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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Actually this is a larger scale than I usually do - it's 1:48 and I lately have been working in 1:144!  Feels roomier.  I'm having a lot of fun with this one. 
  2. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Yes, they are. They like it a lot, too. They post some beautiful pictures of the area.
  3. Taking my obsession too far???

    Only 12 hours round trip?  Enjoy the journey - and get that dollhouse!  
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Good to hear from you again, Jeremy!   I think I mentioned somewhere along the line about my fall just before Mother's Day. Actually, I didn't "fall" - I stumbled and caught myself on one leg, with a bent and turned knee.  Should have just gone splat!   I gave it a few weeks to shape up and heal itself - didn't cooperate - and finally went limping to my doctor.  After x-rays and an MRI (those things are HORRIBLE)  the conclusion is that there is a lot of arthritis in that knee and a few other problems - and we're looking at knee replacement!  Next month I start the busiest season of my job - the county fairs - so I certainly can't be laid up right now.  Guess I'll try to carry on through October, and see how it goes.  
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I checked it out and was able to make it visible, and able to accept comments, so hopefully it will work better now.  Had to shorten the name a bit to fit the signboard that came with the kit.  Grapeview B&B
  6. 5/27/07 Rudest Comment about Your Minis

    Speaking of "all that crap" -- I had decorated a small water fountain and had it for sale at a craft show. It was a dark grey, slate looking fountain. I had added some greenery, a beautiful fairy, a few flowers peeking through the "rocks" and I think a little turtle or frog.  One customer was looking at it closely, as the water bubbled happily into the pool.  After a moment she said, "That fountain would be pretty cute if all that crap was scraped off!"   She's lucky I was behind my table! 
  7. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Small world!  I used to live in Marysville, but we were house hunting at the time, so I never got involved with anyone else in miniatures. I'm now over on the Peninsula.  But I have some friends in Wasilla that I have known since our school days, also from Washington!   Unfortunately my work schedule keeps me from joining any mini-clubs now. They always meet on weekends, of course, and I work weekends. 
  8. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    PS:  I'm afraid that it will be difficult to have guests in our guestroom now - we'll just have to give them the address of the nearest motel!   
  9. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    I have a separate cottage for my work shed, out in the yard, away from the house. But that is becoming the storage unit for supplies. As my mother ages and needs more attention, it is better for me to stay in the house, so we have set up a worktable for me in our laundry/guestroom.  My DH raised the legs of a 6'x3' worktable, so it is counter height, and I have fashioned a curtain to put on it when I am not working - not covering the top of the table, just skirting to hide the underside.  I remove that when I work, giving access to all the stuff under it.   So far that is working very well and I really like being closer to everything - and being available if Mother should need me.  Sorry - no pictures right now.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    I'll try to insert a link here, to an album I started (off of Greenleaf) and see if it works.  Might be deleting the whole thing! Grapeview Lane B&B Since the last upgrade I have not been able to get pictures into these comments, so I'll try this.  
  11. What's everyone working on?

    I'm building my first quarter scale (1:48) and having a lot of fun with it. It is growing, of course, and I now have the shell of the basement made, and the base built for it to set in. I set my laptop up on the work table, and tuned into The Clinic by Woodland Scenics, as I started working the their plaster cloth. I will have a built-up front for the "street level" front of the house, then sloping hillsides for access to the daylight basement. Now if I can just make this look as good as it does in my head ...  
  12. What's everyone working on?

    You have my sympathy and empathy, Lawanda!  And I should have listed to Holly sooner also. Three weeks ago I stumbled in my craft room (rubber-soled shoe caught on the mat) and lurched forward, catching myself by landing hard on one leg, with my knee bent and twisted, because I had been turning. Next day was painful, but 2nd day I couldn't walk. I've been limping along, using a walker, for three weeks.  Finally gave in and went to the doctor last Friday. He took x-rays and I'll get the results tomorrow or Tuesday. I do hope I won't need surgery!  
  13. What's everyone working on?

    I've never had that request before, either!  It is designed to be a store, and I was toying with several ideas for that, when I distinctly heard, "How about a cozy B&B in an old Victorian house?"  I can have 3 bedrooms for guests, and one for the homeowners.  
  14. What's everyone working on?

    I am cautiously announcing that I am starting a new build!  Shhhh ... don't want to jinx it!  I have a kit for a Victorian Store that I think I'd like to make a Bed and Breakfast rather than a traditional store. It's 1:48 scale which I have not worked with yet, but it should be a lot roomier than the 1:144 scales I usually do!    Has anyone on the forum made a B&B?  Here's a picture of the inside I have to work with ...  Victorian Store Interior
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    Yes, I think so too. It is steadily getting better; I just have to be patient. I'm keeping the Ace bandage on again today. But I'm back to working on minis, though I'm sitting on a stool instead of standing. So I'm not dead yet if I can still mini.