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  1. I am getting in on this one rather late, but I do hope you get to enjoy LOTS of time at Ron's!    I was lucky enough to have my son and daughter-in-law live only blocks away for 2 years! (they have since moved to the DC area) I will certainly miss my yearly visit
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Didn't realise you were another on here with Fibro!!  Have you found that the meds you've been given from the surgery help with the Fibro pain?  It's a real bugger isn't it when metally and emotionally you are up for doing something but your body just says 'NO'!    Good luck with the recovery!   Rebecca- actually, the pain meds from after surgery didn't do a thing for my Fibro pain. Some days the Fibro pain was worse than the surgery pain!   I actually had to go off one of my meds because of the interaction with the aspirin I had to be on for 30 days....well now that I am past the 30 days I can go back on my Fibro meds and I am feeling MUCH better!    Therapy is making progress, slow maybe but I can now venture down to my work room again.  I am just doing some little diddly things with the fireplace in the Newport and working out the details of the stair railings - nothing too intense since I generally can't stay down there long.  But it feels good to be at it again.   In other news, we are meeting with the moving company this evening to set the plan for moving my mother to the retirement home in early October.  Doing lots of paperwork for her right now (she isn't really capable of doing it herself) and trying to keep her from just giving her stuff away to anyone. On several occasions now she has given away or promised an item to another family member or even a random neighbor when the item in question had been already been promised to a particular family member.  Oh the issues of family treasures and who gets what!    So anyway, my "time off" should prove to come in handy as we make this next venture with my mom.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    By the way-  I have thoroughly enjoyed the reactions of the home-visiting therapists and nurses when they saw my dollhouses and room boxes !  So fun to share my hobby!
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Just popping in to say "HI!"    Recovery from the knee surgery is going rather slowly.  Oh sure, getting past those infamous first 2 weeks is a bugger....but it seems a combo of my Fibro and many months of constant swelling prior to the surgery have hampered the recovery of the thigh muscles. (And quite possibly the fact that I am a baby about pain)  Nonetheless, my therapist (happy to see me since it's been quite a few years since my last visit) seemed confidant that he could coax it back to functioning properly and have me "up to speed" with the rest of my July 25 knee-surgery graduates (there were 12 of us!).  So, all of that to say that I still cannot sit properly at the dining room table to work on my projects....and I thoroughly do not trust myself enough to try and paint while in my hubby's lounge chair....don't want it to end up looking like most of my shirts and pants.    In the meantime I will continue to admire all of your lovely work! 
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks everyone!    I so appreciate your kind words.  Love it that so many of you can speak from experience!  To add to my discomfort, I found out this morning that I still have a "moderate" amount of crystals in my bladder - -hanging on from my kidney stone episode mid-June.  blargh. Time to break out the home remedy to dissolve these suckers!
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hi Everyone!  My daughter loaned me her laptop so that I could check in with you all from my lounge chair.....I had a total knee replacement done last Wednesday so I am not doing much of anything right now.  My Fibromyalgia kinda makes for some additional pain issues, so I am not feeling the best as of yet.  REALLY need a shower, but have no strength for it yet.  Baby steps.   I have several little projects ready for when I can move around a bit better....but at this rate, that feels like a long way off.  In the meantime I will simply enjoy what you have all been working on!   
  7. First question please

    I had a room box paper come unstuck.....I bought it already finished/painted-but it was painted in a gloss paint inside and out!  So I think it was because of the gloss paint- the glue had nothing to stick to. Eventually I sanded down the walls really well and painted with a latex primer and re-papered with no problems.   
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    My son, DIL and the grandkitties left Florida early this morning and have made it to North Carolina so far!   Everyone is doing ok. We all think they are nuts, but they are hoping to drive straight thru and arrive in Gaithersburg, MD by late tonight!
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Well, I've begun another rehab project.....I guess it is more of a "finishing" project more than a rehab: the client had another miniaturist build a RGT Newport Special Edition for her and then just about the time she was ready to begin the interior, she moved out of state.  So, now I have the Newport and will be making the final interior finishes.  She has a light color palette/coastal vibe theme for the house.  I hope my work can live up to her expectations! I will try to get pics taken this weekend so I can start another album for it. And in between the Newport and other life projects, I continue to contemplate what my Jarrell Manor will become....   
  10. Frosting

    Were you a cake decorator in another life?   You have mad piping skills!
  11. bedding

    Nicely done! 
  12. 1970s Marshall Fields Dollhouse

    I've had pretty good results selling on Facebook Marketplace.  
  13. Jarrell Manor is home!

    From the album The Dollhouse Inc #1600 series Victorian

    Well, it took two grown men and some fancy footwork to get the Victorian monster house out of that tight basement and into my hubby's work van! At home we used my wedding cake delivery cart and made quick work of getting it into our house and on my work bench.  A good scrubbing and she is officially mine and ready for reno!
  14. Base coat of paint

    I generally only fix the broken shingles when I rehab a house....I often feel like a dentist- using my sharp little tools to loosen and cut out a single shingle.  Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  15. Dollhouse interior

    Rehab = spackle is your friend.