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  1. miniatures.com 40% off sale - 7/19-21-2019

    I saw that email!!    Gee.....what to buy??   LOL
  2. IMG_9204.jpg

    I was thinking the same thing- it looks like a Jane Graber!  
  3. IMG_9185.jpg

    This is beautiful!
  4. Retro sink advice

    Trash can!   
  5. My next rehab project

    It always amazes me that folks buy these houses for their children, go thru all of the hassle of putting it together and finishing the outside....but then peeter out and never finish the inside!  Having a finished interior is half of the fun of having a dollhouse!  Oh well....it makes it easier for us to rehab!  ;)  
  6. better view of exterior

    Looks in pretty good condition....and a blank slate!  Have fun!
  7. Before interior

    A blank slate!     
  8. IMG-9146.jpg

    oh my that sink looks very much like the one that was in our kitchen when I was a kid!!  Love this!
  9. Philadelphia Miniaturia — anyone been?

    I try to get there every year. I only live about an hour and a half away.    I save my pennies and try to find something "extra special" on my wish list.  Yes, the show has diminished in size since my first time there...but still lots of amazing goodies!!  
  10. Our Georgian Build

    Wow!  Awesome! 
  11. Been a while

    Welcome back!  Will look forward to seeing your latest project.
  12. hello from Canada!

    Hi Sig!   Welcome to our little family!   You have certainly come to the right place for help on your builds!  I have found that to attach a photo to a post you have to first reduce the size of the pic. (I use Paint and then Resize them -usually 50% to start)  Well, I have to do that as well when creating an album on here.  Anyway- welcome and hope to see your house pics soon.
  13. Happy Independence Day

    Happy 4th!  We spent the evening at my DD's & SIL's house.  We had an afternoon/early evening heavy thunderstorm that interrupted everyone's holiday activities, but thankfully it soon cleared up and fireworks went on as scheduled.  For the first time, we sat at the park where they put off our town's fireworks.  Up until now, we always took the kids to one of the local viewing spots in town to watch them from afar. Sitting right at the heart of it all, we realized just how much we actually missed - we were only seeing the ones that went up really high and were totally missing a good chunk of the show!  Plus it was accompanied by patriotic John Phillip Sousa band music!  Quite enjoyed it all! My granddaughter did not come with us to the show- it was past her bedtime, and besides, the noise would have terrified her!  Nonetheless, she quite enjoyed her July 4th at Aunt "Buckty" and Uncle "Ra" house.    She came prepared for the rain, wearing her "doot doot" boots. (You know- from the song Baby Shark"? Doo-doo-doo....and her boots are sharks...??  get it now?)  Anywho--- just had to share this pic of her jumping in the only little muddy puddle she could find....Cause, you know- when you are a huge fan of Peppa Pig and you have doot doot boots....you just gotta go jump in muddy puddles!  "Everyone loves to jump in muddy puddles!"    
  14. Apple Pie

    oh. my. goodness!   These are AMAZING!!  yeah...I would snap these puppies up if I saw them at a show!!
  15. Gluing the Carpet Shop Box

    Looks good!  Fingers crossed for you that it dries good and straight!