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  1. barn 003.jpg

    Wow...that looks like a 1980's Breyer Horse barn!!! I had one when I was little! http://www.popscreen.com/p/MTYwMDkyODI5/Breyer5StallHorseBarnStablewCorralandGateforTraditional
  2. 07-

    Wow, did you paint that?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Minis On The Edge

      Very cool playhouse!

    3. tuffy

      I don't have any children but I wouldn't mind having this in my home. I can put my work table and my dollhouses in here!! ;)

  3. moon glow

    what did you use to create your windows? I really like the looks of your windows...
  4. Westville

    From the album My Dollhouses

    I bought this about a year ago. I was attracted to the style of this house. I have many ideas for this house. I plan on creating this into a some what modern cottage but that has a little a bit of fantasy. No period style. Just something out of my head. I look sometimes look a upon this house as my own personal Willoughby. Anybody who is a fan of the Twilight Zone will understand.
  5. 3rd Rutherford Dollhouse

    From the album My Dollhouses

    Ok I don't know what to say now...My lovely and wonderful husband to be bought me an early Christmas present: A Rutherford dollhouse. Oh my.... . I hadn't told him yet that I just bought two of them. Oh well, I think I will put one in storage for any future daughter (or son) we should have.
  6. death1.jpg

    I like this one! How were able to paint the horse?
  7. Princess Leia doll rehab I: the finished dress, on the doll

    I'm huge Star Wars fan - do you have any other pictures of your rehab-ed Leia?
  8. my reproduction of my last home

    Beautful Dollhouse. I love the color scheme.
  9. Rutherford-Dollhouse---2nd.jpg

    From the album My Dollhouses

    Finally!!! I found the dollhouse I had when I was little. I am now the proud owner of two Rutherford Dollhouses by Artply.
  10. Rutherford-Dollhouse.jpg

    From the album My Dollhouses

    I've got some ideas for them. However, I still have to finish my Westville first.
  11. Foxhall Manor photos

    This is beautiful. I like the floor. May I ask where did you get your tiles for the floor? Is it one sheet or are they single tiles?
  12. Zoe and my front window.jpg

    From the album Dollhouse Mishap?

    Planning a wedding, looking for house, and having a schedule that is 3:30 pm - 12 am, doesn't leave much room to work on a hobby. So when ever I get a chance to, I try to take it. I didn't have to be anywhere that morning, so I figured I would work on my dh. Well, this is what happens when you ignore your little furry friends and shoo them away. When I went to work, sometime between 3:30 pm - 12 am, my little guy got his revenge. He chewed the moulding for my dh kitchen window off. I didn't want to use the windows that came with the kit anyways... p.s. The moral of story...when your pet wants to play or "help", let them... ;)
  13. Zoe trying to get my attention

    From the album Dollhouse Mishap?

    I remember this morning very well. Zoe would not leave me alone and "talking" my ear off! I was trying to work on my dollhouse and he was more in the way than anything else. So I shoo-ed him away. That wasn't the last of it.
  14. P9290059 (Small).JPG

    I like this as well! I like the lanterns.