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  1. Time Out

    Great to hear from you, Mike. I do so miss you and your work. No one else does the television like you.
  2. Jungle Animal Rug (half scale)

    Love the rug! 
  3. nursery4.jpg

    It's the next generation! These babies are so cute.
  4. FullSizeRender-29.jpg

    Great work. When I clicked on the picture, it looked like a magazine picture!
  5. MerrimackHouseFront112017.jpg

    I hope you send a picture of the finished house to the Earth and Tree! They will love to see it.
  6. Your Very Best Tip

    Don't feel like you have to keep something you (and the house) are not happy with. I have redone all kinds of things that I was sure were going to look great but looked terrible. 
  7. 4711042D-FB61-463A-AF69-B8B4DB2EB734.jpeg

    Beautiful furniture, especially the table and buffet/entertainment center.
  8. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    It looks like the bathroom is the only room with a partition, so that's probably why it is on the first floor.I agree that this dh must be a starter for little ones. I do like Chip & Joanna, just not much of a fan of the dh. 
  9. IMG-6188.JPG

     That is beautiful
  10. Real Life Fixer Upper Now Mini

    Welcome to the forum. There is a miniature show this Sunday at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, NH.
  11. IMG-5812.JPG

    Great pictures. It is absolutely lovely!
  12. Dollhouse for a special girl

    I second Holly's opinion on the Laurel making a nice farmhouse. If you put the kitchen in the room with the bay window, it's very farm-kitcheny.
  13. Given a dollhouse - now what?!

    Welcome, Amy!! We have a great store in Amherst, The Earth and Tree. They offer classes. Also, on November 12th, there is a miniature show in Nashua!! You can p.m. me for more info. Great name, btw.
  14. Piercetoilet.JPG

    Did you use a mold for your ceramic? I think these look great. I often do not like the bathroom fixtures for dh’s and am interested in trying this (someday). Thanks for sharing.
  15. Welcome to the forum of similarly obsessed people!