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  1. barn living.jpg

    This is stunning!  I love the details you've added. 
  2. barn bathvanity.jpg

    Excellent makeover! 
  3. Enamel tabletop - completed

    From the album Watson Mill

    The enamel tabletop has turned out to be a success.  I probably should have sanded the surface more beforehand.  Even after the gloss sealer, the cross-hatch painting imperfections showed through.  I guess it's just an old, well-loved tabletop.  I always trust the happy accidents, and the surface is not very noticeable in photographs unless you try to capture it. I painted the apron and legs with Zinc by Americana to coordinate with the chairs.  I reduced the height of the legs by 3/16" to have a better proportion for Gustav and in relation to the cabinet. The design was applied using a water slip decal over the entire surface to eliminate any halo around the border design.  Full post here.

    © brae oktober

  4. Kitchen chairs

    Thank you!! 
  5. I have done faux stone on builders foam using a technique I found on a modeling website.  Gesso was used to seal it and then acrylic paints and spackling for grout. I have also done egg carton stone floors, which will give you more texture.  They go faster because the tiles are larger, but they are still a lot of work. Another foam type is called Cellfoam 88 here.  It's very thin and white; it comes in different sizes and thicknesses.  I've used that to make stone for a tower, so you could use the same treatment as the builders foam but it would be thinner and perhaps easier for a floor.  I used gesso and acrylics on it, too.  Woodland Scenics also makes white foam sheets.
  6. Kitchen chairs

    From the album Watson Mill

    I painted the kitchen chairs Zinc by Americana.  What I like about this dark grey is the blue cast to it, which should go well with the enamel tabletop.  I've been trying out processes for the tabletop, so more on that later.  In case that doesn't work out, it will still be a lovely color with a plain white tabletop. I finished with Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish and upholstered with a cotton print from my stash.  I replaced the damaged foam from the kit with two layers of white felt.  The seats aren't glued in since they fit well enough with tension alone.  I can easily clean or replace as needed.

    © brae oktober

  7. FullSizeRender.jpg

      Love it.  I know I've been to this real life place.  All your details are spot on!
  8. Rustic kitchen cabinet

    Thank you!!!  
  9. Brick foundation

    Thanks so much!! 
  10. Rustic kitchen cabinet

    From the album Watson Mill

    I cut down the depth of the Houseworks 2" kitchen cabinet by 1/4" since it was a tad too deep and used Minwax Driftwood stain with satin varnish.  The knobs are wood painted black.  A beautifully rustic cabinet. The pitcher and bowl are from my stash of minis.  It's a favorite that I had been hoping to use in the mill but it wouldn't fit upstairs.  Problem solved.  It's now a kitchen wash set.

    © brae oktober

  11. MerrimackFoyer.jpg

    Looks like an inspiration pic of a real life room. 
  12. MerrimackBar.jpg

    Fantastic!    What time is happy hour?
  13. Back with an Update & Another Question

    Classics makes a narrow door in 1:12 scale, and I've used them countless times in various builds.  You can find them on eBay.
  14. Brick foundation

      Thank you so much!
  15. Large tree skeleton for the San Franciscan.JPG

      Nice work!  Using the branches and clay worked great!