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  1. e2efaba1afeabac513099fdafbd2fc6c.jpg

    Love the wallpaper, too. Did you stitch the wall hangings? Great job!
  2. eb6bc9cc0d5f72b3e7ccbed29ce32e86.jpg

    Absolutely adorable!
  3. Lacamas Lake House

    What a neat looking house. For me, this is such a special time when you bring the house home - your imagination just goes wild & your heart expands with great joy and love (sorry if it sounds corny). Have FUN!
  4. Any help identifying this?

    The hutch is a painted $1.00 hutch from Michael's.
  5. Coffeehousefinished (24)L.jpg

    This is just what my kitties would have done! 
  6. New Reno project.jpeg

    What a darling cottage! Looking forward to seeing the transformation.
  7. plexiB.jpg

    I like this side view, too. 
  8. plexiA.jpg

    This is a great view of the house. The glass windows really complete the look. 
  9. Can I get an amen!

    I think I might change 3 people to "1 person and my dog" (or maybe just "my dog").
  10. Stenciling Test

    This is beautiful - can't believe it is your mock-up - and I love the colors.
  11. My next rehab project

    FAMOUS LAST WORDS: This is turning into a bigger project than I initially thought... Originally, I planned to repaint the outside and thought I could just sand & paint over existing paint. Then, as I examined it, the paint seems "gummy" so I started to scrape and sand. Spent most of yesterday doing it and haven't gotten very far. I think all paint should be removed, then I will sand, prime and paint. My question is what to use to remove the paint? I'm guessing it is latex (because I don't think acrylic would be this tough to remove and the house is so big, probably the builder used house paint). The paint was either not very glossy and/or some of the gloss has worn off.
  12. IMG-9146.jpg

    I love sinks under windows... probably because I've had to wash so many dishes.
  13. Before interior

    I believe it is the Lilliput Apple Blossom - Walmer/ RGT. It is plywood and not MDF.
  14. Kit Bashing & Building in general

    I have opened up rooms and used a column to support the house, but these were smaller (not too complicated) houses. Another idea is to put channel molding on one edge of the wall that has the cutout - it would act like a column and strengthen the wall a lot.  Enjoy this time of anticipation... sometimes I am so excited about a dh that I can't get to sleep!