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  1. New product! great for mini rug makers!

    Hi Queen of Spackle!!! HUGS back!!!!
  2. New product! great for mini rug makers!

    Hi Kathie!!! thanks! I keep having ideas for it and now have 2 little grandsons! Told my daughter that she will get it when it is finished! It haunts me! LOL
  3. ok so long time no post! Always working on making a living. I was doing my miniature fabric and loving it but then printer issues made it so I could not offer fabric reasonably priced! Miss it! And miss the sculpting and time for minis!  Anyways! I came up with a product I am super excited about and think it would work really well for anyone who makes mini rugs! I plan on learning how to do half scale so I can get to my advent calendar again!  It is called The Floss Inn. It is a project organizer for floss and threads for embroidery and such needlework! I even have a website for it! www.theflossinn.com I miss it here!! 
  4. SNOW!!!!!

    Here in NM (8000 ft) we woke to snow too! And wow Gail! I grew up and spent much of adult life in Cali on the coast (Lompoc) and only saw snow a couple times near there, amazing!!!!
  5. Sharing Hubby's copper pieces.....kitchenware etc

    Thanks ladies!!! He really under estimates the beauty of his work! His mom and I are always telling him not to be so reaonsable with jewelry prices. In the 8 yrs we have been married he has not increased his prices till now, after much prodding, and then only a little bit LOL
  6. First door!

  7. I have a sale going on this week, 20% off to celebrate the season and the fact my store has lots of items! Use coupon code christmas14 at checkout. https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeeWovens
  8. Sharing Hubby's copper pieces.....kitchenware etc

    Thank you MK! I love coming up with designs, ideas are always welcome! LOL
  9. Sharing Hubby's copper pieces.....kitchenware etc

    Thanks Selkie! I make up fabric patterns and print on my printer on cotton. I wish i could weave like that! LOL
  10. Since I started making minis again hubby is excited to be doing copper pieces again! LOL Here is a link to my store on etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeeWovens and here are some pics of his work!
  11. First door!

    Thanks! and 24 to go, the 25th will be a double door though LOL
  12. First door!

    From the album advent calendar

    I finally have succeeded in making my first door (and porch flooring and door frame)!!!
  13. Back from the real world?

    Thank you so much for such a warm welcome back!!!
  14. Back from the real world?

    Thank you Kathie!!!!