and I'm using that.  I refuse to go to the emergence room but if it isn't better by Monday I will have to see the doctor. I really can't afford to be laid up!  Still have two items to finish making before next Friday. Fortunately I have almost everything else ready to go. But I have to work my booth alone for 2 days - DH has to stay home and take care of my mother.  I'll have to give this knee a stern talking-to tonight!  No more funny business tomorrow!
  5. I guess the universe wants me to work on my dh's more

    Ahhh, the gluing jig!  Every miniaturist needs one!  I've had mine for about 23 years and I love it!  Here's where you can get one -- Gluing Jig
  6. Bethlehem Village Nativity piece- thrift store find

    That's really cute!
  7. (Almost) Between Weddings

    I am feeling swamped right now with my mother's health deteriorating - I'm still working a seasonal job - trying to keep up with my mother's business / doctors / needs - trying to get an online business going so I can quit my other job - and on and on. I came to the conclusion that I NEED some mini time. If I don't create, I stagnate!  Right now I am compromising by making little fairy gardens for a Home & Garden Show coming up soon. I'm taking the plunge and getting a booth for my own business. It's not a craft show and I will have fairy miniatures to sell, but I am also making a few things. I have so many dh kits I'm itching to start, but can't right now. Debra, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your MIL.  These things are so hard to take!   
  8. New to the Forum, but Not to Minis

    Welcome, Wendy.  This is a great place to share and to learn.  
  9. Who occupies your houses?

    Guilty!  I am also happily married, but my "forever" dollhouse (not finished yet) will be inhabited by a very wealthy widow, who is a miniaturist, and because she is alone - the Lady of the Manor - her house is filled with miniatures!  When my DH and I were first married, and heading off to college together, we each had ONE suitcase.  He can't understand why we need more than that now!  Each of my houses develop a story before they are built - and need certain people to go along with the story. My favorite was my Museum of Miniatures and the perfect man-doll who became the owner and curator of the museum. At the time, he was a widower, but now a couple ladies have entered his life. He hasn't made up his mind yet if he was to settle down again.   
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks, Holly. I miss you all when I can't get back on a regular basis. 
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    I like this thread - a chance to catch up with my Greenleaf family after an absence. Sable - you have my deepest empathy with the skin cancer - I have had a bunch of it, too. Fortunately most of mine is on my back and hands, but I've had several surgeries to remove it. Not fun. Kathie - my mother's name is Norma Jean, though she dropped the "Norma" in high school.  I haven't been on here much lately - and I know it's been too long when I have to "log in" again.   I am still trying to make my miniature business support us (lots of time and work) and still working at my job as a Product Demonstrator, and still taking care of my mother.  At least DH is staying home now and is a huge help. He is a licensed caregiver, and he takes care of Mother while I work; otherwise I would have had to quit my job as she really can't be left alone anymore for more than a few hours. He also has become quite the chef!  What a surprise! I stay out of the kitchen when he wants to cook - his style is polar-opposite of mine, but he's turned out some pretty good dishes:  curried chicken, his own invention of a chowder/gumbo which is delicious, and a few other things. He started this when he was living with our daughter in Nebraska and neither parent had time to cook for the kids. Of course, he still hasn't learned to scale it down for 3 senior citizens so there is enough to put in the freezer for later.   Well, my ME time is over, coffee cup is empty - gotta go fix Mother's breakfast. 
  12. Hard day for my family

    Tough times, Lawanda.  It's the end of an era when the whole upline generation is gone. You've had a double blow, losing two at once. Sending you cyber hugs ...  
  13. It's getting close!  Hope a lot of you can come.  I will definitely be going! Seattle Miniature Show
  14. How much do you plan?

    I always do pre-planning. I start a file on my computer to put in my ideas, things I want to try, pictures I like, etc.  And once the house has decided what it wants to be, a story begins to form. I also begin searching for just the right doll to be the main character. After I start the project, I keep a running account of what is done, how and when. I keep a notebook in my workshop for that, and periodically transfer it to my computer. I also try to remember to add the specific brand/color of paint I have used in case (a) I have to do any touch up later, or (b) I want to use it on another build.  Keeping the notebook also gives me an idea later on how much time was spent on the project, as I always write down the date and start/stop times. 
  15. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    So did you get much in your area?  We got a couple inches, but it was mostly gone the next day. Still a little bit hanging around the edges. But quite a bit of western WA got some serious snow yesterday.