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  1. San Franciscan

    I found mine 2/3 constructed but with zero parts; the challenge was that the MDF is thick and hard to cut and the window box openings were too large and crooked for the Houseworks windows I bought.  I fiddled for years with refitting via poster board and gave up and hired a real life carpenter!  
  2. San Fran 555 decorating

    Hi, when I rescued my San Fran 555 it did not have windows and I did not have any parts, I bought them from Hobby Builders and got several types for architectural interest.  They did not fit the openings and I needed a carpenters help to fit them in , and like you pointed out, there were gaps inside which I hid with thin wood strips.    It turned out nicely. Hard to show you though with drapies affixed; good luck~
  3. Fireplace inspiratiom

    I have my yellow Duracraft San Fran in my sunroom/conservatory too!   Visitors love it and would not see it upstairs in a bedroom.
  4. Fireplace inspiratiom

    I love this!  Fireplace and area is simply stated but very elegant.... and, I'm wondering--- where do you work on.... and where will you permanently display this incredible masterpiece!
  5. Putting in more baseboard

    The perspective is so true, I feel like I'm touring a Country House in Europe!  Besides your dollhouse skill you surely have a photographers gift.
  6. entrywithceilingandshoji.jpg

    One of a kind and really brought back memories of the Japanese house I lived in as a child on Island of Kyushu.  We even had the bamboo fence and a pit for our stove in middle of room!  Japanese style: perfection in simplicity.   Great job!
  7. The Lady of the House

    From the album Dura-craft San Fran Rehab

    Found this lovely vintage doll on e-bay; perfect Lady for the Yellow Victorian San Franciscan.  She's even a redhead to match her baby.  And since my kids and grandchildren are ALL redheads, Perfect!   Her name is Lady Grace
  8. FullSizeRender (1).jpg

  9. Rocking Horse

    WOW!  Love ALL your rocking horses- such delightful whimsy and detail, but WHAT?  No palomino?
  10. 18th century blue shoes

    I love your work, and especially the tiny period shoes in historic shoe boxes.   Good to go for Abigail Adams herself!
  11. OpenHouse.JPG

    This is beyond fabulous!   I actually lived in Kyushu Japan as a child, no where near in a house this grand.   I have never seen the likes of this kit.   Kudos to you for doing an amazing creation!!! 
  12. image.jpeg

    Your tiny trailer is darling; cozy and very well done!  I love the red plaid.
  13. Construction finished.jpeg

    A gorgeous dollhouse, and the color scheme is lovely and compliments your own home's décor.
  14. Pillow 5- Octopus

    Very creative!   The Octopus is delightful, as are all your pillows.