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    I have both house and basement - the one eBay auction I kinda regret because I got caught-up in a bidding war! I paid too much LOL.
  2. MD001011 kopie bewerkt

    Just beautiful. So much detailed work. Stunning! x

    I won't be keeping these staircases. I plan to remove them entirely and use the old trick of a false back wall and interior door on both upstairs rooms!
  4. Brookwood

    Gorgeous. The Brookwood is a really special house and that red colour is fantastic x

    Have to say I just love the sweeping front staircase. It comes along with the basement pack. So pretty.
  6. Lake View Garden Room

    That's just what it feels like! I lie at night picturing how I will wallpaper, paint and decorate them x
  7. IMG 3195

    Beautiful. You're giving me ideas! x
  8. Lake View Garden Room

    From the album Newest Purchases (in kit form)

    The seller arrived today bearing six hefty flat-packed doll's houses - The Montgomery (2) Le Chateau (2); Le Chateau Basement (1); and the Lake View Garden Room (1). I can let my imagination run wild with the Garden Room! I might transform it into a seaside mini-villa. These precious bargains now join my Malibu Beach House, also delivered for free. I gave this lovely couple a big box of Thornton's chocolates, each, as a 'thank you' - a Pink Box of classic assortment, for the Lady, and a mint soft-centred selection for her husband, Steve. I had an inner prompting not to buy him a pack of beers; would you believe it, he told me today that he neither drinks nor smokes! When they arrived hauling a big wheeled trolley I said, yay, it's like Christmas, and you're Santa Claus!
  9. DSCN0511

    Adorable! So warm and welcoming, too x

    Excellent! x
  11. recently inherited house...HOFCO? Americana?

    That house is fabulous. Really special. I wouldn't be able to part with it!
  12. Hey, Phylis! Welcome to the forum. I felt the same as you when I first joined - finally, a place to make new, like-minded friends and to learn the miniaturist's 'craft'.

    From the album elfprincess's treasures