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  1. Extra Hour In A Day 3/10/09

    Probably sit in front of the computer thinking,I could have done something better today,O well maybe tomorrow... Then have a pattern of mining, then a relaxing bath...
  2. 9/26/09 What would You Do If

    A work application to a well paying job, something I would be able to do, and stand of course...
  3. Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

    For me I would say family/pets and if that's included then music. Everyone needs a tune!
  4. What's Your Favorite.....8/03/08

    I would have to say my favorite flowers are pansies, or tulips. My favorite color is light blue,like the sky,and my favorite food is...hmmm... dessert! Just like Homer!
  5. 4/5/06 How Do You View Your Pet?

    C, I even count them as sisters and brothers... creepy.