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  1. StepSon Killed in Accident

    I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My prayers are with you. Kirsten
  2. Mini on the way!

    Congratulations!!!!! This is terrific news and I am SO happy for you and Chris!!! April will be here before you know it. How WONDERFUL for the three of you!!! Kirsten
  3. Printies

    These tips have been really helpful! The information I get from members of this forum is incredible. Thank you! Kirsten
  4. Hmm...what can I return to go towards minis???

    I don't know how your relationship is, but I would return it and just simply say it wasn't useful in the house you have. I used to really try to get stuff people would like and really only hit it 50% or so of the time. I made sure each person knew that I had absolutely no problem with them returning anything and ALWAYS included the gift receipt so that they could. I then went to a "give me your gift list" a couple years ago and always only bought from that (still included a gift receipt though!) and that worked so much better. I think I hit a 100% this year - yeah!!!! It may be just me, but an expensive Bissell as a gift that wasn't asked for has a whole lotta other issues with it. (reminds me TOTALLY of my mother - my mother in law would never have done it which I always appreciated) Could be just me though reading too much into it. But, still. Really? A $300 Bissell with not a lot of carpet? Kirsten
  5. Happy Birthday Holly!!

    Happy Birthday! Glad you are having a FABULOUS (eating!) day!!!!! Kirsten
  6. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours too, Shelly! And to all the wonderful people on this forum who all give so freely of their wisdom, tips and advice. May you have a blessed holiday season and a wonderful New Year! Kirsten
  7. Hi from NY building the Beacon Hill house

    The Beacon Hill is so beautiful - it's the one I dream on building! Welcome to the Forum and post your pictures as you build - can't wait to see your progress! Kirsten
  8. 42420016.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  9. 42420015.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  10. 42420014.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  11. 42420013.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  12. 42420012.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  13. 42420010.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  14. 42420009.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage

  15. 42420008.JPG

    From the album Bayberry Cottage