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  1. material glued to coffee stir stiks

    Those are beautiful window treatments. Very elegant and well done.
  2. b.JPG

    All of your floors look wonderful. I’m amazed at all the angles/gables. What a challenge!
  3. back of house

    Thank you. It was a fun build.
  4. chimney placement

    From the album The Madison

    made of paperclay; not permanently attached yet
  5. interior

    From the album The Madison

    have started the wallpaper; there will be a wall to separate the bedroom with "beams"
  6. new exterior treatment/color

    From the album The Madison

    house wanted to be clapboarded; changed color
  7. back of house

    From the album The Magnolia

    She's done!
  8. bedroom

    From the album The Magnolia

  9. living room

    From the album The Magnolia

  10. Finished Magnolia exterior

    From the album The Magnolia

  11. Front page of today’s newspaper  
  12. Trying to get a grip

    Since the start of school, I have been so completely out of the loop. I haven't had much time to check in here and have not worked much on my Magnolia. I don't remember the start of a school year being like this (at least for this length of time). I don't have my "flow" yet - and I'm not sure when I will! I am trying to ignore the pile of correcting in my bag right now... and the laundry... and the mess on my desk, etc. On a positive note, I stopped by the Earth and Tree yesterday for their October sale. Found some lovely treasures for myself (!!) and some things that will work in the houses that I will donate. The Magnolia is almost done - I might be able to finish her today (but I've been saying that for weeks now). I'll try to post pix as soon as she is ready.
  13. Fortune Teller

    I love this! When I was a child, it was a big treat to go to the arcade on Weirs Beach in Laconia, NH and they had a fortune teller just like this (I bet she is still there). 
  14. Dianna.jpg

    Very cute! And it's great that mommy Barbie's pre-baby figure has returned so quickly...