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  1. Scored floors

    Thanks- and yes, this was the original piece of wood that made the floor.  It was nice looking, and the client was on a budget so scoring is the cheaper way to go.   First I sanded the floor with my mouse sander and stained with the lighter stain. Sanded lightly when dry, then did the scoring with a small pointy Philips screwdriver I have.  I use a metal ruler to keep my lines straight.  I used to use the pointy part of a old school compass, but it broke and I had to find a replacement.   Sand again after scoring and then I added another coat of the darker stain, then 2 coats of gloss poly.
  2. Finished floors

    From the album Cadigan Farmhouse

    The floors in the Cadigan farmhouse are finally finished!  Since this is a play house and not for a collector, they got the basic scoring treatment.  The client wanted a dark stain...this is actually a medium color (Gunstock) first and then a darker stain (Jacobean) after the scoring was done.
  3. Scored floors

    From the album Cadigan Farmhouse

    The floors in the Cadigan farmhouse are finally finished!  Since this is a play house and not for a collector, they got the basic scoring treatment.  And since the scale of the house is a bit off, I made the "boards" a bit wider so that they would be more in scale with the front door and the furniture for the house.
  4. 1971 Yieldhouse Saltbox Vintage Dollhouse

    I read the obit for your father, Deborah- sounds like he was quite the interesting character.   
  5. Hereditary

    I recall watching a Ghost Whisperer episode with a haunted dollhouse....and I loved seeing the miniatures in the CSI episodes as well.  Yeah- wonder why dollhouses get such a bad rap?  :/  I certainly don't find them creepy!  
  6. When I'm old, I'll build dollhouses...

      Hello! And welcome to our little family!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your intro- you have a talent for writing as much as being crafty!  While my own Fibromyalgia is quite minimal compared to your suffering, I certainly can relate to those feelings when your life suddenly goes from being active to severely restricted.  As they say over on the Fibro forum: {{butterfly hugs}}.  We're glad you are here!
  7. TheNelsonTan.png

    Oh I need this one!  Especially since my last name is Nelson! 
  8. vintage photos of dressed up kitty cats

    When I was a child we had two Ideal books...I think they may have been published by a women's magazine and put out as a  special edition with each season. Anyway, I simply loves these books! My favorite was the Spring issue that featured a story with these photos....kittens coloring Easter eggs and such. My one Aunt used to laugh and talk about how my cousins and I would dress up the poor barn cats in doll clothes!    This was obviously where I got the inspiration!  Thanks for the link - and the walk down memory lane!
  9. Modern miniatures

    ohmygosh I LOVE ELF miniatures!!    
  10. Woodwork.jpg

    This is just lovely!
  11. TrainCarBedMadeUp.jpg

  12. TrainSide.jpg

    This is gorgeous!  Love it- trains + minis!   
  13. Decided on not using faux bricks

    I like it.   
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    It IS absolutely amazing Miranda!   My friend's son and DIL do cosplay, and I am sure that they would also be quite jealous of this! I spent some time celebrating milestone birthdays this weekend:  my mother turned 85 on Monday and her sister turned 80 on Saturday.  They are the surviving siblings of 8.  There were 47 family members that gathered at the local buffet restaurant to celebrate the occasion. We were happy to see each other again, yet sad that all but these three were gone now. My Aunts and Uncles were a huge part of my life....still hard to fathom sometimes that all of that is nothing but a memory now.  I was certainly blessed to be part of something so special!  Here is a pic of the sisters....my mother (Left) is telling a cute story of the day her little sister was born.  Oh, and one with her adorable great-granddaughter.  (no- I'm not partial at all!  LOL)
  15. Dura Craft Ashley

    When doing rehabs, I usually try to scrape off old paint and glue drips with a heat gun.  Sometimes I have to resort to using paint remover.  I then sand and do a primer coat (lightly sand again) and then it should be ready to paint.  Every old house I've ever rehabbed was painted with house paint....and often with a gloss surface! blargh. Gloss is too much for a miniature- use a satin or semi-gloss.