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  1. Bead Cage Light

    Yes I agree this is really nice.
  2. mini chandelier with plug in.jpg

    I wish I was that talented with electrical!
  3. 1/6 scale Manor House wall covering

    I also purchased this design in the fabric version. I am in a gathering stage for the manor house towers etc.
  4. 1/6 scale Manor House wall covering

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    The paper is in scale, I am thinking about this for the center room third floor or bathroom,
  5. Tower- hallway- stairwell wallpaper options

    If I had found this wallpaper first, it would be in my center staircase rooms.
  6. From the album 1/6 scale house design

    You cant tell from the photo I saved but the paper is in scale, I am thinking about this for the one of the tower rooms.
  7. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    I have been admiring your stain work. Your stain looks great with the wallpaper,
  8. Robin Carey dollhouse, Chateau de Morsan , I had not seen this one:

    1. Sable

      When I saw her in March she said that she is working on two new houses. It's like waiting for Christmas.

  9. Stairway3.JPG

    Just gorgeous! Did you use wood flourishes or something else for the staircase?  
  10. SC068.jpg

    You are meticulous and have outdone yourself, which seems impossible!
  11. SC067.jpg

    They are beautiful, eye catching, I am drawn to them,
  12. SC066.jpg

    I am awe struck by the artwork, just stunning!
  13. 100-2285.JPG

    This looks so good Linda, I love seeing the room boxes stacked, and this wonderful light reflecting in the staircase.
  14. Exterior stone front manor house .jpg

    Thank you, I really stressed about the window color, between the color pictured and the lighter door color. I went with the slightly darker so it would look like an older stone color. But have felt like the lighter would have been good also.