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  1. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures shop!

    There is a 92 year old sweetheart that owns a little miniature shop in our area- the last of its kind.  Her inventory is sparse and dwindling- slowly getting sold down as she is not buying any re-stock. As I am aging and getting tired of my current office job, I often daydream about buying the business from her and moving it to my town.    I wouldn't care it I made money or not- it would just be a wonderful way to spend my retirement years! I wouldn't have a clue about doing classes....I would have to invite other miniaturists in to do them!  I would have an idea of how to set them up, price them and advertise - -when I had my cake shop I gave classes all of the time - - but consider myself still a "newbie" with miniatures so I would have to rely on paying a guest teacher.  When I was doing wedding cakes I was part of an international cake club and there was an official traveling teachers list: wonder if NAME has such a list? Anyway- sounds like you have a magical childhood!    And a Grandmother that was very encouraging!  When I was trying to start my cake business and had dreams of opening a cake decorating supply shop, I had very little support and encouragement on the endeavor.  I managed only to have an in-home cake business with a tiny bit of retail (mostly just supplies for my classes).  Your shop looks adorable!  Keep us informed!     
  2. Qucik question about bricking

    @Beulah -so you use a polyurethane to seal the bricks!?  Oh! that would make things easier- as far as purchasing the right sealant product. I have a little hardware store right across the street from where I work, but to drive 30 minutes into the city to the craft stores...well, that doesn't happen too often. I will have to try that next time.   
  3. FullSizeRender-28.jpg

    Really like the idea of the shelves in that space!   
  4. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures shop!

    Would SO love to visit her shop!  But alas, my DD and SIL moved back to the east coast three years ago (this week!) and we will probably never have reason to travel out to Portland again.    Wishing her success!!  Now I'm gonna go looks at her chandeliers......
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!  I really appreciate it.  Samantha- you pretty much summed up our situation!  Nothing new under the sun, eh? Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!    {{HUGS}} all around!! 
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    My family has had a rough couple of weeks dealing with my mother and some issues surrounding the settling of my dad's estate.  My mother has severe anxiety issues and other possible mental health issues...but anyway, there was a confrontation that resulted in a massive misunderstanding, arguments and hurt feelings to the point the we weren't even going to get together for Thanksgiving.  Well, Monday nite she had a meltdown and my daughters and I went over and chatted with her for about 3 hours.  It went well and I think she may finally understand where we are coming from (well, at least for a few days!)....and the girls have agreed to get together for the holiday with her.  Hubby is still totally hurt and angry and refuses to go unless she apologizes.  *sigh*  Sure hate this.  Hoping we can get these two to bury the hatchet...especially since we are coming up on the first holidays without dad (and the anniversary of his death last New Year's Eve). So to cheer me up I have been working a lot on my mini projects.  And, of course, there is babysitting time with this little cutie tonite!     
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Take a look at this Pepperwood Farm! It has been customized/bashed - the porch and bay window extension have been flipped to the opposite side!  Cool!  It's a nicely done house, but still don't think I'd pay the $150. https://lancaster.craigslist.org/tag/d/doll-house-custom-made-wooden/6392434874.html
  8. Vanity

    From the album Room Boxes, Etc.

    This was a purchase I made at the Philadelphia Miniaturia from Rebecca Stewart of Tiny Dwelling Miniatures (etsy shop). The accessories were purchased at other shows and I have been patiently waiting to find the perfect vanity for Grandma's Cottage.  Can't wait to see the custom bench that she is making for it!   
  9. Draping Tip

    Excellent!  Now to google where to get them.....   LOL they are going to get a sudden rush of orders.  ;)  
  10. FullSizeRender-29.jpg

    Just love it! Love the ceiling...the colors....just very nicely done.   
  11. 5.jpg

    I always like it when the builder signs the house.    That is why I always sign my rehab houses!
  12. Cool New Yorker Article

    I loved that CSI story arc!!
  13. base cab almost.jpg

    Wow! You did such a great job!  Can you make one for me?  lol
  14. IMG-6212.JPG

    This looks great!
  15. 20171115_165843.jpg

    Your railings are awesome!