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  1. FullSizeRender.jpg

    So this photo really stumped me is that a doll? Because his face and clothing looks very realistic.
  2. IMG_2783.JPG

    Everything here is wonderful, love all the details and the frame around the menu wall nice! is this 1:12
  3. My Favorite Eric Lansdown house

    From the album Inspiration season

    I love this miniature French doll house by Eric Lansdown!
  4. Main floor wallpaper

    This shade of blue shows off the settee extremely well!
  5. Time Out

    Best wishes to a magnificent creator of magical miniatures.
  6. Bathroom pre-grout

    I like how your flooring turned out!
  7. double sinks marble counter.jpg

    LOL, Good call Mike, he seems peaved and I would bet that's his first move.
  8. Exterior stone front manor house .jpg

    Thanks again, getting the stone on has made such a difference, its very therapeutic to work on too! The hardest part is getting the colors to match when you run out of stone and have to make more.
  9. Manor house dining room rug

    Thank you so much, the manor is still under construction I cant seem to find the right words to describe what this house means to me, to be able to dream it, design it, build it and be so thrilled with it. I honestly cannot say.  
  10. Double sinks marble counter 2.jpg

    They came with the1/6 scale sinks, got them on Ebay, came from Thailand.
  11. image.jpeg

    Oh wow and look at those shoes!
  12. double sinks marble counter.jpg

    So this is done with foam core board and contact paper. and LOL as I was taking the photo I suddenly realized there are no drains with the new sinks! Should be an easy fix if I have the right beads.
  13. Hello!

    I love the phot of Joe playing with the senet board on your blog, also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabrics you used for the cushion and chair! [ Bit of a fabricholic here ]