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  1. Mail wagon - front and back mockups

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Making a mockup for the front and back of the mail wagon before building those portions.

    © brae oktober

  2. Wagon wheel - primed

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Primed, sanded, then primed again. There will be one more coat of primer then the final color.

    © brae oktober

  3. Where is Casey?

    When I did my ten year anniversary blog post last month and looked back for my recaps, I was amazed by how many once familiar names had disappeared from the community - either by illness, passing or just moving on to other things in life. It has also been great meeting new people in the mini world.
  4. New stovepipe

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    I fashioned a new stovepipe from a defunct Chrysnbon cook stove kit part and polystyrene tubing. It will stay unattached until installation. Special thanks to Debora for the bits and bobs!

    © brae oktober

  5. Purchased bridle

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    I fitted a bridle made by Texas Tiny that I bought at a local mini show. It was fiddly, but it fits perfectly and is very well made. I'm getting ready to order supplies to make the harness and hope I can modify this bridle to save me a little time. If not, it's an excellent guide.

    © brae oktober

  6. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    Thank you!   It was very interesting to research. They were just everyday people, which is maybe why it was more interesting to me. 
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Working windows for the Pierce: S/W Crafts Country Estate - ready for rehab: Sweet Shop - Colonial Craftsman: Colonial Craftsmen - Tudor Dollhouse: The Westerner Dollhouse by Doll House Mfg.  
  8. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I just posted my research on the postcard that inspired this build. I was able to figure out who wrote the card, to whom it was addressed and the possible people in the card. That surprised me, because often you are just left to wonder who the people are in old photos.  
  9. The burrow

    Great pop of color!   
  10. kitchen in the daylight

    The mix of natural wood tones with the cool greys is divine!  Well done! 
  11. Stop chain and spring - detail

    Thank you!!! 
  12. Birds on a Branch - 14.5 hours

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    I haven't done much work on the Birds on a Branch rug, because I lost my motivation after deciding I didn't like the diagonal striped border. I removed the border knots with an X-Acto blade and now have a solid border to show. I didn't count the time of the knot removal and redo, but I was able to stitch more after that was done. I'm now at 14.5 hours of work. :]

    © brae oktober

  13. Halloween contest

    Pretty much the only way to photograph window glass head-on is to set up a huge black board (matte finish), make a hole for your camera lens and take photos from behind the board. Your Halloween scene is super fun and would be a great submission for the contest.     
  14. "Marble" Fireplace

    I'm eager to see how it all works out.  I think you've picked a great test piece - nice details and lines.