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  1. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    I posted pix before of my dedicated space in our finished basement. It was my only requirement when we planned the layout. It is super messy and when I put something down (a cap of paint/glue, etc.), I don't remember where I put it. Then I have to retrace my steps to find it. When in the middle of a project, there is wax paper everywhere waiting for something with paint on it to dry. My counter is a disaster. I ordered some wood from Micromark and don't know where I am going to put it. I need to rethink my organization. I was thinking about that as I fell asleep last night. I wish my OCD would kick in for a workshop clean up!
  2. IMG-20170623-154247.jpg

    This house is adorable. 
  3. IMG_2783.JPG

    This reminds me of the old mill buildings that have been renovated (instead of torn down) to house shops. I love how the light comes in. Looking at the display is making me thirsty.
  4. Jefferson House

    In New England, houses like the Jefferson are abundant - some are very old and others are newly built, but in keeping with the architectural style here. Inside, they tend to be traditional, not modern, though the newer ones certainly have updated kitchens/baths. It would not be uncommon to see antique pieces sprinkled inside a new Colonial.
  5. Total newbie

    Welcome to the forum! A greenhouse sounds like fun. Flowers or fruit/vegetables? I know you can make your own plants - I attended a 4-hour workshop and made (painstakingly) a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Each petal was glued on using tweezers. Maybe if I practiced more, I would be able to do it in less time. The bouquet is precious, just not sure I want to do it again, though I did purchase two other kits for "someday when I have more time and patience." 
  6. What a wonderful tribute. I'm sure it was a special treasure for the whole family. Thank you for sharing.
  7. 594baadb0cf52-condo3.jpg

    I love the hard hats!!!!! 
  8. Frustrated

    Like the others said, don't be afraid to make a mistake. I can't tell you how many times I have ripped stuff out (in the same room!!) before I thought something finally worked. This hobby will stretch your creativity and imagination in ways you don't anticipate. The moments of frustration make the successes exhilarating!        +  =         
  9. 5900141cb72ce-Tryingtofindapowderroom.jpg

    Or, you can make a door that suggests a powder room behind it...
  10. Magnolia

    I also trimmed the upstairs doorway with my own trim - it is not supplied in the kit from what I can see. 
  11. ken at work 1.jpg

    When he's done there, I want him to dig up some half-dead bushes in my front yard. LOL
  12. The Linfield

    I found a kit via CL a couple of years ago. It is in my stash.
  13. Can anyone identify this dh?

    Don't know what it is, but the shingles looks like someone started drinking on the job.  I wonder what accessories are included? Sometimes that makes a big difference.
  14. Dura Craft Heritage Arrived

    There should probably be a support group for family members of miniaturists. 
  15. Time Out

    Hope your time out is brief. We need you here!<3