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  1. pleximattress.jpg

    Looking good!
  2. Columns

    Well done!
  3. 5c934b7c006e7-Plexibed2.jpg

    ooooo…..I like this!  
  4. Wooden clapboard siding

    What about seeing if a local craft store sells appropriate sized strip wood?  Not ideal, perhaps, but an option.
  5. 20190319_145208.jpg

    Love that floor!  
  6. 1/12 Scale Modern Dollhouse Toilet

    Dangit Bob! Now I have to make a modern bathroom room box!  LOL   This is great!
  7. Intro

    Yes, indeed we do "get it".  And no one here thinks you're crazy when you say your house "talks" to you!   Love the Tudor period as well and I have a house that would lend itself well to that....but just don't have the time right now for it.  Instead I will watch for your progress pics!      Welcome and good luck on your build!
  8. Hi there, virgin dollhouse maker here!

    Hi LIbby!   And welcome to our mini family! 
  9. 'So long it's been good to know ya'

    Wonderful news!   I so needed a good word today!  Mike has been such an inspiration and his humor....well appreciated!   Prayers for continued healing!
  10. IMG_2449.JPG

    What a fun project this would be!!  
  11. Newel post question

    THIS is why I love this forum!  
  12. ID help needed for house

    ohmygoodness I am SO glad that someone in our forum won this house!!  I saw the listing and joined all of those drooling over it!   Looking forward to seeing more photos!  @queenannediva Valerie- is that YOUR JA house?  It's stunning! 
  13. 87966F83-32F6-4D6B-9FD6-D9CB87CAF381.jpeg

    The steps look GREAT! Nicely done!
  14. Lobster pots & a fishing creel.jpeg

    ohmygoodness!!  These are AMAZING!
  15. I got an Artply Highland!

    Welcome to the Highland club!!    I am sure you will make something wonderful out of it!  Oh- and if you wish to sell the parts that you aren't using - - I could use a part from the tower...somewhere along the line I've lost the one section.    Anyway- looking forward to seeing the transformation!