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  1. Duracraft ashley

    This house seems so small compared to my others does anyone know what scale furniture to use?  
  2. I made picture frames!

    Great job!!!!
  3. Newbie with a ?

    Thank you
  4. Newbie with a ?

    I'm doing the Victoria's Farmhouse. I was wondering if everyone paints a primer inside the house before decorating?  
  5. Making progress :)

    So pretty!!!!
  6. My New (To Me) Fixer-Upper

    Wow!!!!   love that!!!!!
  7. Got a great deal !!!

    Thank You!
  8. Question about lights

    Do you always put lights in your house? Is it as hard as it looks?
  9. Got a great deal !!!

    Thanks everyone! part of the hard part is that some things that are completed make it a bit harder to decorate .  And there are quite a few pieces of wood that I have no clue where they go
  10. Got a great deal !!!

    I'm so excited!  I got a great deal on  Victoria's Farmhouse !  It is 25% done and it was $40. I can't wait to get started but can only seem to look online and feel completely overwhelmed and like I'm going to mess it up. 
  11. Need a push !!! :-(

    I had a small two room House I picked up at a garage sale. Mostly as practice.  Now I just got an RGT Victoria's Farmhouse.  About 25% complete for just $40.   Yipee!!!!!!!   But now I just keep looking things up and can't start on either one for fear of messing it up.
  12. Colorado question

    ThNk you Deb, I will check that out
  13. Colorado question

    That would be great Shelly. I sent you a message. 
  14. Colorado question

    I am about an hour and a half south of Fort Collins.  
  15. Colorado question

    I am wondering if anyone from Colorado knows if there are any meet up type groups for miniatures ?