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  1. Sofa

    oh that burl is beautiful!  
  2. Stack of 1917 newspapers

    ohmygoodness!  Perfect!
  3. 64557e349256ee965bffc2dd4dd009f4.jpg

    This is looking SO great!!
  4. Linfield shingles complete

    Wow! That is excellent shingle work!  (man, I hate shingling! LOL) Love the colors on this house, BTW.  It looks great!
  5. Inside or outside first?

    Inside or outside first is, like most will say, is a preference thing.  My progress starts with priming pieces, and painting pieces like windows, doors and trims. (this stage is SO tedious!!) Then I paint the house body and the interior ceilings.  Sometimes I do the floors before assembly and sometimes after.  Then I assemble and finish the exterior but don't install windows and doors til the end.  It's easier to do wallpaper/painting without the windows in place. Once the interior walls are finished I install the windows and doors and finish up the interior trims....then stand back and admire my work!   
  6. Welcome to our little family, Bunny!   I had to chuckle out loud at the comment about being "a little horrified" at the cost of the house & shipping.....I think we've all been there at some point!  But, oh-what a gem this house is going to be!!    Have fun and we will look forward to seeing pics of your progress!
  7. I'm about ready to give up

      Don't give up yet!!  Yes- please let us know what kit it is because someone on here most likely has the instructions to make sense of that pile!
  8. Philadelphia Miniaturia

    I love going to the Philly show!  I am never able to attend the workshops, sadly....but maybe someday I will be able to take some extra days off work and go!!  I generally go on a Saturday or Sunday to spend all of my money. LOL  SO many wonderful vendors and little treasures to be found!   I live in Lancaster County, so I have only a little over an hour to drive, but dang....if you live in the area- DEF plan to attend!! Wear comfortable shoes, water and I always take a lunch along to save a few pennies (and there is only 1 restaurant option).
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Check out this Hofco house! "original prototype? interesting....   https://baltimore.craigslist.org/tag/d/finksburg-dollhouse/6998528173.html
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hubby and I just got back from a 2-week vacation in the southwest.  We did "The Grand Circle": touring the 5 National Parks in southern Utah.  It was a wonderful trip- and thanks to a round of steroids and a knee brace, I was able to walk enough to see the sights in each park.  I did not find any minis on this trip - but I did find some lovely turquoise necklaces for my daughters & daughter-in-law.  And of course, some cute little t-shirts for my grandbabies!  On our way back to Pennsylvania my hubby asks...."So, do we HAVE to work?"     And then last night he asked again "So, where do you want to go next? And when?"  I answered "Can we leave for Maine on Monday?"  LOL  Well...we've got replacement windows to pay for, so I don't think we will be retiring quite yet. Darn.
  11. Hello again

    Hi CJ! Good to "see" you again!  Yes- how horrifying it must have been to watch that accident happen in front of you!  When my daughter and her hubby moved across country from Portland, OR to Pennsylvania, my other daughter went along to help with the driving.  The two girls were in the SUV , while my SIL was driving behind them in the U-Haull truck. It was cold and had snowed....and the SUV hit a slick spot and went off the road.  My SIL watched in horror as the vehicle skidded up and over the little hill between the divided highway...went slightly airborne and disappeared from sight!  The car had rolled down the other side and skidded to a stop -upside down- just feet away from the oncoming traffic.  Thankfully, they were unharmed.  The cat however, has never been the same since!  Sending wishes to your hubby for a full recovery!
  12. shop.jpg

    This is awesome!  
  13. Front porch

    ooooh, I love it!  Not that I would ever be able to duplicate your work, but I will stash this pic away for inspiration!   
  14. New Project

    You could always make a metal table base for it - in brass or  a "wrought iron" look.
  15. Another mini newbie

    Hi Missy!   Your story sounded similar to mine: always wanted a dollhouse as a kid but never got one.  When my daughter was about 4 I did the same thing as you- went to the local craft store and bought the biggest kit I could find!  LOL  You sound quite adept in the wood shop and I look forward to seeing your progress photos!