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  1. Cutting board vignettes

    Lovely idea and great work!
  2. SmallRug.jpg

    It's lovely! I know what you mean about evenweave - not!  hahaha
  3. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    Thank you, Kelly and Holly!  I'm just starting a rug for my build.  
  4. Siding needed for Heritage dollhouse

    I built a Heritage where I changed one wall. I made the replacement wall from plywood and 1/2" lap clapboard siding sheets. It was a pretty close match.
  5. Seeking a book

    Well, rats and cats! I didn't even think to ask her!  Ah, well.
  6. Birds on a Branch - 2 hours

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Vintage Sue Bakker petitpoint chart re-charted in PatternMaker Pro, printed on cotton, worked in French knots. I should have just enough time until the deadline to get it finished.

    © brae oktober

  7. OpenRoomBox.jpg

    Standing ovation!!!!!!  This is such a fantastic project, and your progress on it has been a joy to follow. Excellent work! You should be so proud of what you accomplished.
  8. Seeking a book

    FOUND! Long story short, I was able to get in touch with the author and get a copy directly from her!  
  9. Amazing model horse book

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Jasper and I are reading up on tack for mini horses. So happy to have found this very hard to find, out of print book.

    © brae oktober

  10. Painted Window Frames

    I know it was a pain, but the assembly line way of working is really the only way to go when tackling a big project like this. These are simply marvelous! 
  11. Concrete foundation from mdf

    Thank you! 
  12. Building progress

    Thank you! 
  13. That time of year...

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Looks like I'm doing an autumn scene this time. This is autumn gold candytuft from Scenery Solutions - 4 bundles. I'll start making a tree trunk soon.

    © brae oktober

  14. Jebediah McCants

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Some people have been eager to know the horse's name. My horse's name is Jebediah McCants. I looked up the meaning of Jebediah, and it means "beloved friend." McCants is some distant ancestral name, and I thought the names sounded good together. I'm figuring our RFD carrier is Mr. McCants, since the carriers were charged with supplying their own transportation, therefore caring for their own horses. Jebediah looks eager to get on with things, no? I'm gearing up to gear him up, researching more in depth on harnesses and the like. Once I get the harness made, I can paint over this primer coat and apply hair.

    © brae oktober

  15. Bondic