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  1. Porthole (window)

    I cut it from a plastic ball - I made it a bit larger than the porthole to hide the rough edges inside of the shack. I spray painted it black then put a high gloss clear coat to simulate glass & match the front window - - so I don't know why I was looking for something clear?
  2. Industrial Pendant trim detail.JPG

    You should be able to get into the album now - it was set to private - somethin' must of changed when they did the upgrade  will have to check all my albums now! Thanks for the nail art tip.    
  3. Industrial Pendant trim detail.JPG

    Great upgrade. Makes me think of a porthole I made using bits & pieces... I'll have to check out 3D nail art.
  4. Reading Room - roombox

    11. Dry fit wall framing  
  5. First wall with pieces of crown

    Heidi are you cutting each piece separately or gluing the pieces together, then cutting them? Anyway, it looks very elegant.
  6. Reading Room - roombox

    Thanks everyone!   ...too early to make any noise... 10. Setting up the back wall framing   Source
  7. Reading Room - roombox

    7. Under side of sub-floor showing joists. Notice the sub-floor is overhanging the joist edges. 8. That's a Dremel Trio Flush Trim bit - part of theTR770 5-Piece Starter Carbide Router Bit Set. The bit & floor assembly are upside down so you can see that the bearing rides against the joist & trims the sub-floor's rough edges flush with the outer joists.     << The blue section cuts the wood & the chrome wheel at the bottom is the bearing that follows an edge. 9. Rough edge trimmed part way:
  8. Reading Room - roombox

    I only need about 80 volunteers...  
  9. Reading Room - roombox

    4. Joist floor frame done 5. Apply glue (not very neat - I know) 6. Place sub-floor on frame & place weights - over night     The sub-floor is rough cut & oversized - it doesn't need to be pretty - 'cause I'll use a router & trim bit to clean it up. EZ foundation...              
  10. Reading Room - roombox

    PROGRESS PHOTOS: (click to enlarge) 1. Making sure all the floor joists are exactly the same length. (miter gauge used to square strip wood to sanding disc) 2. Gluing up the 2 header joists & 2 floor joists to form the foundation - making sure everything is square. 3. Scrap cardboard cut to the size of the spacing between joists. (used a digital caliper to measure & a utility knife to mark)    
  11. Reading Room - roombox

    I saw this picture & finally got inspired - I think its from a book cover??  Wish I could see the whole room... Here's my plan - or maybe I'm just thinking out loud -   I had to spread out the frame spacing & lower the ceiling to get 3 studs / 24" of my dwindling strip wood supply. Over the stairwell I thought to put frosted plastic to let some light in & give the illusion of continuing to the 2nd floor? I have some veneer for the planking & some crown molding - The shutters will show light coming thru but will not swing open.  The closed shutters are an Interesting idea for a roombox, 'cause you don't need a outdoor scene - just light streaming in.
  12. Close up of cord wood wall

    I've always loved the look of these too. We had tons of trimmings in our yard - Super cool Kelli.
  13. Favorite power tools?

    I googled Dremel Trio & found it online, but of course it was either sold out or not available.  Not showing up on Dremel's site either, so probably discontinued. If anyone really wants one it'll have to be secondhand I guess,   On the upside - all the bits & accessories seemed be available.    
  14. Hello, again!

    Hey Ann, welcome back!