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  1. The Bar Room Box

    Sable, here's an easier way the get to a specific profile: If you know the member's name enter it in the search box, choose member from the drop down list, click search, then click their member name in the search results.
  2. Hello from Maryland!

    Hi Susan
  3. Hello I'm Nathalie from France

    Hi Nathalie,    You should be proud - that's quite the résumé. ...went to your website - your work is lovely!  
  4. bleaching roof shingles.

    Hey Chris
  5. RGT Victorian Alison Jr

    Hi Hannah, To find some pics while you're waiting: In the upper right hand corner of this page there's a search box. In double quotes type "alison jr" the left - a drop down list will appear - select IMAGES then click the magnifying glass    
  6. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    We're on Cape Cod & there's a 3rd nor'easter coming our way on Monday? I looked around our yard this morning for any damage from the last 2 nor'easter & noticed one of the knobs on our grill was missing, a couple of downspout elbows gone & a plastic warning sign that was attached to house over a vent pipe is now stuck on our fence.  Lots of trees, branches & pine cones everywhere.  We only lost power briefly tho. And NO snow accumulation - don't know about Monday. Only had to pull out the snow blower once this year - lets keep it that way!!
  7. New From Arizona DuraCraft VH-600

    Hey Pati, welcome
  8. Favorite power tools?

    My NEW favorite power toy is... Origin by the Shaper co.   Its a portable computer guided router/CNC. To use it, you look at the screen and keep the circle over the blue lines. You can move over a line drawn on a surface or you can select simple shapes from the computer or you can upload drawings from Sketchup, etc. The computer adjusts or corrects the router's position.  In other words - you can move slightly off the lines you're trying to follow and the router will jiggle & wiggle itself back on target on the fly. If only my crayons did this when I was a kid click  
  9. 0729170016a.jpg

    I'm hope'n she's a good witch 'cause I might like to visit this cozy place...  You're doing a great job Laura - its all in the details! 
  10. Okie first timer

    Hey Rachael
  11. Help with Trunk Kit

    Trunk kit #Cats8 made by Cat's Paw I couldn't find this trunk on their site or much of any trunks. The trunk kits may have been a limited item? On the Handley House site it says only 4 available. They seem to specialize in brass parts & findings. Maybe you could email them? Email:    
  12. New Member

    Hey DD
  13. new from Florida

    Hey Suzanne
  14. Homemade Resto in VA

    Hey Erin Is it 1/4" plywood?  Will you be adding a staircase? You can DIY the windows & doors if the openings are odd sized or you can fill in the openings & re-cut them to standard sizes.  
  15. Hello from the UK

    Hello Ann-Marie