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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    I seem to be one of those struggling with getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  Not even going to put up my Star Trek tree this year. (gee, it must be bad!) *sigh* I did put up the other decorations-but not with my usual "greens in every spot" enthusiasm.  Our family has been talking about the "no presents" thing for several years, but my oldest daughter is one of those perfect gift-giver types that shops all year round...so we just agreed to "tone things down" at least. But that certainly won't apply to gifts for my grandbaby!   So because of the mood this year I have totally procrastinated in the shopping. Well, I mean even more so than every other year. LOL  Going over to the cute little neighboring town to do some shopping tomorrow. Hoping the cute little shops will inspire me! I celebrated my 58th birthday this week, so tonight we are gathering at my middle daughter's house for a lasagna dinner.  My SIL makes a mean lasagna! Hubby decided to bake & decorate my favorite cake for me this year: almond white with coconut.  Years ago he used to do my cake each year and was getting rather skilled -I used to tease him that I was going to have to hire him as my assistant baker! (back when I had my wedding cake business) But at some point our busy schedules (and looking at cake 24/7) resulted in eating ice cream cake instead.  This year I get both!  Christmas Eve will be spent at our house with my tradition of serving a seafood chowder for dinner. Looking forward to that. But in the meantime - on to shopping! Safe travels to all!
  2. What's everyone working on?

    @grazhina Oh- your Pennsylvania stone house is looking good!  Love the backstory! Def beginning to "get the vibe" for this house!  HO train set villages, Christmas room boxes and new projects....sounds like everyone is having a great December!  All projects have halted for me...just doing some sketches and "wish lists" for the Pepperwood and Jarrell Manor until after the holidays.  Enjoying my little Christmas room box for now and hoping to get into the Newport rehab full swing come January.  I even used the pic of the room box for my Christmas cards this year!     
  3. Inheriting an incomplete house

    Hello and welcome Robert.   For now, let me just send you a group cyber hug  I lost my dad 2 years ago (wow, has it been that long already?) so I understand the overwhelmed feeling of what needs to be done and just the emotional sting of such a loss.  For now, just get the houses to their safe spot and give them a friendly pat and a promise to get back to them soon - they will understand and patiently wait.   
  4. Arch light for worktable

    Wow! Never saw anything like that!  LED I'd assume?
  5. The 15-18" should be fine.  I have found for very tall houses that coffee table height works well.  I look for them at yard sales and such- cheap to buy and re-finish.  
  6. @genieDOLL  Trash to Treasure!!   Love it!
  7. Rons Miniatures

    Don't you just love Ron's!?  I was lucky enough to have my son and DIL just live blocks away when they lived in Orlando....now they moved to the DC area. I am sure gonna miss those trips to Ron's.  Those pieces are gorgeous! 
  8. Removing a wall IS possible if you are careful.  In doing rehab houses, I do it quite a lot.  Mostly I just hope they were put in with just glue-which is easily loosened with a heat gun or hair-dryer. If they used small nails, that creates a whole 'nuther set of issues to work around.  From looking at your pics, I don't know that removing a wall is necessary to put in a door- but I may want to loosen the glue on that crooked wall on the 3rd floor to see if it could be straightened out.  I agree with @Samusa about possibly using narrow doors, if you want functional doors.  As she stated, you may need to add a thin bit of strip wood to the front wall to help it fit - and add a bit of wood/foamcore board as a header above the doorway as @Sable mentioned . And this is all possible without moving walls. And spackle and/or painters caulk for those gaps will work wonders!     
  9. living room

    Love Chair-y! 
  10. Greetings

    Hi Cheryl!  And welcome to our little hobby! I would have to agree about the suggestions of the Orchid or the Primrose - - small to start with and not terribly complicated or overwhelming. Other choices could be one of those Real Good Toys Quick Builds...they are pretty straight forward as well, and most craft stores have them in stock this time of year- and use those 40% coupons!
  11. Hello from Akron, Ohio

    I've already said hello on the other thread.....but just wanted to reiterate that you have plenty of friendly folks on this forum ready and willing to give you help throughout your Pierce rehab process. Enjoy!  
  12. Before...front

    Looking forward to seeing the progress of this rehab project!   
  13. 34 year old Pierce restoration

    ugh. Yeah, gotta give ol' dad kudos for doing his best to keep the house in repair....but that much repair work does not get done quickly.  I do rehabs for clients and have run into this WAY too many times. Lots of scraping, spackle, sanding and repairs!  BTW-You did a great job on cutting new pieces for the tower roof! Heck- it probably fits together better now than it did with the original pieces!  Good luck-have fun- and welcome to the little family! 
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    ok....while I recover from the giggles...take a look at this beauty near Abingdon, MD!!  Totally worth the $299 in my book! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2393148367381294
  15. New Mother-Daughter Renovation

    Hi and welcome to our little family!  What a wonderful story!  Thanks for sharing!  And you will have SO much fun at the Seattle show.    My girls didn't inherit my love of miniatures, although they truly do admire mine and they each have 'dibs' on one of my houses for when I am ready to give them up. LOL  I gave one for my granddaughter and hope that she will enjoy it someday soon (she is only 18 months!).