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  1. Years and years ago, I was at a miniatures show and there was a man who had made dry sinks, that actually pumped water from the pump. Does anyone know if this man still is around, or know of anything like this? I tend to collect things that actually "work".   Thanks! Sarah
  2. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Here's the interior. She has all the interior walls as well. I have Big Plans lol.    
  3. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Yes! I have wanted this house for so long. 
  4. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    I can't wait to see what my furniture looks in it. I have housefuls of stuff, so I am excited to see what fits. I got a STEAL. $250 plus furniture still in package for every room and all the interior trim/staircases. 
  5. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    I don't post a ton but that will be changing. I just got this beauty off of Craigslist. The inside is totally unfinished, so I am going to need lots of help!
  6. Does anyone choose NOT to wire for electricity?

    I am using battery lights in the house I am building now, I just don't have the patience to wire another house. 
  7. Shingles...real asphalt

    I saw some like these yesterday in Hobby Lobby.   -Sarah
  8. I took a few years off (kids, life, mostly kids got in the way) but am jumping back in with both feet. Currently I am building an Alison Jr. which I will extend a floor to make an underground basement. I still have my mothers house to redo in the 1940's style she would of wanted. And I keep building room boxes and buying things! I could furnish five houses with all my stuff by now.  I am so happy to be back. I forgot how therapeutic mini'ing is :-) -Sarah
  9. Tape wiring question

    I would love to wire my new house, but I am not using any wallpaper. Will the tape wire show up under the paint? I have never done this before. Thanks a lot!     
  10. Attic

    From the album Mom's Farmhouse

    All the misc trim and stuff that never got installed. I think I am just going to replace all the windows, it seems easier than fixing them.
  11. Side

    From the album Mom's Farmhouse

  12. Back

    From the album Mom's Farmhouse

    That is Stella the Wondercat making her appearance in the pictures. As we all know, all cats love dollhouses, and I have FOUR of them.
  13. Front

    From the album Mom's Farmhouse

  14. Table Saw

    From the album Garage Stuff

    I love this saw, but I plan on doing a few things with it to make it look better :-)