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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Oh Tracy, I just love your clay work!  As for my project progress.......dang it!! I messed up one of the attic lights and now I have to remove the wallpaper and re-do the fixture!  Well, I have company coming tonite and a family reunion on Saturday. Looks like this house isn't going to get finished this week after all. blargh.

    Oh this is gonna look SO nice!!   
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Not sure about this one, but for $10 you can't go wrong https://madison.craigslist.org/bab/d/wooden-doll-house/6291428613.html    "daughter has too many dollhouses..."     Gee. Is that, like, an actual thing?  Can people REALLY have too many dollhouses?   Wow. Who knew?    
  4. Well fiddle faddle

    We feel your frustration!  reminds of a moment several months ago when I was trying to frost a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting....after decorating wedding cakes for 25 years you'd think I was capable of frosting one stupid little cake for company!!??   LOL  If anyone had been watching me they would have thought I was a novice!     We all have our moments. 
  5. Casa Door details

    You did a wonderful job on this door!  The hinges are terrific!
  6. hall3.JPG

    Wow! This is beautiful!
  7. kitchen1.JPG

    I am just loving all of the wood trim!
  8. woodstore2.JPG

    Lovely doors!
  9. woodstore1.JPG

    Ha!  That is great!   
  10. House Id ?

    Depends if the inside is finished as nicely as the front.....but I am cheap and could hardly make myself pay that much just for the house- it would have to include some furniture for that!   
  11. 2nd floor.jpg

    Nice job on all of your curtains!  While I DO have the ability to sew.....I try to avoid sewing mini anything! LOL
  12. Long time lurker inro

    Hi Debbie- and welcome!    LOL  This thread has, once again, proven why I belong on this forum!  It's always so encouraging to hear that across the globe we are in our little work areas dressed quite similarly, working on similar projects, and "wearing" much of the same remnants of said projects.  Give you warm fuzzies, doesn't it?  Looking forward to seeing your projects, Deb!
  13. I agree- I love sage green and would use it in the furniture and curtains with some golden yellows. If you want to accent with red, be sure to use something more in the burgundy shade.   Dark woods would look very pretty with this paper, but to keep the room from feeling too dark you could maybe try a medium tone wood. 
  14. Hurricane Irma

    Good to know Holly!  I will pass that along to my son before he hurts himself trying to clear it!
  15. Hurricane Irma

    Son and DIL in Orlando are still without power this morning.  Don't know if he has tried to tackle his back yard and dismembered tree as of yet....this morning he was focused on cleaning out the frig.  They were able to go somewhere to get their phones charged (maybe at the hospital where she works?) so we can at least keep in touch with them.  Sure wish I could be down there to help them!