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  1. DIY Miniature Dining Table

    Luan, I think you did a great job!
  2. Maple tree - second putty application

    wow! even without paint it looks like the real stuff, great work!
  3. Noel Thomas Grey's River slim windows

    can't help you but I love the house
  4. Opinions Please!

    I think this is a very good idea and it looks really good!
  5. My house moved into the living room as soon as it entered the front door and never moved from there. It's a big house; I've put it on a TVtable on wheels so it can easily be rotated if  needed.    Plus I don't have a husband who can complain about it   I must admit, after a year along came a big wooden table and of course a chair, and my printer, and small roomboxes for whenever I want to do a small project,  and crates with 'stuff'' so I have materials on hand. Concluding: it brought an awfull mess, not at all living-room-y, but uhmmm I can work on my house when I feel like it  
  6. What animated movies would you recommend?

    Peter Pan and, still, Snowwhite and Jungle Book.
  7. paper irises

    I think they are beautiful too. Well done!
  8. MikeUK aka ElvisHasLeftTheBuilding

    hey Mike, So sorry to read about your illness. I hope in despite of that you will keep your sense of humor. Hang in there! Hope you will defeat this monster. You are in my thoughts, hoping you will feel a lot better soon.
  9. I honoustly think I would not have a problem with that. so many things to keep me busy.  sometimes it bothers me that I really should do a post on my blog, 'cos I have so many other things to do and I think it is such a waste of time to spend it on the pc.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Thank you, Holly!
  11. What's one item you must have?

    my hot packs. there's always an ache somewhere.
  12. Air plants- do they last a while?

    I've had some air plants years ago. Sometimes I forgot them for weeks, then when I thought of it I sprayed them and lo and all came back to life. It is the coolest invention ever for people who happen to lack green thumbs 
  13. how I keep my real house clean and clutterfree? well, let's see.... I don't :s
  14. What's everyone working on?

    LOL Bluebear, I know what you mean.. I made them after mine :)
  15. dead roses

    No, but I will keep your suggestion in mind :)