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  1. A prayer request, for a friend

    What an awful shock! My prayers for a good outcome are with you both. Hugs, big, gentle hugs.
  2. Living Room Set for Victorian House

    Just what I was thinking..(re coffee tables). Glad to hear I wasn't mistaken. I believe they did have tables in the parlour, but they were high=legged, not cut low. I must be a victorian at heart, I absolutely hate coffee tables, and have never had one in my RL home.
  3. Hello from South Texas!

    Hi there, Veronica :hug: Nice to have you aboard !!! You're going to have a good time here..the folks are really kind and helpful.
  4. Prayers for Roxxie

    Just seen this posting...I'm so dismayed by your situation I hardly know what to think. It's all about money and power these days, isn't it? Please know I am sending you and Stan strength, courage, and above all, healing in these dreadful times. I wish I could do more.
  5. I need some thoughts sent out.

    Heidi...we are all waiting with you. I'm sending strong positive prayers for both of you.
  6. lavender

    Well, goofy me!! I meant to say that I wanted to make them for my minis...the plant I have is young, so I want to limit my harvest this year, but it wouldn't take much for the Orchids, and I know Grannie would love one in her parlour. Thanks for the help, folks. I knew all the names, just didn't know which one would apply. I thought popourri had to contain a number of different types of blossoms ...I've just had a thought...I've made little bowls/plates by pressing small leaves onto rolled out Fimo..I've got a couple of them around here somewhere. Wouldn't that look nice with a few lavender blossoms in it? One more question..I'm on a roll, here, with your help :hug: What is a tussie-mussie? One more time, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
  7. lavender

    My lavender plant is blooming nicely right now, and I'd like to make some (can't think of the word! dang!). You know, those little bags you put fragrant flower blossoms in, to make the room smell nice, then you hang them on door knobs, or put them in drawers...anyway, can someone tell me when do I pick the lavender? Do I pick the blossoms and dry them, then use them? Thanks for your help. :hug:
  8. Looking for the silver lining

    Lyssa...I'm so sorry for you and yours..I've been down that road a number of times in my life, and it's no fun. I wish I could give you a magic pill that would fix everything, but we both know there is no such thing. The only thing I do to weather the storms is to take one day at a time, not easy, I know. I try to find something in each day that makes me smile, and when the worry comes back into my mind, and I know I can't do anything at the moment to correct the situation, then I pull out the memory of the "smiley thing", and focus on that for a bit. It gives my mind a rest, and puts a little cheer and hope back into my life. If you feel like it, you could try this method. Maybe it would work for you, too. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
  9. My Mom

    I, for one, was never going to use a cane! I would die first, said I. I struggled with the pain with every step I took, but no cane for me, by george! Then one day I saw a beautiful, hand crafted cane in an antique store. It wasn't an antique, but it was, and is, beautiful. I bought it right then and there, and it has become my best kidding. I'm complimented on it almost every time I go out. I've lost it a couple of times, fortunately people have returned it to me...I can't tell you how lost I felt without it, and how delighted I was to get it back! Now I check every time I go anywhere..."keys, cane, and wallet" I sing to myself. Don't want to forget any of those. As for the vision..I've got artificial lenses in both eyes, and have had a number of surgeries for detached retina since then. I know I can't see things the way they are, (straight lines are a thing of the past), but somehow I manage. I'm telling you this in the hope that your mother will be cheered up with the thought that it really is a matter of adjusting, in my humble opinion. One day at a time the shock will ease, and hopefully she will be able to use the help offered her. She's a very lucky lady to have you in her life. Bless you both.
  10. I'm having some surgery in the morning . . .

    Rhonda...don't know how I missed this..I'm so sorry you're having all this nasty stuff thrown at you. What a wonderful, strong, courageous lady you are! You are such a great example to me. I'm sure you don't feel courageous at times, but reading all this, I see you going ahead, toughing it out, trying different ways of coping, and all that takes a great deal of courage. There's lots of people out there who would simply fold up at such a time, but not you!! Good for you!!! My prayers are with you. Thanks so much for posting your've helped me a lot.
  11. Prayers for Roy please

    sending you strong positive thoughts for the best possible outcome.
  12. Asking for some special Greenleaf TLC

    Selkie...such a long time to be testifying !!! Good for you !!! I'm proud of you, and I'm sure your family is too. I'm sending you strength, courage, energy, hope, and anything else I can think of..hope you get some rest ...hugs...
  13. Linda's Funny For The Day

    You go girl!!...right out the door!! Good for you!! That's one for our side ~~
  14. How to Remove Excess Wallpaper

    and I, for one, am glad you did! Detailed instructions never hurt...the ones that I find annoying are the ones that assume I know the basics of a technique, something that is not always true!!! Thanks for taking the extra time to make everything very clear.
  15. grannie's parlour

    From the album grannie's parlour

    sorry about the quality of these pics..still learning !!!