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  1. Back again! This time I have completed a 1:16th diorama of Victorian-era row housing in America. I titled it "The Homecoming" inspired by the Norman Rockwell painting of a returning soldier from the war.

  2. Actually the pic of the stagecoach with the sign on the side is the factory in Concord New Hampshire.
  3. My main goal here is to tell an interesting story .The sign on the stagecoach makes my goal very easy so I will change my mind about the saloon and build the structure in the pic which is the home of the manufacturer.
  4. Thank you Debora.Cheers! John.
  5.   Sure is ! It seems very accurate but not well explained.It is great for my purposes as very little of the kit remains.
  6. Thanks ! I want it to look like it did when Buffalo Bill returned it to the original manufacturer after many years on the road with his Wild West shows.
  7. Thank you Holly ,Cheers! John.
  8. Back again ! I hope for a longer stay this time.I finished my museum commitments and an returning to my childhood love of the Old West 70 years ago when I was about 5 years old.Cheers! John.

  9. Hi ! back again with something different .I am building a Old West stagecoach  in 1/12th scale that will be used in a Saloon / stagecoach vignette.Hope you like it.Cheers! John.
  10. Dollhouse You Tube Videos

    Nice stuff !
  11. Hi everyone ! Haven't been here for awhile.I will be putting up some new stuff.Cheers! John.

    1. havanaholly

      And about time, too!  Welcome home, John!  {{HUG}} I have missed you and your wonderful work!

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  14. Glad you joined the forum, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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