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  1. Reading Room - roombox

    That's a fantastic inspiration room.  
  2. Gustav and his mill

    Thank you!  
  3. Tea trolley and cornercupboard

    Thanks so much!  
  4. Dr. Seuss artwork

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  5. Art crate

    Thank you!  
  6. SC075.jpg

    Fantastic detail! 
  7. Front door

    Clever idea! 
  8. Carrera Marble Bath

    Beautiful work! 
  9. Chicago show April 21

    It's great fun!  Glad to share. 
  10. Skirting and fireplace installed

    Very pretty paper. 
  11. One of two chimneys

    I like this shape. 
  12. Tea trolley and cornercupboard

    From the album Watson Mill

    It's time to start making furnishings for Watson Mill so I can plan the window and door openings on the lower floor. Gustav will be one to dine out most of the time, so there is only a small area dedicated for at-home refreshments.  In a small house, furnishings need to be modest and multi-functional.  The first two items I'm making are a corner cupboard from Art of Mini and a tea trolley by Daisy House. The tea trolley was fiddly, but it ended up being rather sturdy for such a delicate piece.  It has casters so it can be wheeled anywhere it is needed on the main floor.  It can be a shelf for storage as well as a table for meals. The spreader bar included in the kit was not in good condition, so I cut a new section from Tiny Turnings.  I painted it a mix of Battleship with Staining Medium, both by Americana.  I love the sun-bleached look to the color achieved after a very light sanding.  For now, I've just pushed in the brass casters.  I want to try a blackening solution on them before I glue them permanently. I sanded the edges of the cupboard pieces prior to assembly.  This softened the overall look and made it seem made from old doors.  I mounted my doors opposite to the kit photo since I liked that aesthetic better.  I painted the it a base coat of Camel by Americana and then followed that with custom mixed color using Turquoise by Anita's and Plantation Pine by Americana.  I sanded the edges to expose the color beneath for a worn look.  I finished both pieces with Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish.

    © brae oktober

  13. Chicago show April 21

    I certainly did get a lot of things for the mill.  Here's my modest post from the third day.  I will be on the couch today!  
  14. Chicago show April 21

    Day two of goodies!
  15. Chicago show April 21

    Today was my adventure in learning to use a drill press at the Bishop Show workshops.  The instructor was Tom Walden, and he taught us so many great techniques.  I highly recommend this class, but it sells out quickly. After class, I headed to the 3 Blind Mice show for opening night.  I love this show -- always a good mix of goodies in need of discovery.  There's more tomorrow and Saturday at the other two shows as well.  I love April mini weekend!!!  My goodies here: