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  1. Back Surgery 2009

    Hi Holly! Thank you so much for the welcome home and the congrats:) I'm so glad to be back here, I missed you all. I've been brosing through the gallery at all the wonderful eye candy. There are some amazing new builds in there!
  2. Back Surgery 2009

    Hehe. Hi I've taken a 2 year break from building, can you believe that? This past year has been a whirl wind. Caleb and I bought a house in March, got married in April and we've just been enjoying being newlyweds and all the craziness in between My Emerson Row still sits unfinished. I'm currently building a Arthur for my 7year old Niece as a surprise Christmas present. I gotta say I'm really loving building again, I forgot how much I loved it. I'll have to post pics soon to show you how its going. I plan to come around more frequently. Its so nice to see familiar faces here
  3. Back Surgery 2009

    Hi Heidi! I'm glad to hear you are recovering from your back surgery well! I'll say a prayer for you that you continue to have a speedy recovery.
  4. Just wanted you to know I have been missing you! I hope you are doing well! ~ Tracy

  5. Animal Crossing: City Folk

    Heidi its so good to see another harvest moon addict! I havent gotten the new Animal crossing yet, but my wonderful fiance bought me the new harvest moon game 4 weeks ago while I was recovering from my surgery to keep me entertained. and im addicted! I wasnt to much of a fan of "magic melody" for gamecube but I LOVE this one. I even ended up buying the guide for it online and love that too. I havent played this week but I'm just finishing my first year. What are everyones thoughts on animal crossing? is it any good? I havent bought that one yet.
  6. What I've been up too...

    Thank you so much! The Emerson I've done much more with. The outside of it already has all the siding on it and I started on the stone work. The tennyson is just 1/2 a shell right now. I think I'm going to start on the emerson, although Ive been drooling at pictures of fairfields all morning, now that would be a fun kit to make, ive always wanted to do a 1/2 scale. its so good to be back :xmas_tree:
  7. What I've been up too...

    Hi Everyone! It's been a long time since I've logged on to this site and say hi. Ive missed you all! My life has been very busy since the engagement in April. Between wedding planning, we're in the process of buying our first home, work, I had nose surgery 4 weeks ago, studying for my personal training certification, and all the things in between Ive neglected my minis. And I've been itching to get working on them again. If all goes to plan with the house we put an offer on we could be in escrow by Christmas (fingers crossed) which also means we will be moving towards the end of January. And the wedding is coming up on April 25th! I know the first step I need to do in order to work on my mini's again is to clean and organize my work station again, it is so cluttered and messy theres no way I can work on a single mini until I do so. So I need to do that first.. After that I'm at a loss of what project I should work on first... I have 2 houses unfinished right now. The Tennyson, and the Emerson. The tennyson as meant to be a gift for my mom for her bday not this year but last year, thats how far behind I am. wow. The Emerson I was during into a bed and breakfast. I have so many kits unopened that need to be built as well. Most importantly my beacon hill, but I dont think I'm ready to tackle that one yet. Anyone have any suggestions on where to pick up again? It's so good to see all of you on here. Ive missed you! Happy Holidays :xmas_tree: *hugs* Jenny

    Welcome Back Nutti! I have been MIA for a long time but it's sure good to see you and all my other greenleaf friends on here :xmas_tree: Your job at bestbuy sounds great and very challenging! i can imainge the holiday season there is stressful *hugs*
  9. mine is ordered! yipee! i know just what im gonna do too :o
  10. YAY! ive been looking for some inspiration to get myself back into my mini's... and this is it!! looking forward to this contest!
  11. congrats on the 5lbs lost heidi! i LOVE silk! I drink it all the time!
  12. The Traveler

    Yay! im SO glad Thumper arrived safely! enjoy your time with her! she is a great little bunny
  13. Fun Puzzle game to pass the time

    suuuuurrrrree off and on... LOL
  14. Ideas needed

    your welcome let me know how it goes
  15. Ideas needed

    also: if you do go with yoga.. target has some really nice yoga matts for 19.99. thats where i got mine. And walmart has the 2 pack foam bricks that yoga dvds use for 9.99. and you can get the yoga stech belt for about 3 bucks at both stores i think those are the good starter tools for yoga!