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  1. Hello- I guess I should officially introduce myself although I have aready posted my first question. I am a newbie at dollhouses. Although, I had on as a child that my dad built for me, this is my first build. I recently acquired a Garfield that had been mostly build but neglected for what looks like a couple of years. As I said in my other post, with some TLC from me, it is coming along. This is the house of my dreams. I have always wanted a grand dollhouse just like this one but the time just never seemed to be right. I have also always known what color I was going to paint it and how it would be decorated (though that has changed somewhat over the years) I will try to post progress pictures to share, however, our digital is not working properly at the moment. I just wanted to say "HI" and thank you for all of the warm "Welcomes" in my previous post. I will certainily be around here a lot, if not posting questions, at least lurking for the answers. Susan