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  1. do you have pics of your half scale bungalow, I just got mine in the mail today :) 

  2. any sneak peak pics of your house?

  3. Why are some people so biting? Do they realize how they sound? :p

  4. Debating stains...can't find 1 I like... :p

    1. thinkinlikegavroche

      Natural materials work supprisingly well for some things.

  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    HOLY MOLY Jennifer...that is quite a plan!!! We haven't been doing much around dh had an awful case of Tendinitis in his hand...he had to have a steriod shot and wear a cast for 2 weeks...and now it's better than ever!!! We have a bunch of birthday parties and such lately, and then we are going through our house and updating it... I'm feeling the need to update...the last time we "decorated" our house was 5 years I'm looking forward to painting some rooms in the house... This summer we hope to re-do our kitchen cabinets, just paint them and re-do the counters... but those are our biggest plans...
  6. Went to HD today...they mixed the main color of the house...Charismatic by Behr...I love it in the container...let's see if I love it on the house!!! :p

  7. Just ordered my tape-wire supplies...WOAH...this is for real!!! :p

  8. Dry-Fit rooms from the first dry-fit...playing w/lights and furniture!!! :)

  9. Allocating rooms...bashing away... I LOVE getting a new kit!!! :) At this point there is sooo much that can be done!!!

  10. In the midst of decorating hysteria... :p

  11. If you hinged a house...did you wallpaper under the hinge?

    1. Audra

      On my Woodstock - first level was partial wallpapered, and I did paper under hinge. The second level was partail wainscoating, and I butted that up to the hinge

  12. Priming...Priming...Priming... :p

    1. stefanib123

      Got my package today! That was FAST! Love them so much and thank you!

    2. stefanib123

      Got my package today! That was FAST! Love them so much and thank you!

  13. IT'S HERE!!! :) I put up a post of the kit!!! :)

    1. stefanib123

      Yay!! It's like Christmas, isn't it, getting a new package in the mail? LOL!

    2. thinkinlikegavroche

      ooo! what kit? what kit?

    3. Audra

      Amanda - makes me really want the harborside mansion! I would have to get rid of house to make room for it!

  14. IT'S HERE!!!!! :):):):):)

  15. "Share This Topic" Feature

    I had a FB account, (I took it down for personal reasons, unrelated to this)... and honestly, even if I were to or had linked the posts onto the FB page, I highly doubt my friends would click on it to see what it was all about... And if they did, I'm not sure they are getting any information on me that I didn't already approve in my GL profile to be there... So maybe if anyone else has any concerns with that feature they could just adjust their profile pages right??? :yes: I guess what I'm saying is I'm on the same page as Chris... :thumb: