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  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thankyou Sherry.
  11. Gardening 2010

    I live in Victoria in Australia, and we have pretty harsh water restrictions. If I were to plant a veggie patch it would die from lack of water So dry here
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    ....having a rough week with the passing of my grandpa
  13. Spiders

    I HATE SPIDERS!! I'm in australia and we have some awfully HUGE UGLY HAIRY spiders here.... They live outside... and when they tresspass into my home I hit them with a really long handled broom on site! Lucky for us seeings australia is crawling with things we don't like there is alot of wonderful products we can use to minimise the chances of spiders on the inside. Although not ever so good for the environment fly sprays and long lasting boundary sprays around window openings and doors is the way to go. I think you can even get something that will automatically set off something every few minutes that kills all the bugs that might wander into a house, I don't use these because I'm a little worried about the over use of chemicals around the kids but apparantly they do work. Good luck with your icky spiders, I hope they all realise that inside is YOUR home and OUTSIDE is theres xox
  14. Lullabyes and Children's Songs

    My mum used to sing one about an umberella One rainy morning Without any warning A large umbrella crossed the street Big, black and shiny Covering someone tiny And all that we could see were two small feet In and out the traffic Dodging here and there That umbrella went with a Don't-Care air I said in wonder Who is that down under Hugging that umbrella like a teddy bear I don't know why she stopped it there, I didn't know it had more then that till I jsut looked up the lyrics online lol
  15. Yay carpet on my stairs!

    From the album Garfield

    I stupidly bought some of thoes little brass stays to keep the carpet in place (not that it wasn't glued anyway) and they looked so big and bulky, so these little brass strips are hair pins I've chopped in half flattened and added a bead to the end of! :thumb: