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  1. Hello from New Joiner

    Hi Donna, You can start an album here at Greenleaf once you've made 5 posts!
  2. Thank you thank you! This is what I really wanted!

  3. Electrical schematics

    1173 x 802 x 256 - 922k  
  4. Good morning!

    Hi Sarah
  5. Hello from Texas

    Hey Faith, Are you building a scratch model or adapting a kit of the home you grew up in?
  6. Hello from Hazel Green Alabama

    Hey Shannon
  7. Oh there's this site > click ...might help??
  8. I saw this on the RGT's site: If you do not see the instructions you need on this page, please email us at and we'll be more than happy to email them to you.       
  9. Hello from Texas

    Hey Ovenproofeskie
  10. Hi, my name is Tim)

    Hey Tim
  11. Return after 25 years...

    Hey Genevra
  12. 1/12th scale 2x4 Hollow Wall Construction

    Correction: The link for this build should be here > CLICK The tabs were one long 4' strip made in 2 halves, each having a groove, then glued together to create the hole for the rod.  Then the strip was cut into 3/4" pieces. And yes, glued to the vertical studs in a staggered fashion. So no CNC. In (my old CorelDraw 9) to print an image in TILES (not called billboard), you need to make the on-screen page width & height large enough to fit the framed wall, floor or roof. Then choose FILE/PRINT & tab LAYOUT, etc. Check this out first > click A few ebayers sell 1/8" X 12" X 24" Baltic Birch Plywood (20) sheets. As long as you keep them stored flat & dry - they should be fine.