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  1. Bedroom

    Ditto on the beautiful bedspread and rug! Love them! 
  2. B9605A3F-1F2B-46B5-8553-E2965111C5A1.jpeg

    Thank you. The paper is scrapbook paper & I made the rug to match.
  3. Finished exterior

    From the album The Madison

  4. side view with shower

    From the album The Madison

  5. Interior

    From the album The Madison

  6. Back with view of living area

    From the album The Madison

  7. Birthday gift.jpg

    This is gorgeous!! And I love the dog who looks so interested, too.
  8. RGT Victorian Alison Jr

    I partially built an Alison Jr. - I bought it off of CL and the shell was done. I have an album of the house on GL.
  9. Still Alive

    So glad you are on the mend. Take time to fully recover. 
  10. Interior

    Love this! Those who work with half-scale impress me so much because it seems extra-challenging.
  11. In my newspaper today, there was a study led by a University of California neurologist that claims the key to living past 90: "subjects who kept busy with a daily hobby two hours a day were 21 percent less likely to die early..."  Also mentioned were 2 alcoholic beverages (18 percent less likely to experience premature death) & 2 cups of coffee/day (10 percent less likely)! 
  12. condo13.jpg

    Finally! Mini-people earning their keep!!! (Now, if I could just get my little dog to earn hers...)
  13. image.jpeg

    I also love roof ridge caps for that reason! Have fun!