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  1. Tennyson is finished

    Well, I finished the Tennyson on Tuesday. I donated it to my school's bingo/raffle for the in-coming 6th graders and it was the grand prize! I keep getting upload errors when I try to post the new photos in my gallery (it doesn't say why) and the pictures that I was able to upload are sideways and I don't know how to fix it (they aren't on my phone or iPad) so I have not uploaded anything.  Next house is the Sugarplum!
  2. Finished brick flooring sheet

    I think I have one of those same mat (sort of disappointed when it arrived in mail). I like how yours turned out. Did you have any issues with the paint sticking?
  3. Hello from NH

    Welcome, Gabbo from a fellow Granite Stater. Have you been to the Earth & Tree in Amherst? I make 2-4 pilgrimages there each year (it's part of my religion!). Enjoy!
  4. Finished Wheels

    Great idea to eliminate the wheel wells. They aggravated me because they took up needed space in the trailer.
  5. 20181104-094515.jpg

    Looks like you have made a lot of progress. I enjoyed building the trailer but it was more work than I anticipated (thought it would be "just a little project").
  6. Congrats on the beautiful house!  I guess your dh gene was just dormant after all. Glad you are back. 
  7. Hi Ashley, I've built/finished 3 RGT houses and found them relatively easy in the sense that they fit together well - I especially love their windows and doors. Two of the houses were partially built when I bought them. I have not tried to bash a kit since the MDF is very hard and I don't have tools to do so. I did prime the surfaces (I tend to use mostly gesso, but there are alternatives) and I also wallpapered the rooms without incident. I used a Benjamin Moore paint for the exterior on the colonial because I wanted it to have a more authentic color but I usually just use acrylic and haven't had issues. The house will be quite heavy when it's done. It is also pretty sturdy and will withstand a little more "love" from younger children (but I really don't recommend dh's for children younger than 7).  The Alison is a fun house and I am looking forward to seeing your project unfold. Enjoy!
  8. The General Order of things....

    I am so glad to read that other more-experienced builders have this problem! During the school year, I often forget my plan from the previous weekend and have to take time to re-orient myself as to where I left off. And that's without changing/adding something. I'm also scribbling notes (incl. paint colors) on the directions & towards the end I write a punch list so I know I am close. This year, due to changing schools, I did not have the chance to work on the house for about 3 months so those notes came in handy. Lately, if I wake up in the middle of the night, instead of thinking about all the stuff I have to get done at school, I think about what I am going to do next on the house (it is calming and I easily go back to sleep) and it helps me stay on-track, too. 
  9. In over my head

    Annette: You can remove the walls but you will have to refinish the flooring and put in new wall covering. I would try by softening the glue and then carefully try to pry them out. Are the walls nailed from the ceiling below? Then you will have to refinish the ceiling, too. It does not sound impossible to do, you just have to go slowly.
  10. toy shelf detail

    Wow! I am used to window seats - never thought about the space above the window! It looks great.
  11. The "Lily" dollhouse!

    What a treat to watch this (since I can't be there in person, this is the next best thing). So many great things, but the porch swing is one of my favorites. 
  12. Newberg front closeup

    Beautiful work. I love everything about it.
  13. Miss Maisy

    That kitty just made my day (it's been a long one!). 
  14. Opinions on front door lights/mailbox

    Your mailbox is so cute. It will look perfect on the house.
  15. 20190329-164325.jpg

    The floor is beautiful. I like the larger windows, too.