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  1. New Project

    You could always make a metal table base for it - in brass or  a "wrought iron" look.
  2. Another mini newbie

    Hi Missy!   Your story sounded similar to mine: always wanted a dollhouse as a kid but never got one.  When my daughter was about 4 I did the same thing as you- went to the local craft store and bought the biggest kit I could find!  LOL  You sound quite adept in the wood shop and I look forward to seeing your progress photos! 
  3. Large Collection for Sale

    BTW- the 3rd picture down in a Dura-Craft Manchester   
  4. 20190915-235512.jpg

    LOL  I had to take a second look...."Is that BINGO!?"   Cracks me up!  Love it!
  5. hello again it's been a while

    Hi, Lindsay!   Good to see you again! 
  6. oh goodness, Kelly.....these three houses are on my fav list!!   Too bad you are across the country!  For a brief moment I was wondering if my daughter could bring the Highland and Alexandria home on the plane with her when they come out there to visit next week! Hope someone here is able to get them....I would sure love to see another Highland build in progress!   
  7. A Very Brady Renovation

    I was watching this too!  While I wasn't really a Brady fan, I had used the house as inspiration for my Highland - especially those iconic stairs! 
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Always fun to look at a finished Highland. Those double doors give off some major Brady Bunch vibes. But look in the kitchen...how will anyone be able to reach those cabinets? A ladder will be needed. Or one of those long grabby things... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Completely-Furnished-and-Accessorized-Artply-Highland-Dollhouse-by-Nana-s-Minis/173984721708? @Elsbeth Wow! She is selling her Highland!!??  Hers was one of the first that I had found on the internet when I was researching for my Highland. Funny that you should mention the Brady Bunch - I am currently watching a show on HGTV about the actual Brady House being renovated back to its original look!    Lots of eye candy and inspiration for me, since my Highland design theme is the 70's and my stairway is based on that iconic Brady staircase!
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I live in a barn-red house, so I actually like the colors!  
  10. Dollhouses Trains & More Closing

    Sad to see another one close.  
  11. Cinderella and base

    She's beautiful!
  12. The Heart Stops!!

  13. Hurricane Dorian

    Stay safe Sable!   Whew! am I ever glad that my (pregnant) DIL and son are not living in Orlando any longer!  
  14. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Maybe those triangles are like for propping your piece on top of to paint - like a saw horse???? 
  15. San Franciscan 550 -- Here I Go

    @genieDOLL  Barbara- I love the little ghost in the attic!