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  1. Real life miniature mouse village

    I can only (barely) appreciate these in pictures. They never look this cute in rl.
  2. curtains

    What a great idea! I don't know why I did not think to look at scarves as dh curtains.
  3. My first dollhouse unfinished.

    I love your house. I bet she is so happy that you have time to work on her! Enjoy!
  4. Hofco Victorian farmhouse kit 192

    Looks like someone else beat me to it. Just received email that it is no longer available.
  5. Hofco Victorian farmhouse kit 192

    Hi, Mike! I just found you here and I've already been emailing you. See you Saturday!  
  6. Clay stone technique

    Priorities! Who needs to eat when you can make minis?
  7. The Cabin

    That floor is striking! 
  8. 011.JPG

    Love your fireplace. The rustic rock detail is interesting and goes so well in the cabin.
  9. sew6.jpg

    The pose with the glasses is so real - it's like I can see her concentrating!
  10. Hello from Newfoundland!

    Hi, Benni! My grandfather's side came from Newfoundland (Twilingate). This is a fabulous hobby and the forum is so helpful.  
  11. 26 051.JPG

    Love the wood paneling for the ceiling - it's such a warm color.
  12. 27 054.JPG

    The floating stairs look great. I'm just glad I don't have to use them in rl.
  13. Showpiece or playhouse?

    I build the houses for children to play with - trying to find a child that will be a little older and gentle. However, I am partial to my (still-unfinished) Chantilly, which has become more of a personal house with things that I don't want to part with, so it is a showcase/play house for me.
  14. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    Glad you found another version. (You never know what you'll get with youtube - and I did a quick search for it, thinking it was the one I've used with my students). 
  15. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    Thinking of llamas...