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  1. 100_3869.jpg

    Beautiful furniture! Lucille.
  2. New bedroom setup

    Charming. And, I just love your wallpaper. Lucille.
  3. other side of the front room

    I love your picture and also the fabric on the cushion. Lucille.
  4. Diner 39.JPG

    I absolutely love your work. It's always so colourful and interesting with all the details. Lucille.
  5. Diner 27.JPG

    Yum, yum, now I want a hamburger and fries for lunch! Lucille.
  6. P1010793.JPG

    I love your little details! Lucille.
  7. P1010799.JPG

    I love your hutch and how it's organized. Lucille.
  8. Dollhouse Dining Room09 010.JPG

    What a lovely tablecloth! A very cozy corner. Lucille.
  9. Inside the Walmer

    I love your kitchen table. Very unique. Lucille.
  10. Inside the Walmer

    I love those flowing white curtains! Lucille.
  11. Inside the Walmer

    A real cozy looking bed! Lucille.
  12. Inside "Arthur" Limited Edition

    I adore this little room. I'm crazy about pink. I love the bedspread and the pillows are so cute. The pink matching chair is just lovely and I just love your little ornaments on the dresser. And, you did a great job with the curtains. LUcille.
  13. DSC01441.jpg

    I love this bed! Lucille.
  14. DSC01975.jpg

    Nice photography! Lucille.
  15. Garfield Jan 2007 015 (Small).jpg

    Gorgeous house! Lucille.