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  1. Is this Magic-Bric?  And yes- it IS a rather nice shade of pink.    
  2. 26 051.JPG

    Yes! I really like it too- much warmer than a painted ceiling.
  3. 28 055.JPG

    Love the "exposed brick" wall!
  4. 36 053.JPG

    So sweet!
  5. 33 060.JPG

    Exactly what I said when I saw the picture!  Lovely!
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    Well.....we almost had an after Thanksgiving dinner baby!  LOL  But all was well and they sent her back home to wait for the scheduled induction.  Little Emma Kate arrived this afternoon, weighing in at 8lbs 11oz.   I surely wish that I could run down to DC this very minute and cover her with GiGi kisses!  I will have to wait til Saturday.....it's gonna be a LONG week!
  7. Wiring shed

  8. Thanksgiving Dinner

    wow! Such sumptuous sounding meals you all had!  Hubby and I had two dinners this year: Thanksgiving Day we traveled down to DC to have dinner with my son and DIL....and almost had an "after dinner" baby!   Her BP went up and her feet were really swollen that morning, so she called her doc after dinner and he had them come in.  They took all their baby stuff-just in case.  But, turns out all was ok and her protein levels in the urine weren't high enough to warrant an induction.  So no Thanksgiving Baby.  She is actually in the hospital now, as I type...she was scheduled for induction last evening. So we should have grandbaby #3 sometime today!  Our second dinner was on Saturday with my girls and family- including my 2-week old grandson!  Wonderful day of traditional Thanksgiving food and lots of baby-holding!
  9. AC Moore closing all its stores

    Ben Franklin was my first retail job before I  got married.   Working there is what prompted my interest in cake decorating.  Many years later I bought my first dollhouse (Artply Barrington) at one of the first AC Moore stores in our area.    
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Oh Kelly- hope you stay warm with that cold blast coming thru!! As for our family- we welcomed a new grandson on the 16 of November.....and our new granddaughter should be arriving any day soon!   We are driving down to DC to visit my son and DIL, and my son says he is betting that exactly 1 hour after the turkey is in the oven- her water will break!  LOL  At any rate- this GiGi is loving all of the babies!
  11. Philadelphia Miniaturia

    I had attended the Philly show for several years (I only live over an hour away) and have noticed a steady decline in the number of vendors.  There used to be 3 large rooms filled with vendors plus the hallway beside the ballroom.  Although it is sad to see such a decline, I love the quality of vendors at this show-and save my pennies each year to purchase "something special" for myself. 
  12. AC Moore closing all its stores

    Yes, I am really bummed because I actually liked AC Moore better than Michael's....and I understand that Michael's actually bought 40 of the locations including a distribution warehouse.  
  13. New doors for the Pepperwood

    From the album Pepperwood Farms

    Decided upon a dark blue for the new Pepperwood doors. The two-pane front door will get stained glass inserts.  The door on the right is for the new side entrance I will be creating. At this point I am thinking maybe the window part will be in white...and maybe I will add some thin stripwood for a frame around it. I am liking the color!
  14. Sofa

    oh that burl is beautiful!