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  1. Old desk from Chrysnbon kitchen hutch kit, in progress

    Thank you!    I have both of those books.  I'll need to take another look at them now that I've tried one bash.
  2. From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    In a large group of magazines gifted to me recently, there are numerous articles on how to make more from a kit than what is presented in the instructions.  I've modified kits before, but some of these are truly remarkable and have opened my eyes to even greater possibilities. I bought a Chrysnbon kitchen hutch kit since I had just discovered a modification perfect for an old post office.  In the November 2000 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, there are instructions for converting this hutch into a desk.  I think the vintage style is perfect. I went my own direction using the magazine instructions as a general guide.  Since I didn't care about making anything in particular from the leftovers, I used the spare parts as needed.  It simplified things for me and worked out just as well.  Next up, finishing and hardware.  

    © brae oktober

  3. Oops forgot to post my last bit of loot!
  4. Second day of shows - Bishop and some time at The Miniature Show.
  5. The mini loot begins!
  6. I'll be at 3 Blind Mice Thursday night, the Bishop preview on Friday, the Miniature Show Saturday, maybe Bishop again Sat.
  7. Doctor's Buggy kit

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    The Rondell kit is completely lacking these suspension details, and after seeing the real life examples, I'm thinking the wheels from that kit would be too bulky as well.  The farm wagons and other utility vehicles had substantial wheels, but the mail wagon wheels were rather slight and dainty.  During my research this week, I happened upon a 1:12 scale Doctor's Buggy by Model Trailways.  This can be pricey depending on the retailer, but I found a great deal on amazon for $50 plus free shipping. It has the exact suspension I need and daintier wheels than the Rondell kit.  Considering the time and effort I would expend to recreate these parts, the kit is worth it for those parts alone.  The springs and axles are actually metal in this kit.  The wheels will spin and turn, which is just fabulous!  I think it should be fairly straightforward for me to extend the suspension front to back to accommodate a mail cabin that will likely be longer than the kit's buggy compartment.

    © brae oktober

  8. Mail Wagon in real life

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    I went to a relatively local post office over the weekend to see a real life mail wagon on display in the lobby.  I think my research is complete, and I can begin working on the 1/12 scale version.

    © brae oktober

  9. craftsman hearth.jpg

    Such a stunning room! 
  10. craftsman entry.jpg

    Gorgeous!  I love the blue and wood tones together. 
  11. Duracraft roof fit issues (Linfield)

    I had these issues with the Heritage.  Partly because I made so many bashed changes to it as I built it and partly because it wasn't square to start.  I added braces and fixes - here's the blog post on it.  Maybe it will help.  In fact, one of the comments on my post was from someone who had an issue with a Linfield.  Good luck!
  12. Have you ever stained a dollhouse?

    I stained the now defunct Chalet siding before applying to the plywood base.  It turned out reasonably well other than the fact that one can of stain I had was bad. So, my advice is to test it first before doing whole panels.  I see no reason why the grey wouldn't work as well.  I think it will be lovely!
  13. rsz-img-5810-copybw.jpg

    Love this photo! 
  14. 1/12 Yacht Decor.JPG

    So beautiful!!! 
  15. Vintage farm

    No, this is Baslow Ranch from 2010.    Glad you like the horse.