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  1. New Member

    Hi Dot!  Cool house, cool job!  
  2. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    Thanx Deborah Here's the house - just wanted a slight tint to the windows. The top triangle section on the side is a painted wood panel - not glazing. Here's the Houseplans design: 917-2  
  3. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    Does it smooth out - no brush marks?
  4. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    Rit has a new dye called dyemore - can dye certain plastics. Also food coloring mixed with 'Future' floor wax might work? There's something called Idye poly -made for nylon etc.,  sold at Joannes.     Will look deeper into all your suggestions - big thanks!    
  5. I want to tint clear plastic.  I was thinking of just using Rit dye?? I got the clear plastic from Hobby Lobby - they call it plexglass?? Its about 1/32" thick. I'm doing a modern house that's all white & I wanted the windows to show up some what. Thanks for any help  
  6. Real Good Toys DH but, unsure of name

    Looks like the front wall of a Lancaster?  Discontinued?
  7. Hello from OKC

    Hey Donna. welcome!  Sounds like lots of fun doing this project with you girls!  Memories for sure...  
  8. New member

    Hey Kathleen, welcome! I think we have a handful of new members all choosing to build the Glencroft.  Congratulations! Just search (upper right-hand corner) for: glencroft
  9. Here's another similar one - pretty ez diy: click    
  10. Need advice on doors...

    Ashley, google 'faux grain' you'll get the details that I skipped over.    
  11. Need advice on doors...

    Can you use wood putty to fill in the holes - then paint a base color on the doors similar to the color of the wood, next - with cheesecloth (I think?), stain over the the base coat, creating a grain?? Experiment 1st on scrap pieces.      
  12. 2017-03-16-22.30.27.jpg

    This is gonna be good! Very authentic, Matt.  
  13. New Builder from Maine

    Hey Mark, welcome...