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  1. Baking table

    Love the conversion. Beautiful!  
  2. Carving a design on the doors

  3. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    =swoons=  Holy moly that's gorgeous!  
  4. How do you attach lights? What glue?

    I use tacky glue with a dot of super glue gel.  Are you working with especially heavy lights?
  5. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Since microwaving metal to loosen the glue is out, you might be able to pop that oven in the real oven to heat the glue.  Maybe a putty knife?  I love both pieces.  I wouldn't cover them up, either.  
  6. Bargello II

    Thank you!   No, this is a pattern from a book - it's just hard starting on a blank slate.
  7. Bargello II

    From the album Watson Mill

    I've finished the new coloration bargello stitching.  Interestingly, the one on the left took 5 hours and the one on the right took 4.25 hours, just like the first time around.  It must just take more time to plot the first one, whereas you can just copy for the second one.  The 40 count linen was rough in a couple of places for the second one, so it might look a little threadbare in spots once done.  It will just make it look old, so I'm not worried about it enough to redo it. Now I just need to make the new benches. 

    © brae oktober

  8. Wallpaper and flooring installed

    Thank you!   It seems like quick work, but there is a lot of behind the scenes going on.
  9. I've got the shakes again

    Thank you!   I have a ton of movies I've seen a thousand times that I use for just such tasks.
  10. Noodling how to make roof tiles

    Well, it's a range, right?  hahahaha  Somewhere in the middle is a nice, happy medium.  
  11. A house of your dreams

    Oh, I have most of mine.  I just need to be independently wealthy so I can just build minis as well as a really long life. This one might be promises.  It is already started, at least.   This next one takes up a beastly amount of space with the garden, so I would also need a larger real life house. This next one is a partial kit, but with enough time I could scratch build it from the pieces and plans I do have.  I have the windows and doors, too. Another beast that I would convert into a lighthouse.    
  12. Noodling how to make roof tiles

    How about this for cheap and relative easy? Or all out just like the real deal?
  13. Cutting down the shakes

    From the album Watson Mill

    It apparently takes six years to forget what a right proper pain it is to wood shake an entire house.    It's a lovely finish though, and very forgiving especially on an old mill.  I will be using light wood shakes from an old defunct kit that I can stain to look weathered.  True to scale shingles won't look right proportionally considering the mill structure is small.  The 1/2" by 3/4" measurements used for a previous house seemed like they would work for the mill as well. I did a rough calculation and will need approximately 1,650 shakes.  After counting the bag, I discovered I have only 1,617 shakes.  No margin for error.  But, if need be, I will use other shakes for the small back wall.  Houseworks makes nice light wood shakes that will work well enough to finish out the set.  I will start here, though. Cut, cut, cut.  Once this bear of a task is done, I'll stain the shingles before application.  I'll also have to finish the windows and door so I can get those installed prior to shingling.

    © brae oktober

  14. Noob, New Dollhouse

    Welcome!    I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.  Once you have made 5 posts, you can create an album to share your progress.
  15. Bed

    Beautiful!  I love the stripe with the toile.