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  1. Nearly impossible to concentrate

    I analyze investment opportunities -- so, financial statements, various ratios among financial numbers. This week will probably be mostly descriptive stats to characterize different funds, but there are other projects that involve more predictive analysis. This is part of a career change, so I'm still somewhat of a beginner. But I also have my little non-investment hobby project for online pals on another site, where I have an excuse to trot out chi-squared and Welch's t-test and the like. Getting tone right in a scene can be a beast... the scene can be perfectly well-written and yet not do what you want it to do! And characters do tend to slip their leash on first drafts.
  2. Nearly impossible to concentrate

    Exactly! I cannot write a sexy scene to save my life! Well, not without cracking up giggling. You're actually substantially nearer being publishable (which I know isn't your goal now, but why not, maybe, eventually?) just because you recognize that writing can be hard. There was one group where I got so frustrated with the people who'd talk about how "it just flows" and then show off their unpunctuated, misspelled, incoherent ramblings, and what do you say to that to be supportive? Incoherent notes, sure; but when that's their "final" draft? Like anything you like to do, there are days when it's all easy and fun, and there are also days when it's an effort to move ahead, get better, get it "just right" and so on. Even a good day of writing left me more tired than a bad day of statistical analysis does.
  3. Nearly impossible to concentrate

    Oh dear! While I respect category romance novelists -- writing a novel on their timelines is hard work, even if it's relatively formulaic! -- the two writers just don't have the same lives at all. It's similar to the difference between running your own company (Lucia) and being middle-management at someone else's firm (Pam) in terms of what's demanded of them and what support they get. I've encountered well-written romance novels... but... how popular fiction portrays "business" gets on my nerves, so I mostly read non-fiction anyway.
  4. Nearly impossible to concentrate

    The good news is that you should be sharing it -- agents want to hear that your novel has been workshopped, been to conferences, etc. Many won't even look at a sample chapter if they haven't met you at a writers' conference. And as you already know, you'll need an agent to get a publisher to look at the manuscript, as very few publishing houses will consider "over the transom" submissions. So it's defnitely worthwhile for you to join an in-person or online writer's circle to start your networking. Doing the workshop/conference/networking process is no guarantee that you'll get the book published, but it does vastly increase your chances of success. (Genre romance novels are probably the one fiction area where this is much less true, since Harlequin actively solicits submissions from new writers.) Good luck and have fun!
  5. The Middle School Saga is over

    Bless you! Back when I taught at SUNY-Albany, I even had an irate parent barge into my office! Now that Nat's middle-school worries are over, and after she's had a bit of a summer break, it's time for her to think about what she wants to accomplish in high school beyond slogging through to graduation. The more she has goals she's willing to fight for, the more easily she'll be able to endure the dull or apparently meaningless bits. To the extent that she's allowed space for electives in the first two years, one goal should be "trying new things" -- for all anyone knows, she has some fabulous talent in some field that she's never been exposed to yet.
  6. I Dream of Minis!

    When I used to collect tin litho houses, I'd have dreams about finding incredible ones in obscure antique stores. Can't recall any dreams about building dollhouses, but I suspect that's because I work on my houses too erratically and infrequently. If you're dreaming about something that you've been doing, it's usually because your brain is tidying up after whatever you've been learning.
  7. 6/3/07 Healthy Life Style

    Fish oil pills. Wonderful stuff for skin and hair.
  8. What is your Accent?

    Total San Francisco-style accent here... all short vowels become schwas if not watched carefully, "human" is pronounced "yuman," "iron" is pronounced "iyern," and "wine" and "whine" sound exactly the same, as do "Mary," "merry," and "marry." We emote mightly but enunciate hardly at all. Oh, and "yeahbut" is one word, functioning as an all-purpose transition. Another way you tell a native Bay Area person from a post-1980 transplant to the region: we natives pronounce Spanish names as if they're English. The newbies try to talk Spanish. So my original burg of Modesto is "M'destuh" to me, but "Moh-days-toh" or "Moh-dess-toh" to newbies. You say "Awl-uh-may-duh," I say "Al-uh-mee-duh"... (The last few Californios (descendents of the original Spanish settlers) are probably appalled by both versions.)
  9. 5/24/07 Miniatures & Family

    Not alone at all! My father built three of my first dollhouses when I was a tot -- I still have two of them. My parents have more houses than I do (and more space for them). The husband helps when I demand help, but he's more into wargaming miniatures. Occasionally I swipe his 1:144 tanks as toys for my 1:12 houses.
  10. The Cost of a Gallon of Gas

    $3.08 for unleaded regular at the station on the corner, which isn't the absolute cheapest but is usually where I end up, due to having put off getting gas until I'm down to fumes. *sigh*
  11. 5/25/07 Gas Prices & The Holiday Weekend

    I went for "undecided" because ridiculous gas prices are one factor in deciding not to go to San Diego, but the husband's needing to study for a final and my being behind on projects are really what made the decision. But I'm feeling smug about not wasting the gas money for the trip -- does that count?
  12. I need a shoulder to cry on

    Oh Annette! Hugs to you and the fur-baby! It probably *is* just a tooth problem. One of my grandfather's recently adopted strays was down to skin and bones before anyone realized the cat didn't have enough teeth to eat dry food... on a diet of wet food, the cat is now fine. "Preparing yourself" is so you don't shriek, "No! No!" in the vet's office, slug the vet, get arrested, and have to explain all this to your family. It doesn't remotely get you off the hook for wandering around crying or whatever your baseline reaction to grief is. But your fur-baby probably *will* be fine.
  13. 5/22/07 Your Most Exciting creation

    Whatever I'm working on at any given time, so I'm very into the stucco on my Orchid at the moment.
  14. The Day from HELL...............

    Aaaahhhhh... yeah, I know what you mean. My question of the week: "If I really believed in what I'm doing, what would I be doing right now?" Sometimes it is screwing around on the internet, but not always. :yes:
  15. Happy Birthday

    Oh! Thank you! I totally didn't see this thread, so I also appreciate its being bumped. My mother tells me that I'm under orders to spend any birthday cash on minis. Can't beat that.