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  1. My husband is coming close to the end now

    Jeannine: I lost my dear grandmother a year ago (May) from dementia. I believe that somewhere inside her, she knew that I was important in her heart, though she had long ago forgotten my name - this kind of connection cannot be broken by the memory.  I wish  abundant grace for you both in this time.
  2. Help a mama out! (Newbie build on the cheap)

    For furniture, you can look around at flea markets and yard sales. I don't go to them (no time/interest), but my daughter does & scopes things out for me - so it's good to enlist a someone if they already go. I would also go with battery operated lights as you can add them as funds become available. There are many things that you can make for a dh and this is a great way to experiment and unlock the imagination, something abundant in 9-year olds!
  3. Gertie

    Love this photo - Gertie looks like a nice, gentle soul.
  4. Dana: I really like the larger opening and stair placement. I built an Alison and the kitchen was very narrow. This will also let in more light. 
  5. Noob, New Dollhouse

    Welcome, John. I love that you are new to this yet already have a stash of houses to build! That's the way to go! 
  6. Alison jr front porch area with first coat of paint.

    The railings are a nice upgrade to the look of the house. The railings, door and colors make it look very sophisticated.

    Le Jardin est tres jolie! It's very pretty. 
  8. 5986a65a83faa-BabyIvy3.jpg

    Love it!
  9. Guess I'm diving in headfirst...

    Welcome, Gen! What a wonderful adventure you are about to start! We are here with you, every step of the way, whenever you have a question or need to vent.
  10. Scale issue/Toilet

    I think the issue is comparing it to the bed. This really isn't an issue when you get right down to it because many beds are large and dominate the bedroom space and dressing the bed makes it seem even larger, while porcelain fixtures in a bathroom are supposed to look more delicate. So I would just chalk it up to the bigger, comfy-looking bed and not worry about it. 
  11. Outside

    When I first read the title, I could not envision how these two houses would go together, so this picture is great. They really look like they match/belong together.
  12. Back in miniatures...

  13. Interior

    From the album The Madison

    Roof is not on permanently yet
  14. Exterior- testing colors

    From the album The Madison

  15. living room ceiling

    The ceiling looks great. It works fabulously with the wallpaper.