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  1. Side view

    This is so real as it is to be, but my word where did you find the bottles of liquors? It excels in such a wonderful way, I adore it! dollhouse lady
  2. DSCN3398.JPG

    Hello everyone I have learn over the last 5 months how to write a sentence, and make it worth reading! I had a wonderful friend teach me over the inter net how to write so that I can explain myself better! I am shocked at my written post here so wonder if anyone could understand anything I had written! I worked at a Elementary School and I taught children how to write and speak, my voice is great but I could not ever write this is a treat for me to be able to write here more and send more pictures of my doll houses! dollhouse lady /jane
  3. I am just coming back!

    Hello to every one in the community! I am dollhouse lady! I have not been on for sometime just about 2 years or more! I now have 7 dollhouses and I am enjoying all of them! My dollhouses are my life now, I have been working on all of them at one time or another! Each dollhouse and it is something I adore, they all ave babies rooms for each dollhouse! Now my twin sister Joan is now a miniatures person! She was the one who would brought me all of the extra miniatures 'pieces! I would have not been able to get them if it were not for her! Now she has a dollhouse of her own, she is making it into colonial style home! I hope everyone is doing wonderful, it is such a joy to come back and just read and write to everyone here! Oh yes it will great to find many some questions, I may have for my dollhouse and it missing pieces? I hope someone may know where I can get those missing parts, I have been to others places on the inter net and no place is like this one at all!!!!! My dollhouse is the Nob Hill Dollhouse by Walmer, I found out that there are only three of these dollhouse build if there are more, I would love to hear about them!!! This was in 2010 so I hope in two years time someone has the same dollhouse!!!!!! I also lost my password and I had to get a new one, thank god I could do this, it is a lonely world and when you have such place as this it is something I missed very much when I was not on the Greenleaf community!! So I am just ready to have a wonderful time here again! Best Regards Jane white aka Dollhouse lady
  4. dollhouse identity or information

    welcome this is a great place and yes it is so fun to have wonderful hlep from everyone and everyone knows something welcome again chli
  5. room box

    From the album roombox

    hello everyone this is the bottom of the room box i am not sure if it is one piece or if it is put togther i should look right lol ok i will look is made special the back is place in the other parts still not sure thanks everyone i did it right this time :oD jane
  6. roombox

    From the album roombox

    helloe everyone the room box is held toghter with special screws one for each side my sister lost one :o( but i have the other . here is a picture of the back i am always asking if anyone has seen anything like this type of rooms box before , thanks so :oD jane
  7. roombox

    From the album roombox

    i want to saw different angles of the room box she got it from an estate sale for 12 dollars i made a mistake when i said it was from a second hand store and hi everyone :oD jane
  8. roombox

    From the album roombox

    this is the roombox i did not make public i know i should know by now i am so excite i forgot but i hope everyone like it , it is very heavy and i have not a clue of what it is made of :oD jane
  9. bathroom

  10. nob hill house

  11. inside of the dollhouse

    From the album no name dollhouse :oD

    hello everyone i love the inside and i love the large window i can see it now at christmas :oD jane
  12. DSCN3407.JPG

  13. DSCN3398.JPG

  14. DSCN3365.JPG