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  1. Front25.JPG

    I love your restoration of this house! It came out beautifully! 
  2. 4486E091-DB76-4429-8F9A-7A92E0904F1B.jpeg

    First attempt??!! This is a phenomenal make-over. I bet the house is so much happier now.
  3. ACA2F9F9-61DF-49AE-AF0B-4C24DC529436.jpeg

    I am stunned at how gorgeous the door is and I love the brick on the step. 
  4. rsz-side-willow.jpg

    Nice chimney work! Did you use paperclay or something else?
  5. Hello,another newbie here

    We love answering questions here! Welcome to the Forum. 
  6. Been out of touch lately

    I've been quiet on the forum this last year as my roller-coaster-of-a-school year comes to a close this week. I have been side-tracked with sciatica, physical therapy, looking for a new job, and planning a required course/vacation. I have hardly worked on my Tennyson this spring due to the sciatica and really have been too "edgy" to settle down in the workshop (usually this hobby/passion/obsession settles me down). My Magnolia is still here as I have been unable to find a child for it (my usual sources have not recommended anyone), and it has been disappointing. One of the things that gets me through the tough parts of a build (aka fixing my mistakes) is imagining the child who will eventually enjoy playing with the house.  Anyway, I am still here and hope to get back to my normal self mid-July. 
  7. heritage front.jpg

    Wow! This house really needs LOVE and a do-over!! If it hasn't already, it will start talking to you - and, maybe, demanding! - how it wants to be. 
  8. heritage int2.jpg

    This house has gorgeous windows. Looking forward to the "after" pictures.
  9. Mermaids got hair

    What a transformation! She is glorious!
  10. Mid century stone exterior

    Wow! The house looks wonderful with the stone work. What a difference from the unfinished exterior picture. It's like the house's personality is finally getting expressed!
  11. Upper and Lower Cabinets in Dry Fit

    OMG! It is sooooo pretty!
  12. Now the real fun begins.

    Such an improvement to the house! The colors look very nice and fresh. I bet the house is thanking you.
  13. 100_4339.JPG

    Bob: Can you access the bath or is it more for appearances? I love this technique (either way) - it gives the house so much depth.
  14. 100-4334.JPG

    I love the drum set in the attic room! Very nice work all around.
  15. Hi from NYC!

    Welcome to the Forum! When the miniature bug bites, it's a lifelong addiction!