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  1. Dollhouse Kits (1/12 scale)

    Indeed - I wish they kept producing it. It's definitely a nice kit.
  2. Due to changes at work, I decided to go on hiatus with the hobby and find new homes for my dollhouse kits. The following are what I can recall at the top of my head that I have. I'll update this list once I make a trip to my storage unit and assess what I have. I provided links so you have an idea of what they look like. All are 1/12 scale and are being sold as kits unless otherwise noted. Prices are negotiable - please PM me if you're interested (and please include a zip code so I can calculate the shipping.Or do a flat rate and refund the difference if it turned out to less than the flat rate). Thanks everyone in advance! Dollhouse Emporium Sun Lounge Kit for Malibu Beach House - MDF (sunroof part) Size when assembled: approx 17"W x 15"D x 9"H   RGT Tamarack Dollhouse Kit - Plywood (link goes to my blog chronicling my building this house - selling another kit) Size when assembled: 32"W x 16"Dx 21"H *I might have two of these kits available - will verify this week once I check my storage unit.   Larimer Dollhouse Kit - Plywood (2 room, doors and windows included) Size when assembled: 15 1/4"W x 14"D x 21"T   Asahi Tea Dollhouse Kit + Components - Laser Cut Size when assembled: 12 1/2"Wx 10"D x 11 1/2" H Also includes: skylight roof part, greenhouse kit, standing seam roof (probably have other things - all are still in the shipping box it came from)   Downhill Ski Shop + Components - Laser Cut Size when assembled (for main house): 10½"W x 14½" D x 20" H Also includes: Addition 1 (right side), Addition 1 (left side), Dormer Kit   Primrose Dollhouse Kit - Wood (2 Kits) Size when assembled: 13” W x 12” D x 16” H Have 2 kits available   RGT Front Opening Country Tudor Kit - Plywood (guess RGT no longer sells this) Size when assembled: 14"W x 12-1/2"D x 29"H -5 rooms
  3. The Neville House 47

    From the album The Neville House

  4. The Neville House 49

    From the album The Neville House

    I put some plants on the outside porch/deck to give some color. Might replace these with something else...but not sure yet.
  5. The Neville House 48

    From the album The Neville House

    View of the right side of the Neville House. The wall decorations are more laser cut walnut beads. I attached them to the wall using a small amount of tacky wax. Forgot how messy this wax can be!
  6. The Neville House 46

    From the album The Neville House

    I had to angle the house and my smartphone to get this interior shot - this shows the dining set and the left wall of the house. The wall art on the wall is actually a laser-cut bead made of walnut.
  7. The Neville House 45

    From the album The Neville House

    Close up of the dining table. The pitcher and glasses are actualy 1:24 scale. The aqua marine dinnerware set are actually 1:12 scale. But had to pick the smallest sizes that would best work for the table. The placemats I cut out of rattan cardstock.
  8. The Neville House 43

    From the album The Neville House

  9. The Neville House 42

    From the album The Neville House

  10. The Neville House 41

    From the album The Neville House

    And the dining set has been set in place. These too were a custom order.
  11. The Neville House 40

    From the album The Neville House

    Moving the remaining pieces in. I ended up slipping them into the house via the front windows/patio doors.
  12. The Neville House 39

    From the album The Neville House

  13. The Neville House 38

    From the album The Neville House

    Wanted to take this photo before moving the other pieces in. All the items were purchased/custom made from the same Etsy shop that I got my furniture for the ARC dollhouse. All these pieces are 1:16th scale.