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  1. Roses.png

    I feel a delightful nap coming on...such a cozy bed. 
  2. Moonlight Retreat, dry fit 1

    I love this idea! 
  3. Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale

    Unfortunately, they don't make it in 1:12 scale from what I can tell.   
  4. Parts for a news press, etc.

    Don't forget American Science and Surplus.  I never get out of there in less than an hour when I visit their local store.
  5. Creatin' Contest kit in dry fit

    Thank you!
  6. From the album HC - Creatin' Contest 2018

    Working on the Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale by Robin Betterley's Miniatures. I’ve eliminated the scrollwork at the top, added a modified Houseworks finial,  replaced the bottom scrollwork with bun feet and altered the clock head to have a more realistic clock face. Here's the blog post to date; you can follow the links back through the previous steps.

    © brae oktober

  7. What scale for automobiles for the dollhouse.

    If you put the car in the garage (even partially), you'll want a 1:12 scale car.  You can get by with 1:14 scale, but even 1:16 scale gets out of whack inside.   Outside you can force the perspective of 1:16 scale.  Sadly, even though they are easiest to find and reasonably priced, 1:18 scale models often look too small unless it's just the right proportion to your building. I have a 1:12 Beetle for the Brownstone and a 1:12 Datsun for the barn since they will be inside the buildings.  Smaller scales just looked off to me otherwise.  I have used 1:14 inside and 1:16 outside. Here are some blog posts on scale cars and proportion. 
  8. Mid century stone exterior

    Yes, excellent work on the stone!   
  9. Front room fireplace

    Well done!   
  10. Hallway, stairs and planter

    Excellent use of non-mini materials!  The stairs are genius!   
  11. Built In Bay Window Sink

    I'll say it again - you have a great knack for putting colors and patterns together.  A lovely kitchen!   
  12. From the album HC - Creatin' Contest 2018

    The first sneak peek!  I plan to make the Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale by Robin Betterley's Miniatures.  This is a laser cut kit with artwork included, but I will likely use my own since I have a few changes in mind. I love Swedish Mora clocks, and if you do a google image search you will find an array of colors and styles.  I've always been drawn to blue ones, but it can be so striking in black.  Since black might overpower in mini, I will opt for blue with some hand painted detailing.  I know the kit clock isn't the traditional shape for the Mora clock, but it lends itself well to modification with that style in mind. The most tedious part of any laser cut kit is removing the burned edges without altering the size, shape or fit of the pieces.  Back soon...once the sanding is done.  Scritch, scritch, scritch...   
  13. Ideas for a bashed interior

    From the album HC - Creatin' Contest 2018

    This year's contest kit will go by the nickname HC for now.  You know me, love to keep you guessing!   The doors and windows that come with the kit are great, but I need to rearrange their placement for my idea.  I'll likely cut down the depth of the building as well, so I won't be using all of the components, either.  First, I swapped out the main door for one a little fancier - a Design House shop door #1014.  The kit door goes into the stash in its place. On the inside, I'll be plugging up the front window and making wall shelf niches on either side of a narrow door to fill the space.  I'll cut a new front wall since that is easier than patching the existing one.  I'll also be enclosing the gable space on the interior to have more wall surface.
  14. Creatin' Contest kit in dry fit

    From the album HC - Creatin' Contest 2018

    I used the HBS April Fools 40% off coupon to pick up this year's contest kit, the Three Gables House.  I've been so busy with real life, though, I must be cuckoo!  haaaaaa!  Wish me luck in even finishing on time.  
  15. Thanks!  It's always so much fun even with the hectic pace.