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  1. No Spend Challenge

    Good luck to all of you. It is not so easy to do. I have been doing that off and on a for a while now. We have been in a bad financial situation for a while now. I have been forced to buy only what we need. We went from being very comfortable and having a lot of extra to having nothing extra because we are disabled. I have even had to sell some of my huge stock of miniatures.
  2. I am looking forward to being on here and may ask silly questions occasionally. I have been collecting dollhouses,room boxes, building supplies, all kinds of furnishings and 100's (I do mean several 100) of House of Miniatures Kits and other items. I do think I have all of the furniture kits and all of the rugs kits plus several brass an pewter items from them. I have several how to books and tools to build with. The only things I have done so far are several HOM furniture kits. I am finally ready to start building a House. I will be starting with the Linfield (I desperately need the instructions if anyone has them, please let me know). I will eventually post some itenms to swap on here. I am from North Carolina and trapped in the house all of the time due to a work injury. Please message me if any one is in the Concord,NC area and would like to get together to do Dollhouses or mini furniture. It would be a lot of fun to have someone with a common interest as a friend!