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  1. DSCN5488

    Good job! Everytime I see another Orchid, it makes me want another kit. I love seeing progress photos. This so reminds me of how much joy I had building that very first one. Thank you for sharing your photos!
  2. complete Dry Fit

    Yay! Looking good! The Orchid will always have a special place in my heart, it made me fall in love with dollhouses. Great idea with a primrose addition, I look forward to that.
  3. dollhouses 022.jpg

    If I had to do this over again, I would have cut off the ends of stick pins and put them through the beads and used clear Aileens tacky glue. I was only learning when I assembled these, but I learned so much from them!
  4. I've been in contact with the owner of an ebay shop and apparently the timberbrook products will be coming back. I'm really excited to have some closet doors I've been searching for a long time! Am I the only one excited with this news?
  5. 1:24 Tennyson Bash

    This is really looking great! I love photos of the build process, it helps me decide which kits I may like to try in the future. Thanks for sharing, great job!
  6. Twilight Porch Vignette (half scale)

    Your porch looks amazing!!!!!! Let me get a glass of lemonade and relax a bit. ;) Did you use plastic canvas for the lattice work?
  7. Wow, I've taking a little break from dollhouses these past few months to explore asian ball jointed dolls. Oh how I have missed dollhousing!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Dalesq

      I have a 1:12 realistic male BJD doll, but the one I really love is my robot girl who is 1:24 scale BJD. Neither has been painted yet; my daughter does the painting and mods and has promised to help.

    3. joannie

      well, I now have 12 BJD's of varying sizes....they are what actually got me into dollhousing - even tho I have given away their houses :D

    4. mollymmoore

      Oh, we should make some photos in here of our bjds with our dollhouses! I think my dolls are taller than the dollhouse I'm doing, but it would be fun!

  8. 2014 looks to be the year for mini furniture making!

    1. ~morningstar~

      I like that idea too. :D

  9. F: Dollhouse front with pediments

    It looks great!!!
  10. I'm grieving the loss of my sweet dog, Milo......

    I am so sorry you lost your friend.
  11. Garfield142

    Looks great! I'm much to intimidated to try that kit anytime soon. Good Job!
  12. National Cheeseburger Day 2013

    Too cute!
  13. Linfield

    That kit is on my wish list! I'm sure you'll do great with it!
  14. another view of shop

    That's awesome! I might have to have you over to set up my garage! Ha ahhaa Looks like a great workspace.
  15. Garfield133

    That looks beautiful. I don't see it looking dirty in the photo. I like it.