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  1. I’m currently bidding on a musical wooden Dolly Dingle doll. The doll artist who made the doll is my favorite and she made only four different musical wooden Dolly Dingle dolls and I’m only interested in two of them because of how they are dressed. The one I’m bidding on right now is wearing a blue floral print dress and the other one I Want is dressed in a sailor girl outfit with a naval print on it and has a sailor cap and holds a little toy boat.
  2. Shopkins at McD's

    I really want to buy the Shopkin Happy Places buildings but they can be expensive to fill after you decorate with the stuff included. The Mansion and school are the ones I want the most with the Disney house being less of a priority but the mansion is close to $70 with enough stuff to partially decorate four of the rooms at best. And the blind boxes aren’t cheap and are prone to have duplicates since you can’t tell what’s inside the box until you open them up. I can’t afford to keeping buying blind boxes just to complete a room. Shame as I really love how everything looks after seeing My Froggy Stuff do a review on all the large play sets.
  3. 59e5b9d13e31c-cabbagepatch.jpg

    Where did you find all the tiny toys?
  4. I bought three DIY music box kits on eBay last week and they in the mail today. They are made of plastic and wood and I can paint them. I was planning on using my own paint and colors since these kits are from the 80s and I knew that the paint would have dried up by then. My question is there such a thing as glitter acrylic craft paint? One kit is of a clown and another is a couple in a row boat on the water and I want them to be very colorful, especially the clown. Could I also mix glitter into paint if there is no such thing as glitter craft paint?
  5. I just received the four Goebel doll and three music boxes I bought on eBay yesterday. One of the music boxes is one I've been searching for on eBay for awhile now after wanting it since I saw one like it in a store around 2003 but not having the money to buy it. It's hard to find. I paid $32 plus shipping for it but it was worth it. It's shaped like a bar with a lazy Susan holding a wine glass and two liquor bottles and a bar maid that moves side to side while it lights up and plays Für Elise. The other two play songs I've been wanting to add to my collection.They are Sukiyaki and Variation on a Theme of Paganini.
  6. Making miniature drinks

    The YouTube channel My Froggy Stuff has videos showing how too make drinks and other things for dolls. You can always adjust the size.
  7. I bought a few more dolls and music boxes for my collections. My personal favorites of the ones I've gotten since December are the Clown and Ballerina music box which is exactly the same as the one a family friend had when I was little, the two fiber optic music box lamps, the Thomas Kincaid decorative lamp music box, a Goebel Christmas doll limited to 250, the Goebel doll commemorating my favorite doll artist's retirement, the Totally Hair Blonde Barbie Reproduction doll, a Goebel fox doll dressed like a fox hunter limited to 250, and this adorable music box of a cat dressed like a Grandma sitting in a rocking chair knitting with a piece of rope made to look like yarn attached to a small separate kitten with a ball of yarn that plays Memory. The best part is it rocks back and forth ad the music plays!
  8. What's everyone working on?

    I will be working on my miniature house music box kits that I bought. I haven't worked on the on fir about a year because I didn't have time to work on it but I do now. I also have a table to work on. I'm waiting for the other kit to come in the mail. I also want to work on the cross stitch windmill music box I've have for four years now. My plan is the first house will have a movement that plays A Time For Us from Romeo and Juliet, the second house plays Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel, and the windmill will play Summer Wind. I wanted it to be Windmills of Your Mind but couldn't find a movement playing the song so I chose Summer Wind to give a wind theme to the kit. It's better than the Try to Remember movement packaged with the kit. I'm also working on a custom Paper Dress Kim Chi from season eight of Rupaul's Drag Race doll using an Asian Made to Move Barbie. All I need now is double sided tape, baby pink yarn, and lots of white computer paper!
  9. I've added to my doll collection quite a bit. As soon as I move and settle in I will post more pics of my dolls including my duck and two lambs.
  10. I just bought a Halloween music box! Halloween music boxes are quite rare and hard to come by but I found and bought three this year. The first is a water globe of Charlie Brown and has bats when you shake it and plays The Sorceror's Apprentice. The second is another water globe of a bear and rabbit trick or treating while passing through a graveyard and plays Funeral March of a Marrionette. The third is a witch flying on a broom over a jack o lantern and plays Put On a Happy Face.
  11. What is your costume for Halloween?

    I am doing a drag costume inspired by the 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms. I've got a colorful dress, some heels, bracelets, make up, light up jewelry, a vibrant blue wig, colorful scarf which I'm using as a belt, and Jemstar earrings!
  12. Questions about miniature kit I bought

    I've been pretty busy lately that I haven't worked on this project but I decided to switch the music box song from Memory to Clair de Lune which I think gives it a nice feeling.
  13. image.jpeg

    This doll is named Eleanor. She is a Betty Jane Carter dolll and is part of the Paarty Time series. She plays the theme from Lime Light.
  14. Questions about miniature kit I bought

    I got the kit on Thursday and am currently cutting out all the paper details and separating them as I put them together. I also installed the music box movement on the piece of the house it goes to.
  15. Questions about miniature kit I bought

    The kit is coming this week and I think I will switch the music box movement with a rare rendition of Memory.