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  • Interests For a special birthday ten years ago I asked my dad if he would build me a dollhouse. He and my mom had already constructed and decorated a beautiful Allison for my daughter, which defaulted to me since she never was into miniatures. This time, I wanted to have the shell ready for my own touches. Dad said he would try, but feared he might not have it in him any longer, and sadly his supposition proved true.

    My father got about 60% into The Bellingham Farmhouse before quietly covering the project with a tarp and not looking at it again. He passed away four years ago and the dollhouse had been in storage ever since, far from our house.

    I recently brought it home where it is now (November, '09) sitting on the living room rug pending the purchase of a work table for the family room. Then I will begin.

    This will be quite a project. I enjoy reading. writing, cooking, genealogy, dolls and of course miniatures. We also love our golden retriever and our four birds.

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  1. Bellingham Farmhouse Exterior - April, 2013

    Have been working on this beast(!) for a number of years but I am totally inexperienced and give it up for months at a time. You're experienced and should do fine. Now that mine is finally approaching the finish line I can tell you that this is one beautiful house.
  2. Sick kitty

    Wishing your little guy a speedy and complete recovery! Animals are so much a part of our lives and when they become ill, we hurt too. Hope to hear some good news from you soon!
  3. Which is exactly why I am hoping someone wants to sell me a set!
  4. Hi, I appreciate the input! LindaC, I am talking about the trim around the inside of the windows, the sill, etc. If the windows were rectangular or square, I could easily make the fittings, but the tops of the windows are arched and I would rather obtain something already made. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm seeking interior window fittings for the DuraCraft Columbian, a picture of which is in my gallery. I am rehabbing this house and the original fittings were too decrepit to keep. I would rather have ready made than do it myself. Thank you.