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  1. 144th Queen Anne kit

    Yes I would be!
  2. Free Book

    Don’t know how to delete posts
  3. Free Book

    I would love to get the book! My address is [address removed] Just let me know how much and how to get the money to you. Thanks 
  4. Disappointed

    Thanks everyone, I got the house from, looked like it came from the factory. My second doll house (the Magnolia) came the same way. I'm sure the damage was done during shipment. Maybe takes it out of it's outer box to keep the shipping cost down? Thanks again, Vinny
  5. Disappointed

    As new to the doll house world and ordering my first doll house (the Lily) which was damaged in shipping, I ordered the Magnolia just a day or 2 later. I received the Magnolia and every thing was fine (except the shingles were everywhere, in pieces) but I must say I'm disappointed in the packing and the over all strength of the box. It's soft sided with no packing inside to help protect the contents. Question for Greenleaf. Why do you not invest a little more in packaging to help insure a safe delivery? I have purchased much cheaper items for doll houses with superior packing. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Vinny
  6. Wanted to say Hi

    Hi to all. One of your members (Lyn) suggested I stop in and look around. Really like the fourm. I just purchased the "Lily" and I'm waiting for it to arrive. This is my first doll house and Lyn mentioned this was the place to get help. I'm 48yrs. old and have a 7 month old grand-daughter that started me into doll houses. She did this by her infectious smile and giggle. Anyway, hello again and will be here often. Vinny