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  1. School Starts Today

    My little ladies are back in too..kindergarden and third. Yesterday was the first day for them and I'm back to work today.. Kinda sad, yesterday was worse, but I'm glad to be back in a routine and having two incomes again....hahahah more dollhouse income!
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    I just sent my girls off to school and am now asking myself this very question! What do I do today? The house is entirely too quiet. :jawdrop:
  3. Can anyone tell me where to find a schedule of the Rik Pierce workshops?
  4. Woooo Hoooooo I made Bread

    From the album Things I've made 100% myself!

    A basket o' buns, baguette, cheese wheel and loaf of challah bread and I made all of it today! Even the basket and tray.
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Besides hoping for some rain from the hurricane (I'm in Texas but I can dream can't I!?), I think I'm going to help the girls get their school supplies all together and finish up shopping for some last few back to school clothes before all heck breaks loose with tax free weekend tomorrow. Then it's off to Kindergarten orientation , time flies soooo fast when you have kids of your own. Then it's back to school Tuesday which means back to work for me! Summer is officially winding down, I'll be glad to be back in routine, but sad to see our long summer days together come to an end.
  6. Inside nearly complete

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    So I've come a long way a lost quicker than I thought I'd be able to. The papering has been a pain, but I learned a very valuable lesson! Paint and paper the interior BEFORE you assemble!
  7. Living room

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    This room is lacking: fireplace, ceiling, chair rails, and baseboards. Oh and stairs!
  8. Bathroom

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    I was going to add more paper to this room but decided not to overdo it. I think I may do a terra-cotta colored tile in here but I'm not sure yet. Any suggestions are welcome!
  9. Bedroom / home office

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    This bedroom is a hippo-blue with textured brown wallpaper and a slightly distressed chair rail. I was so nervous when I started with the chair rail and was regretting my wallpaper choice, but now I actually am very happy with how it turned out. I think I'm going to do a dark stained wood floor but still have no idea what kind of furniture is going in here. It's a dollhouse that will be played with for years so I'm thinking it doesn't really matter. Whatever my daughter decides she likes for now; the furniture that came with the kit will probably do for at least a couple of years.
  10. Upstairs

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    *Note to self; ALWAYS paint and paper before final assembly!!!!!!
  11. Downstairs

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    I LOVE this house! :wub:
  12. Coast Guard?

    He's leaning more towards the air force right now, after looking into it he thinks it actually sounds more like something he'd like to do. We're waiting to hear back from his recruiter, either today or tomorrow! I'm excited and we're going to ask for Alaska, I've lived there before and hear that Alaska has very few volunteers so we'd likely get it if we request both bases as his first two pics. *Fingers crossed that this time next year I'm enjoying the 24 hour sunlight dollhousing it up! Only things holding us up at the moment are their rule of coming in with only two dependants; we're not married yet and I have two daughters from a previous marriage so that would be three. His recruiter told him that we could all go in together if he scores a 65 or higher on his ASVAB and I hear this is almost impossible not to do so. And second, he's a citizen of Germany and Austria, but not America yet, and he would like to go into para rescue which requires being a citizen. He won't be eligible to apply for citizenship until Feb and then we have no idea how long the process would take. His only other option, other than waiting it out, would be to go in enlisted and wait it out for three years which at that point he can then apply for para rescue school. I think we're going to try and enlist and wait it out instead of waiting it out here for 1 to 2 years.
  13. Dining Room/ Kitchen

    From the album Lily's Beachwood Victoria Cottage (Greenleaf Haunted Hou

    Floor, walls, and baseboards are done! Now I've just got to finish the window and door trim, the crown moulding, and the ceiling. I have no clue what to do with the ceiling.