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  1. First question please

    I had a room box paper come unstuck.....I bought it already finished/painted-but it was painted in a gloss paint inside and out!  So I think it was because of the gloss paint- the glue had nothing to stick to. Eventually I sanded down the walls really well and painted with a latex primer and re-papered with no problems.   
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    My son, DIL and the grandkitties left Florida early this morning and have made it to North Carolina so far!   Everyone is doing ok. We all think they are nuts, but they are hoping to drive straight thru and arrive in Gaithersburg, MD by late tonight!
  3. What's everyone working on?

    Well, I've begun another rehab project.....I guess it is more of a "finishing" project more than a rehab: the client had another miniaturist build a RGT Newport Special Edition for her and then just about the time she was ready to begin the interior, she moved out of state.  So, now I have the Newport and will be making the final interior finishes.  She has a light color palette/coastal vibe theme for the house.  I hope my work can live up to her expectations! I will try to get pics taken this weekend so I can start another album for it. And in between the Newport and other life projects, I continue to contemplate what my Jarrell Manor will become....   
  4. Frosting

    Were you a cake decorator in another life?   You have mad piping skills!
  5. bedding

    Nicely done! 
  6. 1970s Marshall Fields Dollhouse

    I've had pretty good results selling on Facebook Marketplace.  
  7. Jarrell Manor is home!

    From the album The Dollhouse Inc #1600 series Victorian

    Well, it took two grown men and some fancy footwork to get the Victorian monster house out of that tight basement and into my hubby's work van! At home we used my wedding cake delivery cart and made quick work of getting it into our house and on my work bench.  A good scrubbing and she is officially mine and ready for reno!
  8. Base coat of paint

    I generally only fix the broken shingles when I rehab a house....I often feel like a dentist- using my sharp little tools to loosen and cut out a single shingle.  Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  9. Dollhouse interior

    Rehab = spackle is your friend.    
  10. Base coat of paint

    You are right- rehabbing a house is a special kind of challenge! I always am happy when I get to the priming stage. LOL  Feel like I am FINALLY making progress after all of the demo and repairs.   
  11. BeaconHillFancyFloor03.jpg

    Oh yes- I like this!
  12. My McKinley Restoration (and modification)

    This is amazing!!! 
  13. Hello,another newbie here

    Hi Susan!   And welcome to our little family! Looking forward to chatting with you and seeing you doll house project.   
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Well, I thought my week was starting out pretty boring....so I threw in an emergency visit to the ER with a kidney stone to liven things up a little.  Feeling better (thank the Lord for drugs!) -and back to work. Best part of my week comes tomorrow evening: going to pick up my newest addition to my dollhouse collection!!!  SO excited!!
  15. Lake View BoatHouse 08.jpg

    those front windows are awesome!!  Reminds me of the ocean view vacation house we stayed in while out on the coast of Oregon.