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  1. The Bar Room Box

    Awesome work as always, Emily!  I am totally headed to this place this weekend.  Sable - the copper art is inspired.  Can't wait to see it!
  2. Happy Groundhog Day 2018

    Thank you!   
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wasn't sure where to put this link, but since it's likely not permanent, I figured here was best.  Tiny sweaters for a good price - might work for scale depending on what you need.
  4. The Jillian collection-named after my youngest

    Love the mix of colors and fluid lines. 
  5. Happy Groundhog Day 2018

    From the album Misc minis

    Woodrow is busy looking for signs of spring on this cold Groundhog Day, and I think he's found something!  Fingers crossed for an early Spring!!!  Actually, I'd even settle for a temperature consistently out of the holy-crap-it's-bitter range. 

    © brae oktober

  6. Stairs with runner and rods

    Gorgeous runner!  Such a beautiful room coming to life.   
  7. Blast from the Past

    Crazy animals, those cats!    This is a sweet throwback for sure.  Thanks for sharing!
  8. Selkie

    So very sad.    She will definitely be missed.
  9. Grandpa's new project

      Thanks, Jodi!!! Here's the second post showing the finished parts: 
  10. Grandpa's new project

    That is disappointing.    I've found that even when things are true to scale, they can be out of proportional scale.  I hope you find a solution - it's a great detail to add.
  11. IMG_8247.JPG

    Exquisite work!   
  12. Framework

    You need a scroll saw!    I'd be lost without mine.
  13. Mock up cushion

    Gorgeous work!   
  14. Sconce and wallpaper - detail

    Thank you!    The sconce came in black - there are single sconces that match as well.
  15. MerrimackCentralStaircase.jpg

    Great job on the stairs - they add a lot of character to the house and fit in so well.