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  1. Lake View BoatHouse065.jpg

    These are wonderful!
  2. Lake View BoatHouse057.jpg

    Love this especially the books looking so realistic If I remember correctly Mike didn't miss his calling, he once said used to do this in actual scale for a living, I would say he misses his calling :} 
  3. London Tower Bridge

    From the album Inspiration season

    My husband spent parts of 3 days building the bridge, its approx., 18 in H x 40 in Long x 10 in wide. We will be ordering a light kit for it. Right now just some tea lights for ambiance. We will see the real one at the end of the month!
  4. Lake View BoatHouse041.jpg

    Beautiful sleek pieces, inviting setting and perfect lighting. I also like being able to see into the bath, 
  5. Lake View BoatHouse039.jpg

    Your lighting is always impressive. 
  6. rsz-parlour.jpg

    Love this room, the dark floor, the white bookcases and fireplace the wall covering, the rug [ its a good size too ]  and love the curved table
  7. rsz-fire-pl-w.jpg

    Extremely impressive!
  8. Shot with Samsung S9+ phone

    Thank you so much, I liked the light coming into the room yesterday. I had fun designing the fireplace,[  the chimney breast to the ceiling is an after thought its not completed ] I never get tired of those windows.
  9. Shot with Samsung S9+ phone

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    First shot of the manor house with new phone.
  10. Lake View BoatHouse036.jpg

    Cool lamp stands and lamps. 
  11. Lake View BoatHouse037.jpg

    Gorgeous, love the height
  12. 5b4a1dfa62b38-LakeViewBoatHouse028.jpg

    If I lived there, I would be tempted while upstairs to lean over the edge to grab a book, lol Your builds are always precise clean and polished.
  13. Lake View BoatHouse030.jpg

    What a wonderful sense of style you have. Love the spiral staircase in this house.
  14. First G scale Garden House

    From the album Inspiration season

    My husband found a cute G scale house, it arrived today he has been collecting G scale trains to set up outdoors in the Garden, He wont start setting it up until next year. I have been dreaming about building a few garden buildings, I really want to build the Big Ben clock tower and another castle style house for the trains to run past. Maybe this winter. I will try it.
  15. Inspiration tower

    Thank you